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  1. Yes the shortcut workaround would be doing it as well, if it not were for the missing feature of grouping them. Furthermore I don't trust them syncing well on the android app. Copy-links look indeed like the least of all bads (unfortunately).
  2. I almost thought this reminder trick was going to solve the problem. While trying it out, I stumbled quickly on the fact that reminders can only be attributed whilst using the mouse and giving not less than 4 clicks for each note that you want to sort. So as long as bulk attributing of a reminder to all these notes is not possible, this trick doesn't seem to do it. Personally I would use the manual sort simply in a daily task management of max 10 items. In my try-out that was already way too much clicking and keeping attention on where to click. But I hope I missed something, I'm curious :-)
  3. The shortcut is weirdly chosen. Why not just ctrl+F like the standard search shortcut? That one isn't even used... Just an idea...
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