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  1. I've been going through prioritizing small areas of notes with a 1st pass in bold and then if needed I add a few highlights to other areas. This allows me to know how many times I've gone through the note and enables quick skimming later to get to parts I need. I've started trying to bold from iOS and the way this works (It doesn't) is driving me crazy. I'll select a word or phrase and it shows the blue highlight over the selected words, but the menu with bold, italicize, etc doesn't pop-up. Immediately after I deselect the word or phrase I want to bold the menu with those choices pops up. So then, I have to select the word or phrase again and this time the word or phrase will not select - Select/select all, will appear and then vanish. Often I'll have to select on or next to a word ten times before I can even select the text again. Is this unique to my ipad (pro) or is it how this functions for others?
  2. You didn't make an exact analogy because to do that you would have had to compare two products with similar features. You're comparing on cost which is next to meaningless. I’ve tried all those and others and do agree that currently Evernote is winning on *features. On the other hand, those Onenote sync issues you’ve mentioned are something I deal with currently in Evernote (conflicting syncs). Recently I have noticed a trend with Evernote improving, so that is reassuring. If an extra dollar for plus is what it takes to keep improving the product and do away with conflicting notes, add some features, and generally smooth it out and getting back to its original vision, I'm all for that. However, the update cycle, cost, and stability of other options are looking interesting. Also, in iOS selecting text within a note to copy it makes me feel like a drunk monkey poking an anthill, please improve on this Evernote.
  3. False analogy. You may get value from Netflix, but many people do not. Netflix also has to navigate movie licensing and pipe out A LOT of data. I’ve been using Evernote on my other account for a long time, I got an e-mail that I was one of the first 1000 subscribers. During that time, I was paying while dealing with syncing conflicts a plenty (using best practices) and having many notes not show up when e-mailed in. Onenote seems to let you link to sections within notes, has tabs, and far less syncing issues from what I’ve read. A price increase now that Evernote is getting to the point where they are addressing core product instead of upselling office products is slightly annoying. That is where attention *should* have been placed all along. I’ve got a lot invested in Evernote, but I won’t let that bias affect my decision making if there is a potentially better product available for free. Don’t be blinded by assumptions.
  4. Appreciate that, definitely will give some of those tools a try. I think what I'll do is copy the first "section" of the note before the conflicting modifications to a new note in Evernote. That way I can use a compare tool on the rest of the text below that have the conflicting modifications, and this way all the note links and the sequence of the note will be preserved in the original part of the note before the conflicts. I've been looking at Onenote and how it has near perfect reviews on iOS, tempted to check it out for a while, but there isn't an exporter for OSX, yet. Evernote really needs to work out a way to reduce the friction with things like this because even though I've been a paying member for 8years and have have 15k notes, I'm tempted to check options. Thanks again
  5. Read about that one too, the thing is there needs to be some assurance that the site isn't retaining info. Self-hosted software would be ideal. Thank for the response! Any other ideas?
  6. I have 95 notes with conflicting changes, possibly caused by an automated system I set up to append text to certain notes via e-mailing it in. From here, what's the best practice to figure out what text is different? I've searched "conflicting modification" within Evernote and some of these notes have at least 10 of those within one note, and these notes are VERY long. So, do I have to cmd-f in each note to go to the "conflicting modification" section where it duplicates the note, and then find the text at the top that is different, then delete the text that has been duplicated by Evernote when there was a conflict? I've tried putting the full note's text into sublime text and finding duplicate lines, but the problem is with this method Sublime Text alphabetizes each line of text and the original note was painstakingly prioritized like a book. I now am keeping many smaller notes and linking to each at the top with note links, along with obsessively hitting the sync button on desktop and mobile. My concern now is, how to keep the structure of the notes and only find the duplicated text? Please discuss
  7. From what I've thought and from you chiming in, I think the best option is to use the reminders app, although my aim is to try to keep everything in Evernote so that I utilize Evernote more. Although, I could append things to specific reminder lists via Siri, so that is a plus. Shame this isn't a native feature in Evernote yet.
  8. The chrome extension Chrontabs allows you to set it so web pages open based on time/day. This works decent for me to open specific Evernote notes, but the webview is heavy on resources and many of us are mobile quite often. What's a current streamlined workflow to get recurring reminders for specific notes on iOS? Please discuss
  9. Actually, "cut" isn't working for me at all now, I'm going to open a support ticket.
  10. I've merged some notes and wanted to rearrange the information inside so I cut some text from the bottom of the note to the top, yet when I paste there is no text pasting from what I cut (so I lost all of what I cut from note). I tried just to copy text and it's doing the same. Probably due to html from the webpage it was copied from? I was able to restore about 50 notes and get the text, but it wasn't fun. Anyone else had this happen?
  11. Find and replace within notes is much needed in the Mac version. Thanks
  12. @grumpymonkey That speaks to a ton of what I was thinking about, thanks. I read your minimalist approach to Evernote article in what seems like years ago and it influenced my workflow. Looks like Devon think has a 150 hour trial, I think I'll jump on that. Cheers
  13. Thanks for taking the time to type out your experience. I try not to keep any pics in Evernote so OCR isn't a problem. I'm not sure if it even matters to me that the note titles and tag structure are kept intact; I could be wrong about that though! What I'm most interested in is the ability of Devonthink's AI to group related information from different notes in ways that I'm not seeing in Evernote alone. Basically, I'm looking to get more out of the things I've collected in Evernote, is Devonthink amazing for this, or is it more of a novelty at this point?
  14. I've been thinking about Devonthink lately, not as a replacement for Evernote, but to index it and let the AI make some connections. Does anyone have an opinion on the standard $49 Devonthink and how well the AI works? I have about 15,000 notes in Evernote and I don't use it for anything other than capturing words I want to remember and snippets off sites for writing inspiration. Is the Devonagent search or application itself *that* mind-blowing? Please discuss
  15. mac

    I'm usually here only on the odd occasion to complain, this time, I just wanted to say thanks for the sidebar colors in the latest Mac app. The background and foreground colors are easy on my eyes and make it easier to differentiate between shortcuts.