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Find and Replace → "Font color; Font Size; Highlight color; Bold; Underline etc." (Similar to existing feature of Find and Replace "Text" .)



Sometimes it becomes necessary to change things we have already done → like changing font color, font size, highlight color etc.

For example:

For me some font colors are not visible clearly (appear dull) when printing on white paper. But those colors are very good when reading on computer or iPAD. I have 1000+ notes highlighted in these colors. But now when I want to print them on paper, I want to change those colour to some other more clearly visible color. Doing this manually will takes several days. 

If there is feature to Find and Replace "Font Color" I can do in seconds for each notes.

  1. For example: If I want to change all yellow color text to red color text, then I fill  select yellow color in "Find" and select Red color in " Replace".
  2. We can extend this feature Font size, Highlight color, Bold, Underline, Italics etc..
    1. For example: Find text with font size 18 and replace it with font size 20.
    2. For example: Find "Text highlighted in Pink" and Replace with " text highlighted in Yellowish".
    3. For example: Find text in "Bold" and replace "Bold" with "underline".
  3. We can also interchange between all the above mentioned aspects.
    1. For example: Find "Font Color Yellow" and Replace with " Yellow + underline"  or Replace with "Red + Bold"  or Replace with "Only underline" etc...
    2. For example: Find Text highlighted in Yellow and Replace with "Text highlighted in Pink + Font color Green"  Or  Replace with "Underline"   Or Replace with "Font color Red" etc...

Thus, this feature can be used in mutliple ways. This will improve our productivity and save lot of time.

I request the forum members to comment your opinion on this feature request.

@gazumped  @PinkElephant  @agsteele  @s2sailor  @Mike P  @RMorgan  @janndk  @Boot17

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Hi.  I'm familiar with Find and Replace.  Ctrl(Cmd)+F in the body of a note will allow you to change text characters.  A more detailed 'style' option is not available.  I wouldn't use it either.  IMHO Evernote is for the efficient collation of random information,  not the careful design of colorful pages.  I'd use a work processor for individual versions of that if and when necessary,  and attach the file to my note.

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There are users who may use a lot of colors and other formatting on their notes - maybe following some „experts“ who promote such activities on YT, selling ads on their way.

Whomever it pleases …

Since this only serves a fraction of users, I don’t think the feature request has any perspective. But anyhow, that’s my opinion only.

@nandamuri Thanks for taking your time to think it over and post it here - appreciated !

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