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  1. You *could* try editing on EverNote Web on your browser. I found it difficult but usable to an extent.
  2. I tried to see if it would change based on the view setting in evernote, no different. It looks like it's the three most recently edited/created notes
  3. I found the ews funny today so this woman pepper sprayed people to clainstuff she wanted, wow.
  4. I just found this feature, lol is this facebook now?

  5. Or post the notification on facebook, twitter or their blog. Any method of notifying users that there's maintenance going on. But if the site is down, then posting it on facebook and such would help tewll everyone on what's going on.
  6. It's been in place on Windows (and I think, the Mac) for ages, not just recently. Very recently though, they added the ability to Ctrl+Click select multiple notes in the Web client. would be nice for android, hold the menu button to select like ctrl-select
  7. Recently, evernote released a new feature where you can select several notes while holding the ctrl button on the keyboard. Afaik, it's for pc, Mac and web versions. I've posted already on how evernote can impliment this on android. hold the menu button to select several notes. Hope that this feature gets onto the mobile versions.
  8. You could just go to the actual notebook first before you make a new note, if not then you can hold on the note (on android) and move it to the notebook you want.
  9. You can download the file off evernote, onto your computer and reupload it onto your e-mail, if that's the case.
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