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  1. Agree with Gavin, allowing the user to access and export the GPS data would be very help. Linking to Google Maps would be great, but a complete solution would allow the user to copy the GPS coordinates to be used in any GPS-enabled app, such as GPS Tracks. Should require minimal development, and creates massive value. Ideally, would see some statement from Evernote that they plan to keep GPS data and allowing users to enter it (even if Atlas is dead), so that both users and developers know that Evernote is a safe place to put data that relies on GPS coordinates. I've found "Idea Places"
  2. Thanks! Seems like a great alternative. Has Evernote stated any commitment to keeping the current support to add GPS coordinates or addresses? (ie, any risk they kill the 3rd party options too?)
  3. Yes please! As a photographer, I need location based notes to plan landscape shoots. Without this feature, Evernote is effectively of no use to me. The map design never had all the features it really needed to be highly engaging. If the customer usage was low, I am sure it was do to design limitations, not because people don''t value taking location based notes (travel, photography, etc). Anyone know of an alternative service that offers this? I need to move beyond Evernote. I'm assuming they won't revisit this.
  4. I'm seeing this as well on OSX. I cannot copy even simple text from Gmail into Evernote (ie, a one line sentence I emailed to myself, with not changes in formatting at all). I contacted support, and rather than confirm that they were doing anything about this, asked me to go to this forum and add my experience here. Sad. Not getting my hopes up that they'll fix this simple and obvious bug.
  5. I use Evernote to scout photography locations. It's incredibly helpful, but there is a serious limitation to "Places" and mapping data in Evernote, you cannot navigate to a point of interest. Evernote does not have navigation tools (such as offline maps and turn by turn directions). That would be no problem with a simple fix: This could easily be overcome if the map pin would allow the user to "open in" a mapping app such as Google Maps. Even just displaying/copying the latitude and longitude would be a significant improvement (which could be used with apps like GPS Tracks to find you
  6. Saving offline notes is great, but you cannot see the location of a note because the map data is not saved offline. Even a very low resolution map would be helpful. Because you cannot send the mapping location to other apps (such as Google Maps), there is absolutely no way to use the mapping data to navigate to a note's location when you are in remote locations without cellular data service, or while traveling abroad (if you aren't willing to pay expensive roaming data rates). Please allow users to easily save mapping data for offline use.
  7. Yes, please! What's the point of having mapping data if you can't use it to navigate to a location? This is incredibly helpful for photographers using the app to scout photo locations.
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