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  1. Got notification of a post after mine saying that collapsible stacks are in the iOS shortcuts. I guess it was deleted. Can anyone confirm if this is or isn’t true? pic from deleted(?) reply showing collapsible stacks are on ios and pic showing they aren’t in mine. Have never seen the collapsible arrow in any iOS release.
  2. I should have asked this question long ago. When pasting into a note on ios, how do you keep the pasted text from changing to the bold, color, etc of the text above it?
  3. Would really like to see the ability to collapse note stacks when they are in iOS shortcuts to match the desktop version. Doing a lot of work in between iPad and laptop and it’s strange to have them permanently expanded on ios.
  4. Sure, I'm aware of that. What I’m talking about is (from within a note full screen) long press to see a small pop-up of multiple existing notes. Maybe the upper part user defined notes and the bottom context like on the desktop. Or even having a long press full screen visual dashboard overview that is user definable. A meta visual table of contents
  5. I use the iOS app about 80 percent of the time now and I feel that quick navigation is lacking. Would be nice if we could have a note open and somehow long press to get a list of user specified notes/saved searches to pop up in a menu (or even a big dashboard). I do make extensive use of the shortcuts area already, but just thinking out loud on quicker ways to navigate. Thoughts?
  6. bounce

    Getting to Know Evernote v8.0

    Anyone notice EN is faster to close a note when backgrounded in this release? Seems like when I have it open then swipe to another app then back to Evernote, the note I was working on is often closed. I’m talking only minutes here and notes didn’t close that fast before.
  7. Hey Myles, I took the survey. To answer you previous question, I am noticing better results in the context feature of Evernote now. Thing is, I drop so many note links in the top of my critical notes that I rarely go all the way down there to navigate. I've done some PKM research on my own and I've read it's better to demonstrate links between information visually. One way I try to do that is to drop note links at the top as mentioned and use a universal emoji/character/line/graphic system to quickly see what I need to. Would help if some of this were automatic and a lot more visual.
  8. Is Tangle going to start out as desktop then move to mobile or vice-versa? I’m barely aware context is there. The results were so lackluster for so long that maybe I trained my brain that it was a waste of energy to look there. Maybe it’s due to the design as well, there isn’t any visual hook to look there. That could be intentional. On mobile now, so no context. Will take a look at it when back at laptop.
  9. bounce

    Text Collapse

    Text collapse and anchoring/inline taggging are things Evernote should consider to compete at the next level. As you can see in the pic, Marginote pro does the latter well and I've seen it in development with other apps too: https://blog.readwise.io/tag-your-highlights-while-you-read/
  10. To compete and go to the next level Evernote should really consider anchor point/inline tags, and collapsible text. MarginNote does text tagging great with keywords as seen in photo and other apps are implementing it as well: https://blog.readwise.io/tag-your-highlights-while-you-read/
  11. bounce

    How to un-silo information

    We've been reading some of the same things. I'm a fan of how Tiago is using Evernote, pushing it to the edges of its current abilities, so what you're doing seems like a natural direction to extend what it's capable of. Years ago, I started wiring up Evernote notes to each other and other services. I use Simplemind on ios with Evernote links in it as a "life dashboard" exactly as Gazumped wrote above. I like that it has progress bars, reminders, etc for the nodes and something about seeing all area of life like this fosters more creativity and effectiveness. I've gone so far as to print some of these mindmaps and put them on a white board connected to printed Evernote notes which somehow helps too. Part of it is just me, I've been using Evernote so long I'd like some extra stuff allows me to see things differently and retrieve information faster than normal. I've tried to do this on my own by using graphic design conventions and saving .jps in "shelf apps" on ios so I can drop visual items in to direct attention. The app Things is generally what I use for project management and that is heavily dependent on my Evernote notes. I've been putting Evernote note links in textexpanders, but it's all hard to remember and feels clumsy to connect that way. Sometimes just searching things in Evernote is clumsy, like in ios I start typing amorphous and it searches all "A" in note and hangs. I reluctantly started using emoji in notes, dropping them in quick with alfred on osx. Personally, I'd like a lot more of a freestyle (and quick) way to summarize notes, connect notes, search notes, visually overview notes all within Evernote. However, I do realize it can't be all things to all people so I'll continue working as effectively as I can within its constraints.
  12. My premium membership just lapsed and I'm back to basic. There was a discussion I was having about billing via support ticket already and I'm wondering if that will get a quick reply since I'm on a standard plan. I really need to be able to e-mail in with my workflow, and at the moment can't. Any suggestions?
  13. @gazumped yea that was worded a little harshly, I agree. A few days ago I had a 14 hour flight and still recovering from little sleep. Spent most of the time up in the air in my notes, making note links and formatting them better as a favor to my future self. During the process I kept wanting more automation of linking (I keep tags to a minimum), better Boolean searching, just something to surprise me out of what I have in there. Maybe it’s my Evernote that’s a silo since on my first account I was one of the first thousand users and I’ve merged all the data and kept building... I use “in text tags” with shortcut expanders and put keywords and summaries in often referenced notes, even doodle summaries and stick the jpg in some notes so I’ll recognize that in note previews. Would be nice if Evernote had things like text tagging and multi-color highlighting like Marginnotepro. They controversial things I’d like to see are some AI and some better visualization to get perspectives like you mentioned in your last paragraph.
  14. Evenote as a murky information silo is something I’ve been thinking about lately.. Currently, I some mindmaps with Evernote links in them which is kind of a connective solution, but not exactly automatic. Will it retain user made note links between Evernote notes?