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  1. For what it's worth, this link: is now an https: https://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/android/google-play/com.evernote.google-play.
  2. I am also a long-time Evernote user who has continued to use Evernote Legacy in Windows due to the issues with the new version. I can't recall another time when I was presented with a software "upgrade" which so many problems: Abundant bugs Loss of functionality --- They may have added something, but that is irrelevant if I can't use internal links properly. Loss of readability --- The UI may be "clean", but it is not eay to read and scan multiple notes. That, of course, is an opinion. But easy to read and scan is what I need, not a bunch of colored bubbles and large icons getting in the way. Slowness Excessive data use on Android. I'll have to see about backing out to the older app so I can once again control the frequency of the syncing. Thanks all --- Hoping for a better future with Evernote.
  3. You are correct. The older Android app has an option to "Scale note body size:".
  4. I consider this request essential. This functionality has been present on Android for years and only recently has been removed.
  5. Yes I would certainly agree. It was easier to skip updates then. Obviously you can accomplish the same thing with manual updating, but it's harder to know when a new update is out.
  6. Hi Mike, This isn't a direct answer to your question as I believe you are correct that the option to delay the update was removed from the Update reminder pop up. What I have done is to change the Tools > Options > General > Automatically check for updates setting so that Evernote does not even show the pop up: I have a date-based reminder which I use to remind myself every 2-3 weeks to check manually (Help > Check for Updates). I've never cared much for pop-up reminders, nor for updates which run at inconvenient times. Take care, Brad
  7. I have version (304720) Public. I recently upgraded from Evernote Premium to Evernote Business. I have used Evernote extensively for about a year, but did not make use of tags. Yes, this would be the Assign Tags dialog. It's Ctrl-Alt-T from a selected Note or there is a little window above the note which says "Add Tag..." However I just discovered this behavior only happens on the Business tab. Tags are not automatically deleted if I create and use them from the Personal tab. There I had to manually delete them. So that would explain why many of you are having trouble replicating the behavior.
  8. I'm not quite sure what you mean by really deleted. If I create a new tag in the New Tags window and assign it to a Note it shows up on the note, in the New Tags window and in the Tags on the left side navigation. If I subsequently remove this tag from the note, it disappears in all these places and is not available to assign to a new note. If I create a new tag but don't assign it to a note it also disappears. Hide Unassigned Tags is not checked. Thanks.
  9. I have created some tags and applied them to various notes. When I remove a tag from the last note the tag is automatically deleted. Is there a way to change this behavior? I would like to keep the tags around for future use. Thanks, Brad
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