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  1. Hi, Can I request the return of the Atlas search feature in Evernote for Mac? Being someone who travels around for business it has been a HUGE disappointment to lose this feature which I previously found so useful for locating notes made in different locations. I've tried using the more cumbersome latitude and longitude searches but these simply do not bring up all the notes made in these locations and it is a great hassle to have to try to find the coordinates of a location first anyway. You already had the feature working really well so why downgrade the service - especially without actually telling us that is what you were doing? Thank you. Paul Branston
  2. Ok, thank you. Below is the content of my original support ticket.: = = = = = = = = = = = = = On my Mac app I find that some scanned PDFs are not searchable. Others work fine and there seems to be no obvious pattern as to which can be searched and which cannot. The docs I cannot search on the Mac however, can be searched successfully on the web site. So it appears they ARE being indexed by Evernote but for some reason the Mac app cannot access this data. On the docs that cannot be searched I also find that the individual text is not selectable and clicking on the doc turns the whole screen blue as if selecting a complete image. I am using Yosemite with the latest update.
  3. Well, I've followed the interesting discussion above. Sadly 'though no one seems to have an answer. On the Mac program there appears to be no menu option to re-index or fix a database. My question submitted to Evernote support on 23 Nov has not produced any response except an automated reply telling me I am a "valued customer". Hmmmm ! Meanwhile the problem persists. I'll try the chat support option later today and see where that gets me. Paul
  4. Problem: I find that I can search effectively for text in PDFs and images using the online service. However, many attachments do not appear when searched for using the Mac App, even though the same docs can be found online. Many PDF attachments in the Mac App state "1 PDF has not been indexed" when clicking the "i" icon. However, these SAME documents ARE searchable and findable using the online site. These same docs stated as "not indexed" on the desktop can be searched within the document for text, even though they do not appear in a database-wide search for specific text. As far as I know, the problematic PDFs do not contravene the criteria for indexable PDFs as stated by Evernote. There seems to be little pattern to those that can and cannot be searched using the Mac app. The performance appears random. In short, it appears to me that my PDFs ARE being indexed and can thus be searched for online. This indexed information for SOME docs however is not accessible to the desktop app. I am a Premium customer. I sent this query to Evernote support four days ago but so far have received no reply. I've seen this discussed elsewhere on the forum but never a solution offered. Will someone from Evernote please take notice and provide us with a definitive answer to this problem which many are concerned about and which appears to be spoiling the effectiveness of an otherwise excellent and highly valuable service.
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