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  1. Here is another example. I'm writing some notes on the Scala programming language which includes lots of built in functions composed of punctuation marks. The function to perform a 'fold right' on a list is a colon followed by a backslash which is converted to 😕 . The option to put a space between the characters is not a solution as that does not have the same meaning in Scala. The option to use a code block is a work around, but an annoying one because I am not writing code. I am writing text which happens to include the operators. Please fix As someone above sa
  2. Hi @gazumped, thanks for the response. Yeah I have upvoted and done all that stuff. I'm not expecting it to be actioned though. Just started looking around for something more suitable for my purposes. Really, the only reason I commented at all is because you mentioned in the thread (more than once I think) that you could not think of a reason why someone would want to have the feature turned off, so I thought I'd give you an example. Have a nice day
  3. Hi gazumped, I just would like to explain to you one situation in which automatic hyperlinks are incredibly unhelpful/annoying. First of all I do understand why most people would want this feature and I do not object to it being the default behaviour, but the lack of an option to not turn it off is unbelievably annoying for people with legitimate cases to not want it. In my cases, many of my notes relate to computer science/networks/Internet technology. Therefore I am regularly writing notes which include examples of what code/settings/other stuff look like. These very often include Inte
  4. Yeah, a lot of the notes I make are related to network and Internet technology. I very very often include dummy URLs/URIs that do not exist, just as examples of what the settings or contents of some network/Internet technology should look like. This means my notes are filled with links that look like they should be links, but are not links, and just lead nowhere. Get rid of them please!
  5. Thanks, when I navigate here I note that there just seem to be database files, but no 1-1 correspondence between a file and a note I have created. Correct? Is it possible, with minimal effort, to view your notes in human readable form independent of the Evernote software? (From a business perspective I understand why this would not be the case, but no harm in asking)
  6. According to this thread [edit: yes, the following thread appears to relate to Mac, but it includes the Windows answer too] my local files should be stored at C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases, but this location does not exist. My hidden files and folders are visible, but inside the Local folder there is no Evernote folder. Also where can I find out information like this in future? Thanks
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