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  1. I agree. Updating directly via the Internet is probably the way to go. Untether the iPhone!
  2. No reinvention required. Take a look at most the journaling apps (DayOne for example) they manage to use the inbuilt Google/Apple maps of devices to display. Something like that, a simple connector, which is what Atlas did previously. Again, most the journaling apps use the gps to log a weather stamp. The automation solutions, which you suggest, I have tried but do - don’t work so well if you move around quite a bit. Don’t think either suggestions are too outlandish and totally reasonable to suggest.
  3. Yes that is a neat trick, I have also tried that too! But as you say, it only good if you are in the same place all the time.Thanks for the reply! 👍 My scenario is for a research project on diseased trees 🌲.(Climate change related) I wish to log each observation - photo, brief notes. It’s GPS stamped, weather stamped. With Atlas visuals it becomes a usable database. Collaborative too. This is something Evernote should be really useful for. Currently looking at Airtable or similar software - shouldn’t have to!
  4. Definitely bring it back. Basic memory science: location is important. If EN is to be the ultimate digital memory, this must be resurrected...... A weather metadata take would be useful too. Like to recall time/date/location/environment with my notes.
  5. @gazumped there is hoping they bring it back. Think there should be a map/atlas feature and local weather should be added as metadata to a note. EN was conceived as “The Ultimate Digital Memory” and location, geography are things that help that. Basic memory science - location is important. Hopefully their devs read this........
  6. There are several apps around with Evernote integrations, set a reminder & they appear in the task manager, without using TaskClone, Zapier or Intermediary work arounds. Or bothersome cut & paste of links. Remember The Milk is one, but I am a big fan of Nozbe - their free 5 project offering Is often more than enough. I keep all my Planning & Info in Evernote - then Actions/Tasks in Nozbe & can keep everything together then. Nozbe has a direct EN attachment function and the ability to sync/modify EN reminders.
  7. Really working on my productivity / External Brain system.

    Think I have a working model that I am happy with for now. 

    Thinking in TheBrain  - Planning in Evernote - Actions in Nozbe 


  8. Organising my life: Thinking in TheBrain  - Planning in Evernote - Actions in Nozbe  and don't forget paper; writing on paper has been shown to be good for the organic brain! 

  9. DevonThink is better imho if your dive into a subject is more than a brief dip. If it’s casual interest I use Evernote as a repository. If I decide I am going to go into a subject and really nail it then I create a Devon Think Pro Database of papers, RSS feeds or any other media I might need. I am a Mac user so have found ZenGobis Curio brilliant for martialling and linking Evernote and DevonThink. When I close down a project I will archive as much as I can into Evernote and tag as “archive”. TheBrain is a place to think and connect together ideas, webpages, some content. Think in TheBrain, build your evidence in Evernote .....
  10. Been asking for this for ages. Bear App has a ribbon above the keyboard with all the shortcuts you need. Evernote needs to plagiarise this....
  11. Not all of are using the iOS app with a keyboard. I am often on my phone - I have repeatedly suggested a ribbon above the keyboard with all of these input short cuts. Other apps aplenty do this; why the lag in Evernote ?
  12. An interface keyboard ribbon as in Bear App on iOS is desperately needed.
  13. Definitely! In iOS this is desperately needed. Basic usability. The messing arround with ``` for a code block no clear date stamp [][][]x3 for tables *** for lines Many other apps manage and have a keyboard ribbon, why hasn’t this shown on Evernote?
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