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  1. One nice workaround is to use CloudHQ to sync Evernote with Google Drive (or whatever) as PDF. All of your notes get converted to PDF files and stay synced. However, this really begs the question of why we need Evernote in the first place. Oh yeah, tagging... darn. -Donald
  2. This is pretty frustrating. As far as I can tell there is no way to share a note (except inside evernote) and no way to print a note (on Android). This really limits my use of Evernote - there is very little information that I want to keep that I don't also need to share. It's really a sorry joke that the app has a "share" button at all, since it doesn't really do that. -Donald
  3. +1 This would be a huge feature: 1) I don't know where I'm supposed to be looking in the Evernote Windows UI, a grey background would simplify the screen visually. 2) I just captured text from a website that had white letters on a black background. I thought I had an empty note until I accidentally selected and found the text in reverse. With a non-white (grey) background, its easier to see where a note begins and ends. 3) The white is hard on my eyes, especially at night, so I try not to use Evernote after 4:30 PM, or whenever the Sun sets up here...
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