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  1. ***PERMANENT FIX *** 1) Export all notes to file on your hard drive. 2) Import that archive into Onenote, which is free with Microsoft 10 (this version works really well. pretty intuitive, searching is easy and works, and CPU usage does not move). 3) Uninstall evernote. I have used this method and can confirm that although bit scary after 5 years of EN, it works great and my fan does not come on at all. Goodbye Evernote, I will not miss all the ***** I have put up with over the last few years. The way you totally ignore users and particularly Windows users, and charg
  2. (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770) is what I am running too, and it has not had this noticeable effect on the CPU before. Something has changed.
  3. Yep just checked, 10 services running, taking 19%of my CPU and running my fans continually. That is with EN closed!!! FFS, why is this the only application I have that behaves like this, this is not acceptable to me. For the amount I use EN, I'm going to look for a quiet alternative.
  4. I'm here for the same reason. VERY noisy fan for the last few days on my laptop (pretty high spec) Task manager shows EN running at 19% when closed. I would like to know why it is doing this and how can I stop it please?
  5. After days of thinking it was me and playing with config settings, I did a google search and found this thread. On the same day EN takes my subscription no less! F'ing unbelievable, on top of other issues I have had, I honestly have to ask if this platform is worth the effort anymore. And I really don't think it is. There are arrogant developers and some guru's on this forum, that really should listen to what the customers are saying.
  6. Perhaps my suggestion that defending EN was wrong, or was in some way offensive - it was not intended. I had no idea there were forum set up for feedback, for goodness sake I want to use the system not be made to feel it is my fault that I am not a Guru level user! When others search Google with the same issue they will no doubt come across this thread and associate themselves either with those that have made it work for them or those that are struggling with a basic function. As has been said, I can usually find what I want, but when it lets me down it is a frustrating pain in th
  7. I had not realised how limited the search capability was, that is pretty pathetic on the scale of searching these days. Obviously at first I was all about storing, and the occasional thing I couldn't find I put down to me, as I learned more about EN. I can often find what I want because I do have whole words or numbers, but this explains why on so many occasions I have failed to find something - and it was not my fault, it was a limitation of the software I was not aware of and is not shouted about, as is the ability to search inside notes. And before someone jumps up to defend EN agai
  8. Thanks again, but I am aware of boolean searching (I think that is the right term) and again, great if you have the whole number or the start of it. But not great in my example when did not know what the number referred to and did not know it as truncated. If I only have 6 digits of an 8 digit account number and they are the last 6 digits, how do I find the number in a note when it will always appear full in the note? In many respects 6 digits is pretty unique!
  9. OK, you guys are clearly a lot more into all this than I am. Put simply, I bought into a system of storage that allowed my to go paperless (with a Scansnap ix500) and everything is OCR'ed as it is scanned. All the blurb told me I could find what I was storing, so to relax. The truth is not the same, and I do not want to become a guru in the subject just to make a simple search. I do give my notes meaningful titles, and dates, but what I searched for was not in the title. If I knew where to find it I wouldn't be searching for it!! Using the phone number test, does that inclu
  10. While I appreciate every software has idiosyncrasies, this is a storage and retrieval package many years in the making and I pay for the ability to search inside attachments etc. This is not an idiosyncrasy, this is an abject failure! And I will seriously consider a move now to Google Drive after this as it clearly is not me or exclusive to me. For our UK Tax system, I just want to be able to retrieve a scanned or photographed receipt on demand based on simple criteria ie a name and a value. I only have 4460 notes after 3 years so I am not a major user of have a major database to wade
  11. Ok, but my point remains, how do I know it is partial, and in this case the bank statement only had the last 6 digits of an 8 digit string - banks often use the last few digits for security. But the issue is the same, it failed to find a 6 digit string, unique in all my notes, it should have found it.
  12. Thank you Gazumped, I am also a pragmatist but I think you are missing the point of my issue. From time to time I need to search for something from partial info. In this case it was a line on a bank statement with a truncated account number, as statements tend to do. The search did not bring up the documents I wanted and it would seem because the number was not complete (I did not know this nor did I know the rest of the number) When I had the whole number, evernote found the relevant notes. Until then there was a nil return. When I searched inside the relevant note, a partial sear
  13. And it is repeatable, just done exactly the same search on my phone, same result, same search on the Win client, same result as shown. Yet again a search in the same note finds it. And searched as a web page gives no result either. Strangely other similar numbers searched for in the same way, in the same document will give results. I tried a phone number and it came up in this same note as a result, and also showed receipts I had taken a picture of, with the phone number in the image.
  14. No, no special characters. Typed in by hand by myself in a note on the windows client. It did it first on my phone when I needed to know what the number referred to. Did the same on my Windows client on Chrome (304720) Public. Then looked in the note that I knew had the info, and a Control F (find) found it straight away. It is not uncommon for this to happen, and I thought it was me for a long time, makes evernote on my phone an absolute pain for searching. I cannot rely on it even when I know the info is there. (And I did have mobile data or wifi available - but it said
  15. Again, suffice it to say this number I searched exists as typed text in a note, but since it contains a lot of personal details I can't screen print more without revealing too much.
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