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  1. Thanks for the guide, although for me I'd actually rather use Google Drive to write up documents. You can put comments on specific works on your document and it's easier to print and send in general. Also if I was doing a project with others we can all work on andthe same document at once.
  2. As a student myself, I use Evernote by myself unless more people join in, and my school get's wifi. But until then, I basically type notes up on my phone during class when it's appropriate and add more to those notes and make new ones and organize them on the computer. I can share these notes to whoever wants it, or entire notebooks. If my school started to fully use this, I would say things would be easier IMO assuming students won't mess around instead of listening or writing up notes. It was better for me, I remembered more, studied better and in general did better in school.
  3. I remember initally thinking EverNote had this feature. Yeah, I want this too.
  4. You *could* try editing on EverNote Web on your browser. I found it difficult but usable to an extent.
  5. Are you sure it's EverNote and not your devices keyboard?
  6. If this hasn't been done already, remember in the search settings to select EverNote and exit. And you know how Android is some times. You may even need to restart your device for it to be set.
  7. I tried to see if it would change based on the view setting in evernote, no different. It looks like it's the three most recently edited/created notes
  8. Hm, I searched history and I got a bunch of notes. Now when you press back, you should get the tag with the name.
  9. To use tab, another way is to spam the space bar five times. Until this feature is added. If it does.
  10. I found the ews funny today so this woman pepper sprayed people to clainstuff she wanted, wow.
  11. Actuly you can, the on my signature which as all of the versions. http://bit.ly/pmGGfa
  12. I just found this feature, lol is this facebook now?

  13. Yeah, I've been using EverNote for my class stuff, taking notes and reviewing them at home, or on the web. And having notes before class too.
  14. I take photos through evernote! I make notes of what it is and what to do to improve the photo as in photoshop it, or any ideas that pop up
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