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New Web Experience Beta now Available

Chantal Leonard


  • Evernote Staff

Hi Folks -

We’re making our new Evernote Web experience available for users to try today.

What makes it so shiny and new you ask?

  • We’ve spiffed things up to create more consistent design and interactions across web and other platforms.
  • With the ‘Shared with me’ view, you can now easily see all of the notes and notebooks that have, well, been shared with you. 
  • We’ve done some work under the hood to improve search results, so things will now be ordered by relevance instead of date updated.

Coming soon to a web experience near you: You may be missing reminders and a tags view, but don’t worry; we’re adding functionality to this new world as we go, so some of your favorite features are still to come.

Want in?

  • All you have to do is go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Use the new web beta’ link. 
  • Give it a spin and then send us any feedback you have by using with ‘Feedback’ button.
  • If the changes aren’t your cup of tea, no worries. You can turn back the clock by navigating to ‘Account’ and clicking on ‘Switch to previous version of Evernote’.

New Web Experience 


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I like the appearance of the new version, and I like having the cloud-based interface. But there are two features really keeping me on the old interface for the web, and using the desktop client to hard sync at least once a week.

  • Dark mode 😃 (I know it's nowhere near likely any time soon. I just need to go wander through Stylish. But it'd be nice to see.)
  • Reminders. This is the interface deal-breaker, as I use Evernote as a combination GTD (replaces Keep) and archive (replaces Onenote). I know there's a command (reminderorder :*) to search for them, but I've not figured out: a) how to save that search as a shortcut in the new interface, and b) how to exclude reminders marked as done. Given how much Evernote is touted everywhere as a GTD option, I'm...surprised this wasn't a higher priority.
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The new Web Client isn't ready yet. In my opinion:

  • It must be faster than the previous Web Client. It is slower now.
  • It must be usable without a mouse: accesskeys, please.
  • Moving a note and deleting a note can't be further than two clicks away.
  • Bulk operations, as seen on the android client, are *very* important.
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New Web Cient is missing stuff:

  • the old quick access icons at the top of a note made couple things available at single click (Reminder, delete, go to corresponding notebook).
  • 'Reminder' and 'go to corresponding notebook' are missing entirely.
  • And I personally do not like the tags at the bottom - they kind of get lost there...

The new expanded sidebar is awesome though in my opinion - makes general navigation easier.

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Chipping in with a couple of thoughts:


  • Headings are huge for me.The ability to simply grab a heading level instead of digging around in menus have implications for both speed and constency of style across notes and notebooks. Lack of this and the generally awful formatting workflow has been the almost sole reason why I've not stuck with Evernote in the past.

    • Hotkeys or shortcuts would be a good thing
    • Custom styles in the dropdown, with shortcuts, obviously.
  • I like the new layout, much easier to see how my documents are structured.
  • I know it's been discussed to death but I really don't understand the resistance to mulitply nested notebooks. It hurts no-one to have them, if you don't like them dont' use them. Surely?
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6 hours ago, cybersurfer5000 said:

Hello Chantal.

I love Evernote and have been using it for years. Me amongst many other users have been really anxious to have a feature, that allows to password protect single notes and notebooks. Are you planning to do that?

Thank you
Best wishes from Salt Lake City

Hi.  You're responding to a 2-year old post,  and the web beta has moved on a little since then - but still doesn't include encryption,  which would also have to involve the desktop and mobile app versions. 

As you probably know it is possible to encrypt text only notes in the desktop version,  and any version can attach files encrypted with other applications such as MSWord or Adobe PDF.  Evernote doesn't usually comment on whether or when they might introduce new features - we users usually find out what's available when an app is updated;  but they do have a policy of bringing all apps into line with the same features,  so I guess there's some hope they are looking into more security options. 

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On 5/12/2020 at 10:07 AM, DTLow said:

IMG_3619.thumb.jpeg.0adc5978da7fc543120baa71f15b5437.jpegDowngrade to the previous web version


Thanks.  That's what I did.  Not a very good initiative from Evernote.  Introduce new version but remove certain functionality resulted people going back to old version.

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1 hour ago, sapoboi said:

My evernote recently changed to the new web UI and I really dislike it. I do not see the "Switch to previous version of Evernote" on the account pane, is there another way to switch back to the old UI?


The change should be in your 'settings' menu in Evernote Web.  If it's not there,  there may have been another change...

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1 hour ago, Ruth said:

How can I stop Beta on my WEB ....  Yet again my computer is crashing.

See the post above yours - check in Settings from the web page.

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