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  1. I was about to reply and say that the file creation must have completed, since I didn't move the file into the importing folder until the file already existed. But then I thought of something related that might be happening . . . the file has been created, but maybe the OCR process is still working and making changes to the file. I'm going to check those options in the manager, I seem to remember something about an option for running during import or later. I did install an update to the scanner software so maybe something changed then. Thanks! Where do you add a time delay? I do
  2. Here's a puzzle. I've been using a Scansnap scanner for a few years now in my paperless workflow. I use the scansnap software to create a searchable PDF, and then using ScanSnap Manager I move these files into folders by topic. Then I have Evernote configured with Import Folders watching those topic folders, so these pdfs now end up in different Evernote notebooks, right where I want them. The Import Folders feature is configured to leave the documents where it found them, so if I need to I can get to them outside of Evernote easily. As I said this has been working fine for quite a while.
  3. Well OK, but . . . email, password - for an ideaplaces account; this doesn't seem in any way unusual evernote access - you want them to show you your evernote notes, right? Seems like they would have to get this access dropbox access - only if you want them to also show photos stored in your dropbox on the map, sounds interesting but I haven't done this photos/contact access - only if you want them to show these on the map as well, I didn't do this either your location - can't answer "near me" questions without this, yes? Even then this is optional as well
  4. I should be astonished to see that Evernote has removed such a useful feature, but I'm not really that surprised as they've done this kind of thing before. At least on their "What's new in Evernote 8" page they mention bringing back location search (but not the Atlas itself). It's probably overkill for nothing but a location search but on iOS there is an app IdeaPlaces that works with your Evernotes and provides both an Atlas view and some pretty sophisticated searching abilities. It's not free, but I've found it quite useful. If you search for IdeaPlaces in these forums you'll see som
  5. I haven't used it myself, but there is a service that will let you email files into your Dropbox. I don't think this is associated with Dropbox directly, so you should probably be a little careful: http://sendtodropbox.com/ I realized when I read your question that I almost never export FROM Evernote, I'm always trying different ways to get things IN. I'm just curious, could you explain your use case a little?
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