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  1. Finally reached my 1000th note

  2. Aiming to hit my 1000th note before the new year.

  3. I used to feel like an Evernote poweruser till I started using the forums. Reason being that I hear how people have thousands and thousands of notes and after only 3+ years of using Evernote I only just hit my 800th note.

  4. You might want to try Mindjet. I found it earlier today in the Evernote Trunk. I have been testing it out and it seems like a good mind mapping tool with a nice Evernote export button. When you export a mind map you are given the option of how you want to save it. You can save it as a text outline or an image. I found what worked best for me was to do two exports in each format and then merge the notes. It's not the best solution in the world, but it is a nice easy way to store your mind maps in Evernote. http://www.evernote....ult&source=home
  5. I did a Black Friday standing on line wait at the store once and it really wasn't worth it to me. Unless they have something exclusive and that you really want on sale, then it is not going to be worth the wait. On the other hand I have found that the cyber deals in the past 2 years have been better and a better experience. No real sense in clipping them in to Evernote because the deals expire quickly, but if you had your Christmas list in Evernote beforehand then it would be helpful.
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