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Are you getting "Failed to Export Notes" errors when trying to export? Please add your experience and solutions to this thread

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I have tried every which way to export my notes from Evernote. I have around 6k notes in a large notebook. I have tried splitting up the notebook into smaller ones, but there is a 100 note limit when I try to do that and that would obviously take a lot of time. Any solutions? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? 

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My export (of a much smaller notebook) went smooth, no issues.

Describe what you want to write (there are 3 export formats) and how you do it. Have you tried to split the large export into smaller files - the option is in the export window, when selecting ENEX as export format.

In general we can try to advise. But we are not support. If you have a persistent problem, contact support.

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8 hours ago, vilmosz said:

I have tried splitting up the notebook into smaller ones, but there is a 100 note limit

If you are coming up against the 100 notes limit it means you are highlighting the notes inside a notebook and attempting to export. 

Instead open the notebook window. Open the three dot menu alongside whichever notebook you wish to export and select Export.


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I'm getting "failed to delete tag" when I try to export a notebook.  Tried with a larger notebook, and with a single note notebook.  When I try to do a pdf, "I get failed to export note to pdf."    I was trying to export from the notebook 3 dot menu..    Confused...


Screenshot 2023-08-27 at 3.26.48 PM.png

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