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  1. stocky2605's post in I'm impatiently waiting for 10.1 was marked as the answer   
    @PinkElephantthis is your very special pink notification about the new version 10.1 - as you already now, it has been released 🙂
  2. stocky2605's post in Filterize automation service has stopped for me since 12 hours was marked as the answer   
    update (I can confirm new notes / changes are processed quickly):
  3. stocky2605's post in I can’t write normal in iPad Pro by pencil 2. was marked as the answer   
    disable scribble feature in iOS 14 preferences as a workaround.
  4. stocky2605's post in how to annotate PDFs? was marked as the answer   
    ah, if I tap on the PDF there occurs a separate annotate icon above the soft keyboard - I was to fast, I already had opened th PDF and was missing the annotation button there...
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