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Siri Shortcuts (IOS12) with Evernote Integration is now available

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For those interested in IOS scripting, these screenshots show the Evernote Actions available'

The initial screen shows a menu of actions on the leftIMG_2585.thumb.png.84f7dcfae2671a7f25c6f7d9a24b9ec3.png
You drag the action to the workspace on the right to form a sequence


Below are Evernote Actions

  • Get Notes
  • Append to Note
  • Create New Note
  • Get Note Link
  • Delete Notes







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2 hours ago, DTLow said:

For those interested in scripting

Sorry, I don't get it.  What does iOS12 have to do with scripting?  I'm not aware of any scripting capability on the iOS devices.

Please provide details.  The screenshots don't tell me much.

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18 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

Sorry, I don't get it.  What does iOS12 have to do with scripting?  I'm not aware of any scripting capability on the iOS devices.

Please provide details.  The screenshots don't tell me much.

This actually isn't new. Apple purchased an app called Workflow, rebranded it as "Shortcuts" and released it with IOS 12

There are 100's of Actions, the screenshots showed the Evernote actions
Examples: Hey Siri, "Datestamp to clipboard" (retrieve date > format  > copy to clipboard)
                    Photo to Evernote (photo > pdf > append to a note in Evernote)

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7 hours ago, DTLow said:

For those interested in scripting, these screenshots show the Evernote Actions  available


388011064_IMG_25722.thumb.jpg.8f65d64d7aecbfc1b82372377b18d98d.jpg      IMG_2577.thumb.jpg.5bab5f56cd01cda6c6a803c96bd0b811.jpg

IMG_2575.thumb.jpg.4fe58df7a5ae3a38ebaefeff84be3f0d.jpg    IMG_2576.thumb.jpg.cab96c68c2491a00e429f95e0fe17957.jpg

Now this is scripting that I can do! I loved the Workflow app before Apple bought it and look forward to playing with it. Thank you for sharing the screenshots.

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When it was workflow I could save files to a new note and the files would be saved in the order selected.  No more. I’m not sure what order is being used. Does anyone?

also I used to save a CSV file to a note. Now, the contents of the csv is saved, but not as a file. Any clues on that? 


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Who's got some good EN shortcuts to share? 

I've only got a few...

"quick evernote (new note)"

"clipboard copy to evernote new note"

"new note with photo (camera or camera roll)" and 

"dictate an evernote note".


Wish I could pull a list of notes with a certain tag - anyone know how to do that?




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I’m trying to use the “create new audio note feature” but I’d like to have a file name automatically generated based on variables in my shortcut. I can’t figure out how to do it though. Has anyone figured this out?

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So Siri shortcuts just quit working for me. All the notes I've created voice shortcuts to open on will not open the note. Siri does recognize the voice shortcut, but just tries to search the web or open apps with the same name. I've looked in all the notes with voice shortcuts  and under “edit Siri shortcut” the same command is still there. 

Since there still isn’t parity between iPhone/iPad etc voice shortcuts for the same note, i’ve only been using iPad for them. Anyone else experienced this?



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Notes are often not loading when using a Siri Voice shortcut to open them. These offline notes are able to be pulled up, then fail to render. What's weird is I can pull them up and they render fine with a non-voice search in EN. Anyone else experienced this?

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Shortcuts is nothing new (the app existed for a while before Apple bought it), but the Siri integration introduced with iOS 12 is.

@bounce: Activating a workflow with Siri is not the same as controlling the app itself by Siri.

Basically the workflows (= scripts) can be taken from a gallery and be adapted / modified. Or you can create them from scratch, and add them to your personal library.

Because Siri is always restricted to the device, calling a workflow by voice has to be trained on each device. The workflow in itself can be transferred from one device to another, but the voice activation does not go with it. The voice command must not necessarily match the shortcut: You can train to say „bubblewup“ to create a new Evernote note in the Inbox and put the content of the clipboard inside.

What is nice with shortcuts: Workflows can be called from a widget on the lock screen. By this, workflows inside your personal library can be activated (manually or with Siri) without even unlocking the iOS-device (See screenshot). The workflows created can do much more than the predefined widgets that may come with an app. Not all workflows go into the widget, only those you choose to activate for this option will show.

For a start with scripting under iOS, the best way is to pick an existing workflow from the gallery, and modify it.



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Yea, I have nearly a hundred workflows (not related to Evernote) that I've made over the years in the workflow app before it was bought by Apple and became shortcuts.

I'm referring to Evernote's baked in option for Siri to directly open notes via voice. The way you can, from within an Evernote note, record a phrase to open that note with voice command. Often, when calling the voice command for a note, the note will pull up via Siri, but all the text won't render - the note just sits there spinning. Notes use to pull up fine, they sometimes still do, but often they do not render. Notes almost always render  when they are accessed with a text search. 

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Yes, same with me: Initiating a workflow through a trained command is one thing which works most of the times.

But talking something into Siri in a combination of commands and input for transcription can make a frustrating experience.

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A real pain regarding voice shortcuts for opening Evernote  notes in iOS is that if you have to do a clean install of EN, then you have to delete all the EN shortcuts in iOS Settings - Siri. Then, you have to re-record all the shortcuts in Evernote, even though they are still the same in the iOS settings Siri shortcuts section. Trying to invoke them before doing this gives the error message “phrase already in use.” 

I just spent a few hours re-recording these and it’s only halfway done. 🙄


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