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  1. Had one of those days yesterday, little sleep, too much coffee.. apologies if it came across like a jerk. Have returned to occasional check-in on topic mode.
  2. One more time, "internal links" aren't working properly as they are. This "pity" and "do without" extreme talk is nothing but another hit for you to get high on the smell of your own farts. Even your apologies reek of insincerity.
  3. Never thought Evernote developers are morons, clearly there's brilliance in it. They simply have priorities and many things are improving drastically, that's why I came back to boost the signal of this. Especially since links took a step backwards recently and go to the web UI. One could say, a person who seems to spend their whole life on the forum of a note-taking app and seems to reply to everything is exhibiting moronic behavior. I wouldn't say that though, but one might. Linking "is" part of the future. Maybe not in the near-term for Evernote, I can live with it and thrive regardless.
  4. "SInce 2014 this idea - inline links/anchors have been asked for. It is now 2019 Come On Evernote!" 2021 checking in. I'm 90percent using Obsidian these days and the text collapsing and links to headers plus ability to search headers only is amazing. There are still a few things I like about Evernote and probably would come back and renew my subscription if it got links and duplicating notes got sorted. *Also links took a major step back in Evernote some time back. On iOS, I just "copied internal link" and it pasted plain text. Went back and copied it again, it then creates a link that when clicked on in desktop client opens in Evernote web.
  5. V10 on Mac uses 80% more resources than legacy here. Until that's drastically reduced I won't be able to make the jump to 10 as I'm using EN to reference things while other CPU/Demanding tasks are happening.
  6. Still creating duplicates, notes going view only, workflow killer.
  7. Yep, upswiping the ios app closed can get it back to being editable sometimes. Then, for me, hours later the note goes back to view only.
  8. Had this happen on a handful of notes. Some like that for days even after doing all the normal note hygiene stuff - pulling down to refresh after edits, logging in out, even deleted EN and reinstalled it. Only thing I noticed to unlock it was editing the note on Mac, then edit instead of view showed up. Not really a good solution since I’m mostly on mobile these days.
  9. Agree, If I make an internal app link on ios, I'd like it to open internally on the Mac including the Legacy Mac version since the 10x version still consumes too many resources. Thanks
  10. Anyone else noticed this? If this is a nudge to use 10x on Mac it’s not going to work for me. There’s still too much cpu ram usage with it
  11. This is back in the new ios version with the home screen.
  12. Yep, better update. Faster load up, but I find after using it for 15 or so minutes going through notes I get freezes, notes won’t render etc. Still needs some work on fundamental things.
  13. iOS 10.2. I can take a screenshot in Safari iOS, then click copy, then open Evernote and paste the screenshot into a note. Evernote will then paste multiple copies of that screenshot in. Weird thing is, if I repeat this operation, Safari / screenshot / Evernote a few times (leaving and coming back), previous pasted in screenshots are still being duplicated. Doing this and pasting into other applications is not pasting multiples in. Anyone seen this one?
  14. Just spent some more time with 10.2. It pulls up notes faster (initially) for me than the previous 10x versions. After navigating through a handful of regular used notes, the app becomes unresponsive. Still too slow and unresponsive to use.
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