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  1. Automatic emojis are thoroughly aggravating and totally stupid. I write technical material not flippant drivel. When I'm referring to the D drive, similar to another post above, it turns a D and a : into a stupid emoji. The suggestions above show how ridiculous the workarounds are. By trial and error and wasting time I found that if I type the colon followed by a space, then move the cursor back and type the D in front of colon, I can get 😧 instead of 😧 . Just don't ask me how I really feel about not having an option to turn off all emojis. If you can read my mind, just ban me from the forum now. This really makes me mad. Maybe it's time to drop my subscription and transfer everything back to OneNote. And yes, I voted this suggestion up.
  2. I think Evernote needs to work on being able to make sure that Undo and Ctrl+Z will work for the last several keystrokes. And I see that people have been harping on this for years. This feature is way overdue.
  3. Typing along in a note that I've been working on for a few days and I fat fingered something (I don't know what), I saw it select a bunch of text and delete it. Undo and Ctrl+Z did not do anything. I looked for File History, but that was yesterday's version. I am using the Evernote Desktop Premium edition version on Windows 7 Pro. So frustrating !!!
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