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  1. Also, there is an Evernote ios (app) update out today. I still wouldn't install ios13 if you want to use EN, but maybe someone who already has will have luck with today's update. That said, my dev test ipad with ios13 is still not playing well with EN.
  2. There's about to be a rush of people installing ipados and realizing EN is one of the few big apps that's consistently crashing. The public beta is the same as the developer beta 2, so don't install it yet.
  3. Yep, 3 is the default that can't be changed. What I'd like to see is a way to invoke a quick list from within a note (when it's full screen) via gesture/key command or similar. Definitely not holding my breath for that happening anytime soon though. Maybe I just use Evernote too much and these minor things really stick out 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. That's my default sort sequence as well. Problem is, when in a note on ios, then clicking (too many times) to "all notes" there's often freezes etc. EN on ios could use more fluidity going between previous notes. I also use note links extensively and that's not the solution.
  5. Thanks for that. Yep, was actually away adding that forgotten bit to the support request.
  6. One thing I left out that maybe you or someone else can try if you have a minute. Swipe from EN (with keyboard up in editor) to Safari then back to EN. Once back in Evernote with the keyboard up move the carrot/cursor further down in the note. Then repeat the process of swiping from EN to Safari and back. This crashes Evernote for me every single time.
  7. With a note open and the editor up (keyboard showing) swiping with four fingers to Safari and then back to Evernote causes a crash. This is reproducible with many notes almost each time. I’ve done a full uninstall and install of EN on iPad and all my offline folders are downloaded. Also, have multiple support tickets in that haven’t been answered in days, and one in a week, so I’m asking here... anyone else seeing this? If so, have you found a way to resolve it?
  8. A real pain regarding voice shortcuts for opening Evernote notes in iOS is that if you have to do a clean install of EN, then you have to delete all the EN shortcuts in iOS Settings - Siri. Then, you have to re-record all the shortcuts in Evernote, even though they are still the same in the iOS settings Siri shortcuts section. Trying to invoke them before doing this gives the error message “phrase already in use.” I just spent a few hours re-recording these and it’s only halfway done. 🙄
  9. It’s a pain to get back and for to and from recent notes on ios. Some kind of tiny history panel (like a color palette or whatever) of the previous 7-10 notes you were working in would help. In addition, remembering the cursor position in those notes would also save a lot of time. Thanks
  10. Ok, yeah gigabit fiber here and last time I just left Evernote opened all night with no screen locking. Took near a week. Seems to be a bit faster on their end this time.
  11. Well, some of these problems aren’t happing on the phone like they are on the iPad. Doing the full reinstall. update: and a fair warning if you do a full reinstall and also use a lot of voice shortcuts to notes. ⚠️
  12. Well, some of these problems aren’t happing on the phone like they are on the iPad. Doing the full reinstall.
  13. Yeah, I have three support requests in. Also, Evernote on iOS almost instantly times out for me on a fast iPad. Reloads a note even if I swipe away from it for less than 10 seconds. Also, formatting a block of text one color, going to another note, then coming back to it the formatting is gone. This iOS update has been a hot mess for me. @PinkElephant did downloading the offline files go quick on your iPad? I might do a full reinstall, but last time I did this it took a week to get from Evernote servers and fully downloaded. Was something to do with their servers not my broadband speeds..
  14. This is a problem for me with intitle: searches as well as bringing a note up via Siri voice cuts, leaving evernote to another app, then coming back to Evernote frozen. All my offline notebooks have been fully downloaded. Evernote’s iOS app was getting much better for me, but this latest update has multiple problems.
  15. Also having this problem with fully downloaded notebooks.
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