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  1. There are several apps around with Evernote integrations, set a reminder & they appear in the task manager, without using TaskClone, Zapier or Intermediary work arounds. Or bothersome cut & paste of links. Remember The Milk is one, but I am a big fan of Nozbe - their free 5 project offering Is often more than enough. I keep all my Planning & Info in Evernote - then Actions/Tasks in Nozbe & can keep everything together then. Nozbe has a direct EN attachment function and the ability to sync/modify EN reminders.
  2. Really working on my productivity / External Brain system.

    Think I have a working model that I am happy with for now. 

    Thinking in TheBrain  - Planning in Evernote - Actions in Nozbe 


  3. Nozbe allows the use of other file apps ie dropbox/gdrive/onedrive so acts like a "glue" for all your stuff. Slicker use of contexts, visualisation of calendar, and further task notes. You can also share projects with each others all in one place. Sure there is overlap in some areas, but I think you will gain great benefit from a free Nozbe account - if you use reminders in Evernote a huge amount; martial them there with more ease and precision.
  4. Organising my life: Thinking in TheBrain  - Planning in Evernote - Actions in Nozbe  and don't forget paper; writing on paper has been shown to be good for the organic brain! 

  5. Great another Nozbe user! It is the only app I have found after searching high and low that allows total EN integration (both ways). I have a lot of save searches in Evernote, mainly to help find stuff but my Tasks and Calendar are all managed in Nozbe I do keep some notes in Nozbe for quick reference but ultimately everything is tied back to Evernote. Have tried, TaskClone, Remember the Milk or the "Copy the Link Technique" into ToDoist or Things 3. Cost me quite a lot testing stuff out but come to the conclusion that this integration if you are a die hard Evernote Fan is the best way. I do pay for a full Nozbe account, but tbh the Free 5 project variety is more than enough for most. You can adjust your schedule in Nozbe, and this reflects in the reminders back in Evernote. I also use a free Filterize account that creates a constantly updating table of contents of all my tasks (with a certain search criteria) - which helps with long term planning etc.
  6. DevonThink is better imho if your dive into a subject is more than a brief dip. If it’s casual interest I use Evernote as a repository. If I decide I am going to go into a subject and really nail it then I create a Devon Think Pro Database of papers, RSS feeds or any other media I might need. I am a Mac user so have found ZenGobis Curio brilliant for martialling and linking Evernote and DevonThink. When I close down a project I will archive as much as I can into Evernote and tag as “archive”. TheBrain is a place to think and connect together ideas, webpages, some content. Think in TheBrain, build your evidence in Evernote .....
  7. Been asking for this for ages. Bear App has a ribbon above the keyboard with all the shortcuts you need. Evernote needs to plagiarise this....
  8. Not all of are using the iOS app with a keyboard. I am often on my phone - I have repeatedly suggested a ribbon above the keyboard with all of these input short cuts. Other apps aplenty do this; why the lag in Evernote ?
  9. An interface keyboard ribbon as in Bear App on iOS is desperately needed.
  10. Definitely! In iOS this is desperately needed. Basic usability. The messing arround with ``` for a code block no clear date stamp [][][]x3 for tables *** for lines Many other apps manage and have a keyboard ribbon, why hasn’t this shown on Evernote?
  11. Yup, this is very annoying. also when fwding an attached annotated note to have option to remove annotations
  12. Just works fine now straight from Numbers on High Sierra. Copy from numbers, straight into EN. No multistep solution required.
  13. I have had the same problem with an iPad Air1 (32GB 3G) Since I upgraded to iOS11. I have a 6GB database which i completely sync to the iPad. My iPad Pro (9.7" model) was fine however, as was my iPhone 6s I did a hard reboot of the iPad; that seemed to sort it for me. Back to normal now. Think is an iOS upgrade bug just on the Air1. Apple problem then.
  14. Re auto tagging - been using Filterize to do this. Also adding emojis, so stuff is quicker to find. If Evernote bought out filterize and embedded all their features it would be amazing.... and cloud audio transcription, then it would be complete.... imho
  15. I have just been trying filterize Filterize.net it is potentially double the cost of you pro EN sub, but does work well.
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