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  1. Beth Lee's post is correct. The versions do not get synced together properly and this negates the entire purpose of using Evernote in the first place. In the past I used to use EN at home, at work and on my android. Occasionally I would also use it on my ipad. In every case I would simply hit sync and the information would be synced to every device. Actually this still works well on every version other than the new desktop version (10.*). This is unusual because that version was designed to look almost identical to the android version, but you CAN sync the android version at will. Until
  2. The problem here is not that I am concerned that it will not sync automatically. The issue is that there are a lot of times when you can not verify if a change has been made unless a sync is forced. For example, one of the things that I do every day is to send emails over from gmail to evernote. Normally, I would do that and wait a minute or two before doing a forced sync. I would then see it pop up in my inbox in EN. Now I wait 15 minutes and do not see it arrive. Therefore, I don't know if I should do it again or keep waiting. Not optimal at all.
  3. Am I missing something here, but where is Sync in ENv10? This is a crucial feature which not only let's me feel that know that everything is synched but it's also a way to check if emails or were properly brought over from Gmail to EN. About 5 minutes ago I saved a pdf to EN and then waited for about 5 minutes before I saw it appear in v10. In the meanwhile I noticed that it appeared instantaneously in the Legacy version. So, not only is it not possible to force a sync but it also appears as if it takes longer for items to show up in the inbox.
  4. Thanks. I know that that would work but I was hoping for a shorter solution.
  5. Thanks for your kind response. That solved the problem. I would not have been able to discover this by myself, even after years of using Evernote. Also, their help material is not as helpful as what you demonstrated.
  6. I've been using EN since its inception and I'm embarassed to say that I have no idea how to do one of the most basic searches possible (using v10). For example, I want to search notes that contain the word "ADP" but only within my Contacts notebook. With the Legacy version I simply open the Contacts notebook and type in ADP into the search bar. It immediately returns about 10 notes which are all notes that contain the word "ADP" within my "Contacts" notebook. However, in v10 when I go to the Contacts notebook and type "ADP" into the search bar I get a bewildering dropdown of saved searches
  7. Sorry, I didn't realize that this was a section that dealt with requests. Sometimes I have a hard time navigating these forums. In the old days the forum was simply divided into 3 or 4 platform subdivisions and there would be hundreds of daily posts. Any question would be immediately answered by a dozen users. I used to check in on the posts on a daily basis and the forums became the single greatest way to learn how to maximize Evernote. Now it appears to be more gripes and requests, and less sharing and learning.
  8. Just wondering how most users do it. In v10 I find it works best by going to "filter" and then simply selecting the tag, notebook and what it contains. This is pretty seamless. In v6.25 which I use most of the time the searches seem a little more cumbersome. Usually I actually use search queries such as "intitle: tag:XXX" or sometimes I go to the list of tags and highlight all the relevant ones manually to search more than one tag. I am finding the search to be easier in v10 even though this version is missing a lot of things that I like.
  9. Not sure if I understand the logic of putting the "Notebook" selection on the top but the tag selection on the bottom. In Legacy Evernote when I adjudicate a note I usually assign tags to it and then select which notebook I want to put it in. That has all happened on the top of the note where the tag and notebook features lie side by side. In the new version they are separated by an entire page. I literally have to select one thing on the top and then the next thing on the bottom. Seems counterintuitive. Am I the only person bothered by this?
  10. Yes, you can modify how the pdf displays but you have to do it note by note. In the legacy version I can tell it to display all pdf's a certain way. I literally have thousands of pdfs in my evernote files. I cannot configure them all individually. I want them to "display as attachments" rather than seeing their content. So far, can not accomplish this with v10.
  11. I've invested years in Evernote and intend to keep it so long as it is working and it allows me to use the legacy version that I currently enjoy. In the meanwhile, I am doing frequent downloads of the enex files and have even verified that these work well in the Joplin app. This gives me a Plan B if everything goes south. Overall, I have faith in Evernote even though I'm still a little perplexed at how they could have thought that their new version would replace the legacy one. I've read all of their statements and I understand their thinking and the logic behind it. I also understand tha
  12. One issue which may be relevant is how secure is Joplin? Evernote is a large company and has accountability to its paying and non-paying members. Not sure if Joplin provides the same level of security. Many Evernote users have private and financial information within their Evernote notes. May be of concern to some. Other than that I looked at Joplin and it looks quite good. Personally, I'm planning to keep copies of my Enex files in Gdrive and then migrate to Joplin only if it becomes neccessary.
  13. So about a month ago I tried v10 windows desktop and I posted an observation that there was no way to set all of the notes to display pdf's as attachments (as opposed to having to see the entire pdf). I realize that I can take individual pdf's within a note and shrink them down to an icon, but it seems as if there is no way to set this as a preference. Since nearly all of my notes have pdf's it has caused an excessively busy look in which nearly the entire page is taken up with the pdf image. At the time I thought this was merely a fluke that would be quickly ironed out, but I see that the
  14. RomanSem, What is your legacy version? Mine is 6.25 but another user reported his was 7.14. Just curious if we all have downloaded different legacies.
  15. Mr. Toad, I'm a bit confused as to how your Evernote Legacy is 7.14.1 because my legacy version is 6.25. Is yours the desktop version? I thought that there was only one version of the legacy evernote and that there would be no further changes to it.
  16. I noticed that they do not seem to be offering the v10 update anymore on their usual update mechanism. When I go to "check for updates" is says that I am using the latest version. I realize that I could bypass that but I thought it was interesting because on my other computer (also win 7) it did give me the option to do the update a few days ago. I did it, didn't like it and returned to legacy.
  17. I looked at it and am more confused than ever. Essentially he is saying that they knew that power users would be slammed by this, but that overall the changes would make the 5 platforms work better together. It's like a country western band telling their most loyal fans that they are converting to rap to increase market share and profits. I understand what he is saying but surely there must have been a more nuanced way of doing this.
  18. Yes, I have to say that I'm kind of stunned. No one has been more of a fanboy for Evernote for the last 10 years than myself. I use it 50X a day and it revolutionized the way I do absolutely everything. I no longer deal with paper of any kind. I run my business with EN, organize my life through it, use it for all my research projects, store countless files in it etc etc. Evernote for me is like Amazon or Gmail ie: an absolutely fundamental part of my life. So I must admit that I'm a bit confused by why all of this is happening but I have faith in the company overall. I am assuming that
  19. I never knew that right clicking the little icon in the tray on Evernote Legacy would bring up a menu of options. I've been using EN for 10 years and never knew this (was it available before?). Which begs the question, are there other little tricks and things that I don't know about? Is there some kind of comprehensive manual or instructions anywhere?
  20. Yes, I have the same question. Actually it would be much better for Evernote if they could reassure us on this topic. I do not want to switch from EN! I do not want to start scrambling to find a new product that does not fit my needs as well as EN did. So, if I have at least 6 months or more I would be happy to just wait and see what they come up with. If after 5 months I'm not happy I can switch to something else. As far as I can tell, Evernote legacy is fine for my needs even though not perfect.
  21. I made the mistake of upgrading to EN10 on my window 7 desktop and then went back down to "Evernote Legacy". However, I now find that my web clipper is gone. I followed the tip above and was able to bring up the webclipper dialog box by using the "tilde" key; however, this is not the same thing as clicking the windows key+Prt Scrn and being able to clip out anything I want. Does anyone know how to do that? I must be missing something obvious. Also, is there a way to use web clipper when using the web version?
  22. I fully expect some preferences to follow (hard to see how they wouldn't have any), but I am still stunned that they would put out this new version with no preferences!! Anytime I upgrade any program or app that I use, I rush right to the preferences to fine-tune my personal experience. This would be for windows, android, ipad etc. Is there anyone in the world who doesn't do that? On the previous version you could set preferences for sync, navigation, notes, search, shortcut keys, reminders, clipping and printing. It's the first place I go to whenever I set up Evernote on a new device.
  23. Thanks for the input Mike; however, this only works for one pdf at a time. In the previous version there was a preference setting by which all of the pdfs in all of the notebooks were able to be viewed as "attachment" . Since this new version has no preferences I don't see how to do this for the thousands of pdfs that I have. I assume that that functionality will come otherwise it will be extremely cumbersome.
  24. It's mystifying that the company doesn't step in at this point and start explaining what's going on. Most of us are perfectly capable of waiting for a few months for this version to improve and we can forgive some early stumbles; but the radio silence from Evernote is bizarre. I have been with Evernote since their very first day and am as a big a fan boy as they come. I am not a techie but I consider myself a power user when it comes to Evernote. However, when I saw the new version I thought that I must have made a mistake and downloaded something else. I spend over a half hour looking fo
  25. What confuses me is when is this supposed to be happening? For example when I go to the section to sync I do not see that anything is actually syncing. Even when I select sync it seems to indicate that a total sync has just occurred and nothing else needs to be done .However on my iPad I see a little swirling activity on the upper left-hand part of the screen which indicates that maybe something is syncing. I just checked my notes and i think that a few more notes made it into the offline status.
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