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  1. The only way I was able to get this behavior to go away was to mark some of my notebooks not available offline. That helped on my ipad tremendously. That said, I'd like to have all my notebooks downloaded for offline because I don't have my ipad connected online when working in some remote locations and it's kind of important to be able to access all the research. My ipad 2017 10.5 gets the spinning when all notebooks are downloaded, my Macbook pro intermittently has the problem too. I agree, it is frustrating to be in the flow of work and have this happen.
  2. Exactly that. Also, on my end, some of these notes instantly open up and other times there is just that spinning circle for 10-45 seconds. Isn't affected by upswiping the app closed, rebooting, etc etc It's not ram/cpu related either as I've been monitoring that and also did a slog through uninstalling/reinstalling/download the app and all the notebooks on ipad pro/iphone. Some notes are instant and some just spin and spin...
  3. Yes, where it indicates with the green arrow down that the notebook is downloaded and available offline. There are no horizontal green "downloading progress" bars on any of the notebooks this is happening in.
  4. All my notebooks are fully downloaded and with and iphone 7 and ipad 10.5 2017 some notes (maybe every fifth note) take 30 seconds to display. I just get a spinning circle in the middle of the note. Like I said every single notebook is fully downloaded and even if they weren't I just did a speed test and my connection is fast. Anyone else?
  5. Read notes from e-reader

    I just put the Instapaper send to kindle bookmark in my browser. Click and send straight to kindle and later highlights to Evernote. Skips the initial sending to EN, but maybe you have your own reason to send to Evernote first.
  6. The way it works now, one has to exit the note and go to the note list to sync, which causes the current note/position on the right half of the screen to change. This is really cumbersome when down in a note, leaving the note and coming back to find where it was you were last. Often, I've got various things on the desk like books that I'm researching in/things I'm drawing etc etc. There is a lot of task switching between the ipad and what's on the desk and sometimes I don't get back to the ipad for 30plus minutes. I'd like to sync "just in case" due to occasional conflicts in notes and it would be ideal to have a quicker way to sync without losing the note/place you were working on. A solution would be to be able to pull down from the shortcuts area to sync since pulling down on that area doesn't change the notes position/place on the other screen. I'm fine adding research to a note that is open half page as this is how I normally work, but I can't sync from here without going to all notes and losing the note I'm in. Hope that makes sense and is something that will be considered.
  7. Being able to collapse/expand a stack that's in the shortcut area would help workflow. Thanks
  8. Anyone experienced notes with a kooky creation date like "69," or had conflicting modifications in notes that you were e-mailing into from mobile (I was appending text to the end each time)? I had never even opened these notes except on creation, so how's that possible? Also, I recently did a *full sync* where you hold option and shift, then click sync. As a result of doing that, I now have 73 notes with conflicting modifications (only a few I was e-mailing into). I'd recently fixed some conflicts, but this unearthed an insane amount. After nearly ten years of heavy use, this might be the last straw.
  9. Text Collapse

    Actually, for me, note links to other notes are far superior to attachments. Those need an overhaul though, per suggestions from another thread.
  10. Always interestng to see how people are making EN more flexible. Seems most of the scripts are GTD related, just migrated most of tasks to Things app.
  11. Text Collapse

    Sure, that’s one way. I've always tried to keep everything within a note with no attachments. Works better for my brain and the speed of Evernote unless the latter has changed over the years? Closest app to Evernote that has this feature?
  12. Have a link for that documented note? Seems to have been moved or deleted.
  13. Text Collapse

    Good idea. What’s the closest thing to Evernote that has this?
  14. Reccuring Reminders

    Each app that connects to Evernote reduces the security of the system. This is one of those essential things that should be built in. Hope sooner rather than later...
  15. iOS 11 Drag Drop ?

    FYI seems drag n drop just dropped into the latest update.