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  1. Thanks DT, I didn't think to look for the tab shortcut in the window menu.
  2. Also, are there keyboard shortcuts to move between tabs? I didn't see that on the faq.
  3. Something I've noticed with this OSX version is that when opening multiple tabs and then closing them out and leaving one I lose the fwd/bck ability < >. Mousing on those buttons does nothing. Also, when e-mailing in notes of plain text from ios (standard mail app) some of those e-mailed in notes when opened in OSX can't be copied unless they are merged or formatting is simplified. This is baffling, because it's just plain text and only some notes. That said, Evernote is finally getting to the point where I can edit and use it on multiple devices without many frustrations! Thanks
  4. I'm having this very same problem on OSX. Initially, I was having a problem with notes getting overwritten with body data from other notes (after ios 8 EN ver update) that EN hasn't been able to figure out an answer for yet. So now, I'm trying to export notes as .html and get errors "Evernote was unable to load the data for a resource on the note titled forum" etc. I'll delete a note like that, and get another error. There is no way to submit a ticket for technical specific support using the link in posts above. So basically, I'm having data loss, trying to backup is having problems, and I can't even send in a support ticket. I've been a paying member for 8 years and know EN inside out, but it is really trying my patience at the moment. Edit: "submit ticket" showed up after scrolling through different dropdown options within the tech support section.
  5. Thanks, most of the osx tools like beyond compare and the one you mentioned look great, but 60 bucks for either is a bit steep for fixing something that shouldn't be happening so much in the first place. I was in the middle of posting the new way I'll be using EN and workflow above. I'm pretty much done editing notes on ios. Text wrangler it is have a good one.
  6. I've spent the past hours thinking about the best solution for this. This is what I've come up with so far: I'm no longer going to try to edit any notes longer than one scroll of the screen on ios, notes on mobile will *mostly* be read only. Editing a note with iphone or ipad is beyond frustrating due to: wild cursor jumps, inability to select text properly, regular conflicting modifications, lack of ability to adjust text size, etc. etc. etc. What I'm doing with the notes that have conflicting modifications from mobile is: 1. select-all text from original desktop Evernote note. 2. put it in textwrangler 3. copy all text from this same note (mobile versions with conflicting changes) and paste this in the text wrangler note. 4. process duplicate lines in text wrangler and have unique lines saved to clipboard and next text wrangler document. 5. Within the Evernote desktop app, search to the first conflicting modification and shift-command-arrow down so it selects to the end of the text below that (preserving formatting in original note above this point). Delete the text that's selected. 6. Add the unique text from Text wrangler back into the note. Hopefully that helps someone. I'm open to easier workflows as well. Cheers
  7. I've had three conflicting notes in the past week that I wasnt clearly notified they were conflicting until the notes got too big to sync from ios. Text wrangler is good to resolve conflicts, but I build my notes in a very specific way like this: using text wrangler to resolve conflicts strips away some of the formatting i do per that blog post. I follow the best practices to sync as mentioned above and still get these conflicts. Many things about Evernote I love, however it is becoming extremely frustrating to work with. Is there an app or option in text wrangler to merge while preserving the bold and highlights that I had in the Evernote note?
  8. OSX FF50, this web clipper is not working even with ublock disabled. Downgraded to 6.2 and it works. Firefox 50 is super fast on OSX and I'll be using it more than Chrome now. Please get the clipper functioning properly. Thank you
  9. I've gotten to the point working around various limitations of the ipad to where my workflow is pretty good. However, tapping the screen in Evernote, hoping one of the next 20 taps will select text and not make the cursor jump to some random position in the note are a regular occurrence. Additionally, bold, italic, copy/paste, or moving text around an already existing note has to be one of the most frustrating computer experiences in current day. I rely on and champion Evernote a lot, but this has to be fixed.
  10. Clicking in the clipper sign-in on google results in FF does not sign in, it takes me to the web based Evernote. This new clipper does not work.
  11. I've been going through prioritizing small areas of notes with a 1st pass in bold and then if needed I add a few highlights to other areas. This allows me to know how many times I've gone through the note and enables quick skimming later to get to parts I need. I've started trying to bold from iOS and the way this works (It doesn't) is driving me crazy. I'll select a word or phrase and it shows the blue highlight over the selected words, but the menu with bold, italicize, etc doesn't pop-up. Immediately after I deselect the word or phrase I want to bold the menu with those choices pops up. So then, I have to select the word or phrase again and this time the word or phrase will not select - Select/select all, will appear and then vanish. Often I'll have to select on or next to a word ten times before I can even select the text again. Is this unique to my ipad (pro) or is it how this functions for others?
  12. You didn't make an exact analogy because to do that you would have had to compare two products with similar features. You're comparing on cost which is next to meaningless. I’ve tried all those and others and do agree that currently Evernote is winning on *features. On the other hand, those Onenote sync issues you’ve mentioned are something I deal with currently in Evernote (conflicting syncs). Recently I have noticed a trend with Evernote improving, so that is reassuring. If an extra dollar for plus is what it takes to keep improving the product and do away with conflicting notes, add some features, and generally smooth it out and getting back to its original vision, I'm all for that. However, the update cycle, cost, and stability of other options are looking interesting. Also, in iOS selecting text within a note to copy it makes me feel like a drunk monkey poking an anthill, please improve on this Evernote.
  13. False analogy. You may get value from Netflix, but many people do not. Netflix also has to navigate movie licensing and pipe out A LOT of data. I’ve been using Evernote on my other account for a long time, I got an e-mail that I was one of the first 1000 subscribers. During that time, I was paying while dealing with syncing conflicts a plenty (using best practices) and having many notes not show up when e-mailed in. Onenote seems to let you link to sections within notes, has tabs, and far less syncing issues from what I’ve read. A price increase now that Evernote is getting to the point where they are addressing core product instead of upselling office products is slightly annoying. That is where attention *should* have been placed all along. I’ve got a lot invested in Evernote, but I won’t let that bias affect my decision making if there is a potentially better product available for free. Don’t be blinded by assumptions.
  14. Appreciate that, definitely will give some of those tools a try. I think what I'll do is copy the first "section" of the note before the conflicting modifications to a new note in Evernote. That way I can use a compare tool on the rest of the text below that have the conflicting modifications, and this way all the note links and the sequence of the note will be preserved in the original part of the note before the conflicts. I've been looking at Onenote and how it has near perfect reviews on iOS, tempted to check it out for a while, but there isn't an exporter for OSX, yet. Evernote really needs to work out a way to reduce the friction with things like this because even though I've been a paying member for 8years and have have 15k notes, I'm tempted to check options. Thanks again
  15. Read about that one too, the thing is there needs to be some assurance that the site isn't retaining info. Self-hosted software would be ideal. Thank for the response! Any other ideas?