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  1. In the past, just like the atlas feature, Evernote has a great feature where a new note was auto titled from calendar events from outlook. GREAT feature. In prior version on evenote ios... you had the ability to not only select the most current appointment, but you could wheel scroll through other appoints that occurred that day. Why was this taken off? I noticed a limited version of auto titling was still working with Android version. The android version also has the "+" page feature for handwritten notes. Looks like ios takes it on the chin again.
  2. Has evernote ever responded to why they did this? Staggers the imagination as to why
  3. I don't understand why they would introduce this feature with out the ability to have multi-page notes; without leaving the page and going back in the handwriting screen. What is frustrating is that the android app has the "+" ability.
  4. Many moons ago, couple years now? I had some type of link between my Evernote and outlook calendar. That if I created a new note the subject of my calendar event was offered as note title. And there was the ability to scroll through several past calendar events for a Evernote title. Is there a way to link this back? Or am I just imagining this
  5. Well this is frustrating, I spent like 30 minutes trying to find the iOS map search, because I knew it was there; I had to be overlooking it..... wow, just wow. Becoming more and more disappointed with Evernote
  6. just curious has anyone experiencing this issue upgraded to version 8 and if so did it resolve the spell check issue? And if ios8 did correct this problem, were there any new issues created with the new os? I been hearing a lot of people complain about ios8.
  7. Everlog is a great app. Great features, great customization. But the program is not very intuitive. Pretty must got everything to work but I am struggling with the append mode. Not sure if I understand the difference between same template and share. If would be nice to have more option on when a new note is created. I think the current choices are "new note each day" or never. Nice to have a option new note... weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. let the user define when a new note will be created.
  8. this is a great app (everlog) thanks for sharing. The interface is off.... by the content is great. The only think I can't figure out is there an ability to take pictures within the app or attach a picture to an entry.
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