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  1. Can I add keyboard shortcuts to the Mac?
  2. Is there a way to add a Timestamp button or icon to the Notes toolbar?
  3. Just so I understand: We were able to link notes. Now, in the newest version, we are unable to link notes. Looking forward to scrawling on cave walls with charred stones. Let me know when that version comes out.
  4. The name of the program is "Connected BackupPC".
  5. I use a work laptop running Windows 7; I've always used a personal laptop as well, but now I'm interested in minimizing my backpack poundage and want to run Evernote on my work PC. If I download Evernote to my work PC, is there any way to exclude it from my employer's daily backups to the server? My employer is progressive and I don't think they're interested in my Evernote data, but I do want to keep it private.
  6. Let me restate since there's some confusion: If I grab a portion of the screen using the EN clipping tool to grab a block of text, it will go into EN as an image. I can find the text when I do a search in EN. But I CAN NOT highlight and copy specific words in the text. Is this clear? Am I the only one experiencing this?
  7. Thanks for the info. Any Evernote-friendly recommendations?
  8. I notice that I can search for text within Evernote and that the search finds text inside web clippings. And yet... AND YET (!) -- I can't select, copy and paste isolated text within an Evernote web clipping. Doesn't seem possible... but it is true? What explains this otherworldly phenomenon and how can I work around it or find a solution?
  9. I'm interested in people's opinions on opening up your Evernote data to an outside app. I've heard great things about Nozbe; I'm not paranoid about data security, but I try to be cautious. Can anyone offer insight on the security of sharing Evernote data with Nozbe? Thank you.
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