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  1. Yes I would certainly agree. It was easier to skip updates then. Obviously you can accomplish the same thing with manual updating, but it's harder to know when a new update is out.
  2. Hi Mike, This isn't a direct answer to your question as I believe you are correct that the option to delay the update was removed from the Update reminder pop up. What I have done is to change the Tools > Options > General > Automatically check for updates setting so that Evernote does not even show the pop up: I have a date-based reminder which I use to remind myself every 2-3 weeks to check manually (Help > Check for Updates). I've never cared much for pop-up reminders, nor for updates which run at inconvenient times. Take care, Brad
  3. I have version (304720) Public. I recently upgraded from Evernote Premium to Evernote Business. I have used Evernote extensively for about a year, but did not make use of tags. Yes, this would be the Assign Tags dialog. It's Ctrl-Alt-T from a selected Note or there is a little window above the note which says "Add Tag..." However I just discovered this behavior only happens on the Business tab. Tags are not automatically deleted if I create and use them from the Personal tab. There I had to manually delete them. So that would explain why many of you are having trouble
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean by really deleted. If I create a new tag in the New Tags window and assign it to a Note it shows up on the note, in the New Tags window and in the Tags on the left side navigation. If I subsequently remove this tag from the note, it disappears in all these places and is not available to assign to a new note. If I create a new tag but don't assign it to a note it also disappears. Hide Unassigned Tags is not checked. Thanks.
  5. I have created some tags and applied them to various notes. When I remove a tag from the last note the tag is automatically deleted. Is there a way to change this behavior? I would like to keep the tags around for future use. Thanks, Brad
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