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  1. You have a premium membership and that comes with note revision history. If the note was created early enough, hopefully Evernote had enough time to back it up. Check under Note>Note History.
  2. Haha, I've been there too, thanks for the reminder! There is another method that could be used to handle this, though rather complicated but I've had to use systems like such before. You can connect cloud services using IFTTT and could set up an automatic transfer from a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive TO Evernote. So theoretically the scanner could dump the files (if they are photo's) to a directory that is used by a cloud service (like Dropbox) and IFTTT would make the transfer automatically by using the "Create image note from URL" Evernote IFTTT action. I just tested it myself a
  3. It likely boils down to the software your scanner uses, there may be an option to upload directly to cloud services. For example I have used a Doxie scanner and their software does have an option to send directly to Evernote, Dropbox, etc. But as gazumped states, the "Import Folders" feature in Evernote does work very well and could be a great way to work around your scanner software limitations.
  4. Yes I realize that sharing can be done with free accounts, I used to have split personal/professional accounts as well (software developer here too, work at home.) But I am not interested in the sharing at this point, I want them invisible in my personal account (which is why I plan to move sensitive notes to a separate account.) There are things I document that I would prefer to keep private (journals and such) and I'm not one to keep my PC locked. Rather my young child not accidentally find something he isn't quite mentally ready for yet as I prepare to scan a box full of memories from
  5. I've been contemplating ways to filter out sensitive information as well and haven't quite found a good solution for myself but thinking of pushing sensive notes to a separate account as jefito mentions. It is easy to manage multiple accounts with the paid level that allows account switching. I use the encryption frequently but it does not work for attachments so it's not a complete solution. Unfortunately I have a ton of notes I want to hide and it will likley quickly exceed the non-paid account level upload limit and I don't want to pay for 2 evernote accounts. I'll probably need to jus
  6. This relates to the "Web Clipper" extension. I'm using the Chrome version myself. It's working for me right now but on and off all day I will run into getting stuck "Saving your Clip" that never completes. Attachment included for a visual of what it looks like when it hangs.
  7. I've been encountering this all day myself. I finally got one to go through and ended up with 3 copies of the note. I'm not sure why I just typed out a novel in the "remarks" before I started the clip that I have been waiting on a good 20 minutes now. I should have know better. This is getting incredibly annoying, I've wasted a lot of time today over this bug.
  8. I just updated to the latest release and all notes I had tagged that were displaying blank are finally visible. Thank you to the Evernote team for finally fixing this one
  9. An Evernote employee did acknowledge this issue (comment in this thread on 03/23) and reported that it is in the queue to be fixed. While I agree that it's been frustrating us for far too long I am thankful that they are working on it and I'll be grateful when it's gone for good.
  10. I just installed the latest update ( and the majority of the notes that were previously blank are now displaying without issue but there is at least one that is still affected. Close but not quite.
  11. I found a temporary workaround though it's not optimal. If I need to see the note quickly (as in I don't want to bother opening the web version) if you display the blank note in presentation mode the note content will display. This has certainly been the worst Evernote bug I've had to deal with but at least it's just a display issue. It's caused me to waste a lot of time. I made a "Not Blank" tag to remind myself that these notes actually have content.
  12. I had commented on an previous thread but it had gotten a bit sidetracked and I want to make sure this issue is visible. Since or the release before that, I'm finding a significant amount of notes appearing blank on the Windows desktop client. The notes are not actually blank, I can see the content when I look at them in the web version. It seems to be affecting notes that I've clipped from the web using the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper extension. I've found notes clipped years ago that are affected as well as recent clips. Perhaps this is a bug with the Chrome Web Clipper someh
  13. It hasn't happened to me again but I haven't been importing many photo's lately either. I just ran a test on my end and did not encounter the bug today but it was somewhat random to begin with. Hopefully someone can figure out what is going on and fix it, we need to be able to trust that our data remains intact with Evernote. I ended up going premium for the revision history to make sure of that.
  14. I seem to be having the same issue as the OP. But it's only affecting random notes. I am not concerned about the background processes nor have tried to uninstall/reinstall but I've noticed this happening and started digging into it today. The first ones I caught were very old notes, web clippings, as I was able to fill them back in with the saved link. I've found 2 fresh web clippings today that are showing blank on EN Windows (Win 10) but are visible from the web interface. Below is a sample. Perhaps this is a bug with the Chrome Web Clipper somehow but never had this issue (or at least
  15. It seems to have gone away for me as well today after a PC reboot. Very odd, hopefully it stays away, thanks!
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