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  1. This is related to the Google Authentication issues. We are final stages of releasing a fix. Please stay tuned. 😃 Areas affected: logging in using Google (Sign-In and Create New User) attaching files from Google Drive clicking links to Google Drive contacts lists in Share Note and Work Chat Recipients and other places using contacts.
  2. There is new code to prevent closing a note in a window if for some reason saving is failing or taking a long time. The window will close when it's done saving or other background asynchronous operations. For notes with very large attachments or content, the window might stay open and "not respond" for a few seconds. This is to prevent any data loss with background saving. The window will close on its own when it's safe to do so. There shouldn't be any performance difference since previous versions. It's using the same version of the Chromium browser and text editor. Recent versions have improved responsiveness of the PDF viewer because operations like the right-click context menu would pause the PDF load and rendering updates while the menu was displayed. Windows is weird like that.
  3. Variable sizes don't sound right to me. There is some variation on size based on how it splits and how big your notes are. Like I said, the file will split if there's at least one note and the next note would push the size limit over the threshold. The registry key that controls the size is "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote6\ExportSplitSize" and should be defaulting to 2 x 10^9 (2000000000). For convenience, the option dialog deals with mb (1000000) so 2000 is 2000 mb or 2 gb. When you get the update, let me if if you're still getting variable sizes. I filed a bug for multiple file importing.
  4. I've added an option in the next beta for configuring the split size: Default is 2000 mb (2 gb). To disable, set to 0. If the number is low (200 mb or less), there's a good chance that the split size will be larger than the give size since at least 1 note will be in the enex. Otherwise it will keep the enex file sizes below the size limit. This is to fix systems file systems that don't support large files (you'd be surprised how many users are restricted to 2 gb limits) and systems with low memory (or 32 bit OS limits) that can not load and parse such large files. The 200 mb note size limit is still in place and has not been affected. Ideally anything that is exported should be re-imported without error. 😃 The import process does not automatically add the next file in the sequence. If there is a naming conflict, a confirmation dialog will ask if you want to overwrite the file(s).
  5. This is the maximum note size warning. That size has not changed. The "importing" portion of it refers to attaching too many (or too large) file attachments. This does not refer to the enex import/export process.
  6. The database is not affected by the enex splitting so Acronis will work fine. Enex files are now split when exporting when they reach a certain size. This is to help with export files being so large that they can not be properly imported due to memory restrictions. By default the enex files are split around 2 GB. When the export dialog pops up, it will give an estimated size of the exported data in the title bar. The estimate is for the raw data size and the final size will be slightly larger due to the enex file format.
  7. @jr1122 What version of AVG? Do you have an updated virus database? Virus scan results : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c3a044aee8b02774f3ef855d103613e3abb9d5060277101250d3bfc036c4da6b/details https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/38d511c6938f42890e22a8bfe73bea2f78843922ef7d5516d3151c91c1e99650/detection You can add an exception in AVG.
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