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  1. Multi-select text within a note is something I hope happens. Also, quicker ability to format or highlight text in colors, especially on mobile. I agree that one shouldn't have to go outside of Evernote and bring a note back in for these things. I start many notes outside of Evernote, but many notes aren't in a final state and iterating on them with simple features like these allows a person to stay in one train of thought better.
  2. Yea, I have an email launcher app to Evernote set up in the top of my iOS widget area. It’s not a great solution since emailing in to Evernote has failed me before. Not paying for Drafts either, I used it before it went subscription and I’d figure a shortcut app route before that. I was thinking back on how five years ago I was in a relationship and the woman I was with read my diary I was at the time keeping in Evernote via iPad. What’s hilarious to me is I was hardly putting anything in there because the editor was such a fail. So the ***** editor maybe saved me.... Putting some thoughts in Evernote this first day of the year and I’ve had moments where I’m trying to hold a couple in mind while I wait for the note I’m writing in to open. Five years down the line, still, that cognitive load of wondering if a note will come up so you don’t forget your thought.
  3. Happening again here on ios and osx. A few times in the past hour on ios where I tried to open an offline note and it wouldn’t render. Had to click a note in the shortcut pane and back to the note I was trying to get to and only then it would render on screen.
  4. I’d like to see reminders as a first class feature baked in Evernote similar to how this new competitor is going about it: ”Glad you asked, this is an area we've very passionate about! We've probably spent half of our development time building todo list features. Our todo lists currently support: • Fixed recurring todos (e.g., every Thursday at 8pm) • Snooze / Hide item from list for X time • Relative recurring todos (e.g., whenever I call grandma, remind me to call her again a month from now) • Time estimation: optional means to assist Amplenote in estimating priority of task • Important/urgent designation: optional means to assist Amplenote in estimating priority of task • "Todo trash" = whenever you finish an item, it's automatically moved to bottom of note, and grouped by day so you can quickly see how much you got done on a per-day or per-week basis Native reminders are a feature we already have in our UI, but it's not enabled yet. Probably late this month or early January for reminders.”
  5. So Siri shortcuts just quit working for me. All the notes I've created voice shortcuts to open on will not open the note. Siri does recognize the voice shortcut, but just tries to search the web or open apps with the same name. I've looked in all the notes with voice shortcuts and under “edit Siri shortcut” the same command is still there. Since there still isn’t parity between iPhone/iPad etc voice shortcuts for the same note, i’ve only been using iPad for them. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. For me, there are less than 50 links I use quite often and that number slowly grows so it's not difficult to remember. If there were suggestions based on first letters typed similar to quip, nuclino, cmd-j on osx that would be one way to implement it. EN just feels lacking in stability, fluidity and aliveness on mobile, I often end a session in it less inspired than before due to little glitches like cursor jumps to bottom of notes, note crashes, quicker note time outs when moving between apps thus making me find place in note again, etc etc. But back on topic, more connectivity would be great. I’m still rooting for EN, just only have so much patience and maybe my way of managing knowledge needs a different tool that has more immediate ways to visualize, connect, and get knowledge back out.
  7. If I’m reading a note and I need to copy some of its content to put in another note I have to come back to original note after and find my place again. This can be a huge flow interrupt, not having dual note capability, doesn’t feel very 2018. Just having this would solve a few other issues for me too, I probably wouldn’t need inline tags as much either, though both would be nice.
  8. What I do is export the Evernote note to PDF sending it to MarginNote 3 (ios / osx) and then quickly highlight the sections I want to remember. I then use Marginnote’s export highlights to Anki feature.
  9. I want this autocomplete feature for links on mobile. New ground breaking research suggests: “When the brain builds a model of the world, everything has a location relative to everything else,” that is how it understands everything.” The more linked up, the more powerful it is. The ability to quickly link to notes and sections of notes has me looking at Notion.so more and more. Still love Evernote, but it’s undeniable how fast comparable companies are adding features.
  10. Opening a note will automatically scroll you to your previous location in the note, so you can pick up where you left off. Would be fine as an optional toggle
  11. Clicking on the top of the iOS device where date, time, WiFi etc are will take you to the top of the note. I’m often not able to even add info to the bottom of a note when it jumps there. Just freezes. Hope this bug gets fixed soon.
  12. A word to the wise, if you create these on one device like an ipad, the same voice shortcut won't work on another device like an iphone. At least not for me. Explanation and pics here:
  13. Yes, I'm aware of that. This note it contains sensitive information so it can't be looked into it as normal. Put this up for others to watch out for similar and open a ticket if they see it.
  14. There is a note I’m working in that after exiting and going back in the line spaces I’ve made are gone and the paragraph’s text have merged. I can reproduce this every time. Really liking some new stuff like Siri shortcuts, but fundamental problems like this are unacceptable.
  15. To add: about 30 percent of the time notes opened via voice shortcut hang on my iPad 10.5. Get the loading icon and no text, then must exit note and go back in to access it.
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