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  1. I would also pipe in that I do NOT like this " feature". I take all kinds of technical notes with weird combinations of characters. I was just trying to add a note the needed ":p" (linux shell command option) and the EN app kept trying to convert it to some kind of block icon or something. Pissed away 1/2 hr or so before figuring out a way around it. Totally productivity killer.
  2. Thanks for the topic push! (BMXer_V, hit the upvote button please [top left].)This issue still annoys and messes me up ever time I make a note! Keep pushing people. Changing code in software (back to what it was) is really hard when you're a professional programmer...
  3. Looks like you're correct regarding the * being ignored. I used to use the filename: to search out by extension so they must have changed it at some point (haven't used it for probably >1yr). The server load argument (from them not you!) is a little weak; every linux, programming language, and editor, can pretty much do regular expressions and the algorithm(s) have been optimized for decades so they usually lightening fast... I would assume the vast majority of users don't use the web interface so the load would be on their device anyway and not EN servers.
  4. Regarding Dave-in-Decatur's hack (thanks!), I've found that just doubling up on the character suppresses the auto-formatting , then enter your space, then your text. Works and might be a little quicker and it's still almost the same as what we're used to (although I don't want to HAVE to do this!) Example: ** how is this -- You got me Yes, this issue is a major PITA and should absolutely be disableable. Let me dream...could we be allowed to program the tab spacing??? Android 8.6.1
  5. I agree, that I do NOT want magic/predetermined bullet formatting. I've been using the much simpler single characters (*, -, +, ., etc.) for years to make brief mobile outlines and then use these characters to search my ever-growing note archive. (Been doing this since the 80's!) Now I either have to come up some new character scheme (which hurts my brain and kills my workflow) or have half my notes pushed off the screen to the right due to the large indenting. Plus, you get the same bullet for '*' and a '-' so now I can't differentiate the two in my note. Since I'm usually on mobile I've only been using 2 or 3 spaces for indent (manually entered, of course). It would be nice to at least: 1) be able to toggle on/off auto-bulletting, and 2) be able to determine the tab spacing (a guy can dream, right). I understand that this is not really an issue on Desk, just Android.
  6. Thanks everyone! With your advice I think I got the .bin search mostly working by using: *.bin resource:application/octet-stream Without the *.bin at the beginning it seems to find other notes with .exe, .ini, and .jpg's (I guess they look like binary streams). Those get filtered out by adding the *.bin string. So I'm guessing the filename:<string> has been deprecated, or maybe it's just another "feature" that quietly disappeared...
  7. I commonly have used EN for years to store various file attachments with my notes such as the common .doc or .txt, but I also use others like .bin, .hex, etc. I used to be able to search for filename:"*.bin" to find the.bin files, for example. Apparently (according to my notes on this issue) I've also been successful using "(.bin)" in the past . Now none of these options seems to work for me on Win7, Web, or Android. Can someone please enlighten me as to what the trick is to perform this action?
  8. Hi Olli, I have a similar need -- and looking for a solution. My thinking is to create PDF's (via scan or otherwise), then using a pdf editor to reorder pages and/or images. Currently looking at PDF-Xchange Pro to add/delete/move pages around within a pdf document. I'm trying to determine if their Bates Number Scheme could be useful for this. Maybe this will give you some ideas. Greg
  9. Hey robanero, Thanks for the tip! In an effort to get some productivity out of this mess, I've downgraded to v5.03.1614. BUT, I've been trying to shrink my images like I used to via "open with Xara Picture Viewer" (in my case). It always used to work for me to edit the image, then save (removing the appended "edited" from the filename), but every time I tried it the note's image didn't change. After reading your comment I tried selecting .png instead of the old default .jpg and shazam! it finally worked. This is EXACTLY why there should be a list of the specific changes being made with our tool! I just can't understand the logic of not doing that -- if this information was communicated to the user at least we'd have a fighting chance of finding a workaround to the developers "experiments", we'd be able to better test the modified functions, and give kudos when appropriate. I just got a Republic Wireless phone and while they are a small company, they use a voting system that several other companies I do business use. You get a running tally of what customer's a stressing over and the status of current and past issues. How can this issue go unresolved for so long!!
  10. You're joking, right? Even when it was working "correctly" it was a joke, but painfully useable. If you need to actually use this feature (and EN) for real work (ie notetaking!!, documentation) it's unbearable. I've been drinking the Kool-aid and using EN more and more to document many of the design projects I work on. When it all works it's an awesome tool. ...what's the opposite of awesome?? There are companies that, when they discover they broke something, come out with an out-of-cycle patch to get things working again. Many times within hours or days. I can't understand why EN seems to get away with breaking things, and then just walk away from the problem. Ya, I'm still pissed.
  11. Wow! How long did I spend trying to figure this out? Too long! I thought I was crazy. I've been "save to evernote" in skitch and then it took me a while to figure out that it actually saved a new note (on the web, no less), not updating the one that I opened. These methods that the developers use to add features and debug really need to be reviewed. Causing this kind of grief (loss of productivity) should be totally unacceptable. Is there no QA dept? It's almost like Skitch and EN are two unrelated companies... Somebody's ass would be out the door if were up to me. (Yes, I own my own company.) And this BS about not providing time estimates is *****! Have a nice day.
  12. I'd also like this feature. I commonly create field service notes (with Android) and haven't been able to figure a workaround. I end up taking pictures and the text mashed together in one note. Then, I have to spend extra time on the desk client to rearrange and verify everything. PITA ... and time waster. I sometimes resort to adding info onto the pic with Skitch, but that has it's own set of issues. Namely, that you can't edit them (the text). Hey, can we make Skitch edits on a separate layer so they're editable...nvm... Premium for >2yrs.
  13. I second this! Or, just display the tags instead of a teaser that says "they are right here, but I'm not going to show you until you tap again!" Two columns (or more depending on portrait/landscape screen size) of tags with buttons would be awesome. Even if the entire tag string isn't displayed I would guess most people's tags would be discernible with only ~5-6 characters.
  14. I've used Droid Scan on the Play Store for a while and it does some auto-cropping and has some other nice features. You can play with the contrast and drop it down from color to B&W as well as other tweaks before you Share it with EN. Not a perfect solution but I use it to "scan" notes and receipts from my car when I have some time to kill. It can output pdf or jpg.
  15. I agree with the above frustrations - EN should firstly be a proper note taking application (or maybe they should rename the program!), and I also find the forum layout/function confusing, but I can can be re-taught how to use it I guess. Interesting that none of the 20 other forums I'm on require so much head scratching. It's especially messy from Mobile Chrome. Some basic note take features that I've seen asked for but never get addressed: (we're talking mobile here) . proper outlining - you know like any text editor can do from the 80's. In/out dent, user configurable sequence, Use TAB. . Undo - multiple please . begin tag search on 1st char as on desk app, thereby allowing automatic filtering of tag (if constructed properly). Why not implement it on mobile if it makes sense to do on the desk? . simple image rotating. Crop is there, where's rotation? I spend much time trying to figure out how to take a picture and get the default rotation that I want in EN. . editing ones note from current position . would be nice - date/time stamp button As I mentioned before, I don't really give a ***** what it looks like, it's a tool for me and I want functionality. Well, proper memory usage would be nice too...
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