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  1. This problem doesn't bother me anymore... I dropped my paid subscription. I'm no longer paying for snit. Bye.
  2. Automatic emojis are thoroughly aggravating and totally stupid. I write technical material not flippant drivel. When I'm referring to the D drive, similar to another post above, it turns a D and a : into a stupid emoji. The suggestions above show how ridiculous the workarounds are. By trial and error and wasting time I found that if I type the colon followed by a space, then move the cursor back and type the D in front of colon, I can get 😧 instead of 😧 . Just don't ask me how I really feel about not having an option to turn off all emojis. If you can read my mind, just ban me from
  3. I think Evernote needs to work on being able to make sure that Undo and Ctrl+Z will work for the last several keystrokes. And I see that people have been harping on this for years. This feature is way overdue.
  4. Typing along in a note that I've been working on for a few days and I fat fingered something (I don't know what), I saw it select a bunch of text and delete it. Undo and Ctrl+Z did not do anything. I looked for File History, but that was yesterday's version. I am using the Evernote Desktop Premium edition version on Windows 7 Pro. So frustrating !!!
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