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  1. Have been thorougly looking for a decent external editor or mindmapping software that collapses lists. The only one doing a decent job on this area is Onenote, but of course it would be ridiculous connecting a Onenote page to evernote. Actualy in my opinion there's a number of things that note taking software is obviously just supposed to handle on itself. One of those is the ability of collapsing lists.
  2. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil...
  3. Count me in, it's practically the only feature that makes me remember Onenote once in a while. It would make a huge difference in regard to clear readability inside a note. (that being said, I also sincerely hope the new 10 version soon gets at the level of 6.25 though, because as it is now, it's a downgrade more than an upgrade)
  4. I just reverted to the last functional version 6.25, will wait until it's really ready...
  5. I noticed it became impossible to sort by reminderdate. It's possible to click on the column header but nothing happens.
  6. Yes the shortcut workaround would be doing it as well, if it not were for the missing feature of grouping them. Furthermore I don't trust them syncing well on the android app. Copy-links look indeed like the least of all bads (unfortunately).
  7. I almost thought this reminder trick was going to solve the problem. While trying it out, I stumbled quickly on the fact that reminders can only be attributed whilst using the mouse and giving not less than 4 clicks for each note that you want to sort. So as long as bulk attributing of a reminder to all these notes is not possible, this trick doesn't seem to do it. Personally I would use the manual sort simply in a daily task management of max 10 items. In my try-out that was already way too much clicking and keeping attention on where to click. But I hope I missed something, I'm curious :-)
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