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  1. So I have the collapsible headers when I install 10.80.2, which is great and a nice feature, plus the little arrow feature. However, the backslash feature which worked just great in 10.79 is gone, and the calendar link from the sidebar (Windows Desktop)!
  2. You can access all the existing functionality by sliding over the existing side menu (at least on the version which was pushed to me).
  3. I’ve also got a new iPhone menu screen this evening. Looks like a different layout to OP’s above. Think I prefer the OP one as there’s no quick access to go straight to my note list. One huge bug - when I click the new note button, there’s a huge lag before the editor on the new note becomes available and I can capture something. *update: I deleted & reinstalled the app, and am able to create a note via the new screen without any issue now
  4. Just wondering has anyone else experienced this bug? I have submitted a support ticket for it. On both iOS and iPadOS apps, when I open an attachment to simply view it, the "Date Updated" on a note changes. This is frustrating, as I sort my notes by "Date Updated" and I don't want notes which I have simply viewed to jump to the top, as I didn't actually "update" them. I suspect the date updated is altered when the attachment is downloaded onto my device (in order to view). The behaviour does not occur when I have recently viewed a note and the attachment has been already downloaded onto my device. I do not believe the issue occurs on web or desktop versions.
  5. Not working for me on iPadOS nor Windows Desktop. As a workaround on my iPad, I went into airplane mode and did an offline search in Evernote. I was able to find the note I needed that way, but turned back on wifi again to grab the actual body of the note. This is probably the more serious issue I've ever come across in my 11 years with Evernote. I have so many notes the search function is critical to my use of it. Scrolling and hoping for the best to find the correct note won't be sufficient.
  6. Thinking about this a little more, you are correct - changing the format of the attachment should not "edit" the note. It's simply a display preference.
  7. Yes - it looks like it's fixed now :-). I checked it on the web beta on both a Mac and a Windows PC, and the note is now no longer getting updated when being viewed. The "updated" time stamp is therefore no longer being interfered with. Thanks for fixing it. 😀 Note - if I decide to change the PDF format between attachment, full-preview, or page-through-preview type, then the note "updates". I'm not sure if that's intentional behaviour or not.
  8. I've checked also - problem appears to still exist when viewing PDF notes
  9. Sorry for the delay in coming back on this. Thanks for identifying the problem. Will check back on Friday and see if the issue has disappeared. I think what you have mentioned in the bug in question. Looking at the issue again, it does appear to be solely notes with a PDF attachment. I have a very large number of notes with PDFs, so hence I probably thought every note was impacted. I have not seen the issue on any other platform; solely web beta.
  10. Yes - that's exactly what I'm observing too. Just viewing a note kicks off the "saving" notification in the bottom right hand corner. It's messing up my notes; I've stopped using the web beta version until this bug is fixed. It's a shame as I'd like to give the new search features a proper test drive.
  11. I've gone in to try out the web beta a couple of times (I'm especially keen to try out the new search functionality, and I like that the web version will now show PDFs inline). However, just viewing a note (without making any changes to it) changes the note "last updated" timestamp. I always sort my notes by last updated descending, so this bug means I can't afford to use the beta web version at all for the time being. If I do, I'm going to have a pile of notes which I've just viewed at the top of my list, upsetting my organisation. I'm fine with the "updated" time stamp changing if I edit a note, but it's problematic if I am just viewing a note. I remember there used to be a similar bug in the Windows client version a few years ago, but it's long since fixed.
  12. Good idea - I think a visual indicator is really important. I recently discovered (using the shareddate:* search query) that a whole bunch of my notes were publically shared and I didn't know about it. They were notes I did not intentionally share, and was pretty shocked to realise there were publically viewable. I might have discovered the issue sooner if there was some kind of visual indicator on the notes in question that they were being shared. In the meantime, I have raised a ticket with EN Support to find out what bug or issue is causing the problem. One tag is common to all the shared notes, but since it's not possible to share at a tag level (and not all notes with the tag in question have been auto-shared) I don't know why it's occurring. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. +1! Please bring back Atlas to the Mac version. I really miss it. Disappointed that it's been dropped. It was a lovely feature. I have years of notes with geo-location from all over the world, and Atlas was a handy way to navigate through them.
  14. One related piece of feedback: if I am in the Web Beta version of EN, and try to add tags to business cards which were captured via Scannable, it won't let me do it. The fields are locked. Non-business card documents which were captured via Scannable are fine; I can add tags in Web Beta no problem. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug? Thanks, David
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