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For work, I use my tablet with Evernote to take notes as I visit locations I am in charge of. When done, I would like to export the note to a pdf so that I can email it to them.

I know Evernote has an email function. This will not work for me as the corporate email system only allows emails from internal addresses. I have to email the note to my gmail account, then forward it to my work account and then forward to the location. That is too much work.

I have tried Urltopdf, but the page is blank. I have tried "read it later", which the note shows up in, but when I try to export from there, it comes up blank. Every other option within Evernote only sends the web link to the note (which is no good as their nternet access at the locations is limited to approved sites.

I tried opening the web link in the dolphin browser and use the dolphin plugin to export to pdf. when I do so, it comes out blank.

I figure I will need a third party app of some sort, I just don't know what to try any more.

Amy ideas are welcome.

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That is what I am doing now to get the notes to them. I have a laptop as well that I can do this with. I guess my goal is more convenience.

When I go into the locations to do a visit, I often only bring in my tablet. It is easier than lugging in the laptop bag and other stuff. When I am done recapping with the manager, it would be nice to be able to simply export the notes, email them to the location and leave. Now, I either have to go back out and get the laptop, fire it up, open evernote, print the note to pdf, and then email. Or wait several hours until I get home.

That just takes away from the original convenience of being able to work with the tablet. The issue is that with evernote on android, if you don't email the note, all you can do is send the link to the note. Which, as I explained above, doesn't help me at all in my situation.

It would be best if there were another export option within evernote.

I love using evernote as my note taking app, but I may have to look at other options that might allow my to get the notes into pdf or some other form that can be sent to my locations. Or a third party option that will take the url from evernote and open the note and then can turn it into a pdf. I even downloaded the Adobe pdfcreator, but again, the only thing that I can export to it is the link, not the note.

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This may be too old. But as of today, I print the note to PDF and in the dropdown choose Email PDF. Alternatively, you could mail PDF to Evernote and delete the original HTML/XML note.

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This is pretty frustrating.  As far as I can tell there is no way to share a note (except inside evernote) and no way to print a note (on Android).  This really limits my use of Evernote - there is very little information that I want to keep that I don't also need to share.  It's really a sorry joke that the app has a  "share" button at all, since it doesn't really do that. :(


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