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  1. Hi there, I use Evernote as a scrapbook for images grabbed from the web. For the last few months however, Evernote crashes immediately when I drag an image into it from my web browser. Using Chrome or Safari (same thing happens in both) if I drag an image onto the Evernote dock icon, Evernote quits immediately. This used to happen a few versions ago but was fixed in an update. Mac 10.14.3 / Evernote 7.9 Have been sending crash reports btw Thanks! Johnny
  2. Hi all I use Evernote for collecting reference images and have stumbled on a problem. When I drag an image from my web browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) onto the Evernote icon on my dock, it creates two identical notes. It used to just create one, but something changed about a year ago. Now each time I have to delete one of the notes, which is not ideal. I'm on the latest versions of OS X and Evernote. This feels like a bug, can anyone report having the same issue? (I would use the web clipper but for some reason, for me, this creates a note that doesn't have a thumbnail) Tha
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