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  1. Yes. I figured that one out. I just cannot figure out if EN will let me streamline my number of tags by selecting multiple tags and deleting them all at the same time. Seems I need to go tag by tag. Thus, to your point about housekeeping tags every 60 days; I waited 8 years.
  2. I have also discovered that the only way to remove tags used on shared notebooks requires going to the note and deleting the tag from the shared note.
  3. I have too many tags. I can delete them one at a time only after I remove the tags from any notes to which they are attached. I cannot select multiple tags and delete or trash. I thought this should be a simple housekeeping task. No?
  4. This may be too old. But as of today, I print the note to PDF and in the dropdown choose Email PDF. Alternatively, you could mail PDF to Evernote and delete the original HTML/XML note.
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