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Option to disable Evernote-emojis



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Here's an example: I take a lot of notes in which I outline sequences of movements, and abbreviate the doer of the action as "A:" or "D:". But typing D: forces a sad-face emoji. Every. Single. Time. And no, this is NOT disabled by turning off the auto-formatting options in Tool > Options > Note.

Forcing emojis on me to begin with is stupid. Not being able to turn them off is just a baffling UX oversight.

Frankly, it's aggravating and I'm giving serious consideration to abandoning this platform in favor of Dropbox Paper, whose formatting options are far, far more robust.

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Just want to add my voice and say that the automatic emoji conversion (with no opt-out!!?) is deeply frustrating. I would like to close a parenthesis and then use a colon, but  ) : (without the space in between) transforms into a frowny face. This is on Windows Desktop, by the way.

Here's what I think about this forced feature:   :(:(:(

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I would also pipe in that I do NOT like this " feature".    I take all kinds of technical notes with weird combinations of characters.  I was just trying to add a note the needed ":p" (linux shell command option) and the EN app kept trying to convert it to some kind of block icon or something.  Pissed away 1/2  hr or so before figuring out a way around it.  Totally productivity killer.

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Automatic emojis are thoroughly aggravating and totally stupid. I write technical material not flippant drivel. 

When I'm referring to the D drive, similar to another post above, it turns a D and a : into a stupid emoji. The suggestions above show how ridiculous the workarounds are. By trial and error and wasting time I found that if I type the colon followed by a space, then move the cursor back and type the D in front of colon, I can get 😧 instead of 😧 .

Just don't ask me how I really feel about not having an option to turn off all emojis. If you can read my mind, just ban me from the forum now. This really makes me mad. Maybe it's time to drop my subscription and transfer everything back to OneNote.

And yes, I voted this suggestion up.

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Try the following: add a space inside your emoji, then a space after,  then remove the space from inside the emoji.  This effectively disables it. 

Alternately, put it inside a code block (Ctrl-Shift-L), same result.

Not sure why you would want  to, but there you go.

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Here is another example.

I'm writing some notes on the Scala programming language which includes lots of built in functions composed of punctuation marks.

The function to perform a 'fold right' on a list is a colon followed by a backslash which is converted to 😕 .

The option to put a space between the characters is not a solution as that does not have the same meaning in Scala.

The option to use a code block is a work around, but an annoying one because I am not writing code. I am writing text which happens to include the operators.

Please fix

As someone above said, I am writing technical documents. Forcing this feature is a severe limitation. I think though that emojis are a GREAT optional feature. I like them, but they are preventing me from writing the notes I need to write.


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On 4/14/2019 at 9:59 PM, steve_shoe said:

typing D: forces a sad-face emoji. Every. Single. Time. And no, this is NOT disabled by turning off the auto-formatting options in Tool > Options > Note.

If it is too annoying to do what I mentioned above manually, the following AutoHotkey script can do it automatically:

Send D :{space}{left 2}{bs 1}{end}

Run it by pressing the Windows key followed the letter d (can change d on the first line to anything you wish).

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***** hell, this is ridiculous! It's stuff like this that keeps reminding me that people like Richard Stallman do have a point: Giving anyone else control over your technology just creates a lot of pain downstream.

Did I expect that, when I chose Evernote 3 years ago, a bug would prevent me from writing anything as simple as "D:"? No, you don't expect these things. You can't.


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1 hour ago, sschuldenzucker said:

… well at least you censored my f-u-c-k-i-n-g hell. You've set your priorities!

Hi.  This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum which runs on third party software that includes the net nanny.

Although Evernote staffers do read the posts here, and there are Admins to keep everyone in line,  there's no guarantee when that will be. If you need help on a technical issue,  we can offer advice from our collective experience but Evernote support is available (for subscribers) via the website link, and (for everyone) on Twitter @EvernoteHelps or via their Facebook community.

While I sympathise with the annoyance that the emoji causes,  there are several work-arounds,  from using another word processor to draft content and attaching the output file to an Evernote note,  to simply hitting Ctrl-Z or using a code block.

Evernote are (they say) in process of completely re-coding all of their apps for all operating systems (See the Evernote Blog), so they may have already included some upgrades. But they don't preview details, so we'll probably have to wait until the new versions hit the streets to see what new features exist. 

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