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  1. This is extremely annoying. It takes over every other screen. Some times I am presenting something and the screen changes to Evernote with this prompt, showing all my notes to everyone. This is really messed up... I am moving over to Obsidian...
  2. Totally agree with this. I am using Evernote just because I already have many notes there, and because of the Scanning feature. For my normal workflow, I moved to Trello because it supports Markdown.
  3. It is actually a shame that you can not export the note to PDF. I get it, Evernote wants to expand by forcing users to share the evernote link. However, this is not realistic, I pay premium because evernote is a great way to organise my documents, and it is critical being able to share that document in an standard format. This feature is so important that I am thinking of dropping Evernote all together because of that. It is just frustrating not being able to share a note in PDF...
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