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Sort reminders by date



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Yeah this is one my few continuing frustrations with v10.  Why make the columns clickable if they don’t sort... and why not allow sorting by any column?  Seems like a “feature” that any software with Kist functionality has had since at least 1995

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On 5/16/2021 at 1:09 AM, Mike P said:

Just to point out the sorting by reminder date is available on the desktop versions, provided you are in the list of notes with reminders (reminder tab)


Yeah, for some reason that Reminders tab also instantly updates the indexing/search results as well.... that is how the main list should work as well, as it sometimes takes several hours before a changed reminder date stops showing up within saved search results for me.  I am not a programmer but imagine the two things are connected (delayed search results and inability to sort search results by reminder date)

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