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Return of "Atlas"




Can I request the return of the Atlas search feature in Evernote for Mac?

Being someone who travels around for business it has been a HUGE disappointment to lose this feature which I previously found so useful for locating notes made in different locations.

I've tried using the more cumbersome latitude and longitude searches but these simply do not bring up all the notes made in these locations and it is a great hassle to have to try to find the coordinates of a location first anyway.

You already had the feature working really well so why downgrade the service - especially without actually telling us that is what you were doing?

Thank you.

Paul Branston

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Yes, please replace the Atlas feature. As another photographer who uses Evernote to geotag notes about specific locations, this was a critical part of my workflow. At the very least, allow geotagged notes to link to Google Maps. The location information is already stored, creating a simple link should be straightforward. Although why remove it in the first place? That's hard to understand.

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Yes please!  As a photographer, I need location based notes to plan landscape shoots.  Without this feature, Evernote is effectively of no use to me.  The map design never had all the features it really needed to be highly engaging.  If the customer usage was low, I am sure it was do to design limitations, not because people don''t value taking location based notes (travel, photography, etc).

Anyone know of an alternative service that offers this?  I need to move beyond Evernote.  I'm assuming they won't revisit this.

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This is just ridiculous. When Evernote dropped Atlas from iOS (also without explanation), the company claimed it was working on a location "filter" that would replace the function. NINE MONTHS LATER, we have received... nothing. I expect the same for the Mac app. I've been a premium subscriber since 2009, and I am tremendously disappointed in the direction this product has been taken over the past 12-18 months. 

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+1! Please bring back Atlas to the Mac version. I really miss it. Disappointed that it's been dropped. It was a lovely feature. I have years of notes with geo-location from all over the world, and Atlas was a handy way to navigate through them.

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Agree with Gavin, allowing the user to access and export the GPS data would be very help.  Linking to Google Maps would be great, but a complete solution would allow the user to copy the GPS coordinates to be used in any GPS-enabled app, such as GPS Tracks.  Should require minimal development, and creates massive value.

Ideally, would see some statement from Evernote that they plan to keep GPS data and allowing users to enter it (even if Atlas is dead), so that both users and developers know that Evernote is a safe place to put data that relies on GPS coordinates.  I've found "Idea Places" works very well and lets me keep using Evernote, but I'm worried that the company may not be committed to letting me continue using such a solution long term.

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On 9/28/2017 at 6:28 AM, DB_Germany said:

"When you register or create an account with IdeaPlaces, we collect the following information: email, password, Evernote access, Dropbox access, Photos/Contact Access, your location."

Sorry, nope.

Well OK, but . . .

email, password - for an ideaplaces account; this doesn't seem in any way unusual

evernote access - you want them to show you your evernote notes, right?  Seems like they would have to get this access

dropbox access - only if you want them to also show photos stored in your dropbox on the map, sounds interesting but I haven't done this

photos/contact access  - only if you want them to show these on the map as well, I didn't do this either

your location - can't answer "near me" questions without this, yes?  Even then this is optional as well


I think there are plenty of apps that ask for too much access, but this seems pretty reasonable given the feature set.

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