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  1. aukirk's post in Just typing word "INTITLE:" takes me 7 hours per year. Add shortcut to quickly add to search field. was marked as the answer   
    This title really made me laugh, because I also use “intitle” so often it is ingrained in my vocabulary, but never thought to calculate the amount of time I spend typing it each year.
    One tip if you are on iOS and Mac is to set a text replacement in the keyboard settings. I have it so that whenever I type “evnit” it replaces with “intitle:”. That really only saves a few keystrokes but they add up.
    More frequently I use “evnrt”, which expands to the stupid-long search string required to only search titles of notes where I have a reminder... that expands to: “reminderOrder:* intitle:”
  2. aukirk's post in Please start a note with cursor in the Title, not the Body text was marked as the answer   
    @wealthychef  Probably not the solution you are looking for but the keyboard shortcut F2 is "Rename", which highlights the entire title for renaming.
  3. aukirk's post in v10.4.3 - OSX - Keyboard shortcut to choose text style (normal text / small / medium / large header) was marked as the answer   
    @gerrytan this is actually one of the few (only?) markup options available in v10
    # + (space) = Large Header
    ## + (space) = Medium Header
    ### + (space) = Small Header
    Just do nothing = Normal Text
    Other markup options I am aware of are:
    *** = horizontal line
    [ ] = creates check list if at the beginning of a row, or a check box if in the middle of a line
    Anyone aware of any others?
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