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  1. Nice try twisting my words. Note “taking” yes I do believe it is. It works great to email notes into, the clipper on many platforms is top notch, I use Siri voice shortcuts to notes all the time. Going into notes and actually using them, like doing a basic bit of formatting can be trying. Working with/pasting something into a note you’ve already made etc. Hopefully, the new editor helps with this. But the timeout issues have gotten much worse over the years.. Doing research, sometimes calls for swiping away from even split-screen quick then going back to “unexpectedly quit” messages and note timeouts. I make sound apps which require heavy DSP and I know the RAM limitations on iOS well. For years we’ve been able to use multiple instances of AU apps on iOS with huge sounds libraries and then reload a project and bring back all instances from its saved state. I can call up many notes via Siri on top of each other and they don’t time out in the same way. The iPad is capable of holding notes without quick timeouts. That’s not asking for much.
  2. Of course, every possible orientation. On the iPad, copying from any app to Evernote I often get weird zoomed out note issues (among a handful of others like cursor carrot bounces in editor) when copying to a note split-screen. Split screen isn’t possible with an iPhone. I partly use EN for things that require creativity. I’m not looking to retread the same ground every day, sometimes life calls for serendipity and novelty, especially when dealing with a large amount of information.
  3. It’s good for scaling a large amount of notes, number one at that definitely. The problem for me is retrieval and working within notes. Can’t stand how 30 seconds away from the Evernote iOS app refreshes it, so I lose where I was meandering. Imagine being zapped back to the start of a long walk whenever you paused to inspect something interesting?
  4. Please make sure to send feedback in the beta feedback app. This way Evernote knows about it and Apple makes it a priority to fix it, if it’s on their end.
  5. I’d hold off updating the iPadOS beta builds from yesterday and today. Evernote notes aren’t rendering at all with offline or online notes.
  6. That’s true, and one step in the right direction.. Was a fan of the Mohiomap easy solution, but maybe one day it will be worth a DIY side project.
  7. I just posted something similar here and then saw this thread. Looking for something similar and preferably not able to be able to be read by the company serverside. Probably asking too much on the last part.
  8. Won’t activate for me with 2fa on, anyone else had luck with that?
  9. Yea, there’s a rate limit for EN mails and third-party API’s for this kind of stuff. Seems to remember something like 30 per hour for email and something like that for ifttt. I once took a lot of time to route a bunch of gmail to Evernote via ifttt, then deleted the email. Only to later find out they weren’t all routed (there were no you’ve gone over the iftt limit notifications back then). Next time, I’m thinking some kludgy work around like gmail to Thunderbird export to html to Evernote just so I know they get there.
  10. I saw someone ask this somewhere else.. and I’m curious if there are any current dashboard apps like Mohiomap used to be for Evernote? I would like to see a dashboard of my activity to determine Notes per day graph to identify creative peak & work times Word count into time blocks and correlated for trends Popular words by time entered Word Clouds with filterable source notes by tags, notebook, dates Mind maps of words often used in range of each other
  11. Double tapping an area where there is no text in note should bring up select options.
  12. I use it in split view with various apps which works until I leave the app and come back, so that’s not really a tenable workaround. There needs to be a way to keep a note up like there has been for years. I have an email launcher in the widget section of iOS that appends to specific notes and quickly bringing up this widget pasting/emailing text and coming back crashes Evernote.
  13. The only one that comes close to EN for me is Notion. I’ve been slowly adding things to it and there is a lot to like such as the ability to quickly link notes to notes, to do features and collapsible text blocks. The things I don’t like are that it is slow with 1000 plus notes, there is no local storage for offline use and the mobile experience leaves a lot to be desired. That said, the iOS experience with Evernote has gone backwards for me recently. It crashes a lot when swiping away from it and back. I just renewed Evernote for a year and in that time I hope Evernote steps it up with stability and a few new features. If not, I can easily see myself using Notion.
  14. New iOS (developer) beta is out.. probably public version next week. That might help with crashes.
  15. Depending on how much the bug affects you day to day it might be worth it to purchase a monthly subscription here. Then cancel after you after you’ve submitted and are done with the support ticket. Affects me every day so that’d be my route if I wasn’t subscribed here.
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