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  1. Revisiting the topic. Another way you can use Evernote to help build your dream journal is to create a table of contents for your dreams. In older versions of the Evernote PC client one of the note details you could fill in was "subject date". I store the dream's date in the subject date section and sort my notes based on that to give me a chronological view of the dreams I recorded. However, Evernote removed that feature in later updates. Now I use note links instead. I created a seperate note with a two column table and copied the note links into the note. Now not only do I have a chronological view of when my dreams took place, but I also have instant one-click access to each dream note.
  2. I use a different Chrome extension that does basically the same thing. I have automated the process myself by saving the images in a folder that I told Evernote to watch. The title of the webpage is the file's name which becomes the note's title. I still have to add the address manually, but that's a small price to pay.
  3. Finally reached my 1000th note

  4. Yeah I doubt I will ever hit the notebook limit. If anyone of my notebooks have less than 15 notes and aren't being updated frequently I just move those notes to a different notebook.
  5. Hmm not much to add. The only things that I save to Evernote that haven't already been listed are: Movie ticket stubs (Why not) Website Screenshots (this way i have an archive of what the pages looked like in case they changed or no longer exist.) YouTube favorites (Set up a ifttt tasks to automatically make a note whenever I favorite a YouTube video, because it is easier to look it up in Evernote) Newsletters (I get a ton of newsletters in my e-mail, so i send them all to Evernote) Quotes (from books, magazine, speeches, etc.)
  6. Aiming to hit my 1000th note before the new year.

  7. I don't even bother with programs like that anymore. They were always so cumbersome to use. It has been a lot simpler, for me at least, to just scan a business card with my flatbed scanner and drag and drop the jpeg to a new note. With a proper title, tags, and Evernote's OCR, I always find the cards I am looking for.
  8. I had a problem earlier with my Evernote titles that were in Japanese. The characters didn't display properly and instead showed up as boxes. I was able to fix this by going to Windows Update and under optional updates I installed Japanese language support. (My operating system is Windows 7). Maybe doing the same and installing Chinese language support will fix your problem.
  9. Seconded. It also works fine on my end. Try showing the full search explanation. It’s in the top menu it is under View->Search Explanation. Check that off and then click the saved search in the favorites bar again to confirm that your search query is correct. If that doesn't work, I would suggest putting in a help ticket with Evernote's Support.
  10. Yeah. Originally I thought it was a Windows problem. I keep forgetting that the Mac and Windows clients have different capabilities. The only other thing I can suggest to you is this workaround. If you select all the notes and e-mail them to yourself you can get a very large note in the e-mail body. Basically it merges all the notes together and seperates them with a blue header with all the note's information such as title, author, creation date, tag, etc. I think you can do this in the Mac client, but I know for sure you can do it in the Web client.
  11. I used to feel like an Evernote poweruser till I started using the forums. Reason being that I hear how people have thousands and thousands of notes and after only 3+ years of using Evernote I only just hit my 800th note.

  12. To print out all the notes from a search highlight all notes (etiher by Ctrl Command + Mouse click each note, or click a single note and hitting Ctrl + A err.. I mean Command + A) and go to File-> Print. Each note will be printed as a seperate page. Hope this helps.
  13. You might want to try Mindjet. I found it earlier today in the Evernote Trunk. I have been testing it out and it seems like a good mind mapping tool with a nice Evernote export button. When you export a mind map you are given the option of how you want to save it. You can save it as a text outline or an image. I found what worked best for me was to do two exports in each format and then merge the notes. It's not the best solution in the world, but it is a nice easy way to store your mind maps in Evernote. http://www.evernote....ult&source=home
  14. Why don't you just add something like, "Due Date: 12/1/2011" to the end of your note's title. That way you don't have to fuss around with the creation date and you can search for it by just type in the search query for example: intitle:"Due Date: 12/1/2011" I would go one step furthur and create a saved search with the search query intitle:"Due Date: " to bring up a list of all your notes that have a due date with just one click.
  15. I hardly even get close to reaching my monthly upload cap. Don't know how I reach 1GB in a month. I gotta step up my note taking!
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