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  1. Evernote has improved so much in the past year, keep it up!
  2. Yeah I love Evernote, I've been using it for over a year and it's really good.
  3. Maybe have the same style of layout flow such as the settings or something.
  4. If you're on a Linux distro you can run Wine and run Evernote on it. Never tried it yet but it should work. And plus there's always Evernote Web.
  5. Thanks for the guide, although for me I'd actually rather use Google Drive to write up documents. You can put comments on specific works on your document and it's easier to print and send in general. Also if I was doing a project with others we can all work on andthe same document at once.
  6. I haven't noticed such a thing on the editor for Android, I believe you are supposed to tab using your keyboard since no other app that I know of (except ones for coding and such) have an indentation function in the app.
  7. You can always turn off syncing where you have to go to the app in order to sync manually. The app should automatically sync once you open the app. You can also change the syncing time intervals by going to your Settings > Sync Notes > and tap on the first Sync option, you can turn it off completely (this is just background sync) or set it to every 15, 30, 60 minutes or a day. You can also see what is using up your battery by going to the System Settings and scroll down for the Battery information. It gives you a nice graph and what apps are using how much of your battery.
  8. I find it unlikely for the Android version to follow the iOS theming/layout because so far Evernote is following the Android Design Guidelines backed by Google so I wouldn't see this at all.
  9. As a student myself, I use Evernote by myself unless more people join in, and my school get's wifi. But until then, I basically type notes up on my phone during class when it's appropriate and add more to those notes and make new ones and organize them on the computer. I can share these notes to whoever wants it, or entire notebooks. If my school started to fully use this, I would say things would be easier IMO assuming students won't mess around instead of listening or writing up notes. It was better for me, I remembered more, studied better and in general did better in school.
  10. Unless you have selected to automatically sync in the options, you can still manually sync by tapping the sync button on the bottom of the screen on the home slide out pane. Just slide to the right and you should be able to get this screen, or you can just spam the back button until you get there.
  11. Well it's not officially supported by EverNote so therefore it's automatically listed as an attachment. What you can do is install a PDF Reader onto your device, and open the attachment PDF on EverNote and choose the PDF Reader to view the PDF. There are a bunch of free PDF Readers on Google Play too.
  12. If it was successfully synced (sync again just in case), it should be in the cloud (your PC should have Internet on it). Then look for it more.
  13. http://discussion.evernote.com Not too hard to remember but I agree, the User Forum was difficult to find when I started
  14. I believe you are in the editor, you cannot share notes while in the editor. Simply save and exit, then share the note.
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