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  1. Good point. That I hope to find out for myself 🙂
  2. for that it is the professional user ... I try to stick with Personal and change the filtered widget on the fly. lets see how long I'm happy with that. I'll give it a few weeks to be tested
  3. ... and more than one filtered widget. which really is a smart move from EN ... not that I like it 😒
  4. Thanks, that was it ... only 50% increase. Better but still a lot
  5. Unfortunately there is no annual subscription mentioned ...
  6. This is really a bold move: Premium 44€ per year Personal (new) 6,99 per month = 83,88 per year Give or take a 100% increase to keep tasks ... bold, very bold. I'm really thinking on how to move 5k plus notes to an alternative
  7. Hi, unfortunately that issue isn't solved and the link is not working for me. Are there any news regarding this very annoying issue?
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