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  1. Evernote does not give out any information on plans to fix things or implement new things. The use of the Chrome viewer for seeing pdfs seems to be an important part of their development plans for Evernote. Whether there are any plans to improve the Chrome viewer, or whether there is any way for the developers to work around the known issues, is completely unknown. So it appears to be something we all have to live with.
  2. Unfortunately, and sadly, I have to agree. I spent a lot of time making Evernote work for me with notebooks and tags. Huge number of tags. It meant that I could generally find things very quickly. However, it was becoming more and more depressing to see the increasing number of backward steps that were being made in 'upgrades.' So I recently made the switch to a competitor product. Some 20,000 notes have now been transferred across, and so far I am liking the feature set. A couple of things that I miss, but not many. A lot of new features that I really like. If Evernote is able to introduce some major changes, and get them right, I might come back. Otherwise, I will be canceling my automatic renewal. I don't see the legal option being a viable one, because it is expensive, and there is probably at least one wiggle out clause preventing damages for lost data, etc. Evernote was a good product for many years, but I fear that new and bigger entrants into the notes arena have left Evernote for dead in the dust. But for me, it became time to move on.
  3. That was also my intention in responding. Perhaps I could have improved my response by adding in a link to the thread I was referring to: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25608-request-mind-mapping/. However, including a single link risks the reader missing out on other important conversations that they may come across. No sense in reinventing the wheel. I did not have (and still do not!) have time to provide a full review of all the possible options for mind-mapping that have been discussed on these forums. As I only searched in the Windows Forum I may have missed a large number of other threads in the other forums. Particularly given the length of time that Evernote has been around and not incorporated a mind-mapping solution in the web or Windows desktop version. Each user is allowed to store notes relating to their particular interest in their own EN database. I take a passing interest in mind mapping, but do not believe I should have to do a full review for every question that I choose to comment on. If this is what is now required, I will decline to respond to any further posts.
  4. There's also a lot of information on mind mapping - just search on that topic on the EN forums. There is a thread from 2008 with something like 200 responses... Unfortunately, a lot of the 'solutions' offered seem to be either unavailable (eg, moh.io), or expensive (eg, xmind). I don't use mind mapping very often, but I learned about it in the dark ages of the Internet and have found it useful for putting random thoughts into some kind of order (like writing a book), but have yet to find a solution that will work across different platforms/software. Sometimes you want pdf outputs (which can be posted on EN), but other times it would be best to use Word or Excel or even Microsoft Project to do some of the things that 'mind-mapping' seems to cover. I am not sure that I will ever find the ideal app for mind mapping, so at the moment I am using a combination of Word, a cheap Windows 10 "solution" (that is not really a solution) and the faithful Post-It stickers on the wall above my computer!
  5. Add me to the list - in fact, I have already migrated all of my notes. It was painful, but now that it is done I am really liking the features of my new option.
  6. I got an update to 1803 last night... interestingly, the notes said that support for Linux within Windows is getting better. Have to check out how that works when I have a couple or 6 hours to 'spare'!!
  7. That's a feature of Revo, I guess. You have the option to force an uninstall, and just delete everything that comes up... I watched an IT from work remove Microsoft Office from my computer that way - he just selected everything, and pressed delete. Why, when I do that, do I always have problems with it?! Definitely do a registry back-up before doing anything!
  8. \Sarcasm\ Doesn't look like it - in fact, the opposite seems to be happening - the white space increases in proportion to the build number. Soon we will need a 6 foot wide monitor just to fit two columns. \sarcasm\
  9. Good luck with finding a 'better' alternative than Evernote. There are things I dislike about EN - one is the size of the new note button. Another is the absence of support for touch-screens (in particular, I would like the ability to add a button to assign tags to my notes - it is painful to have to click on note/tag every time I want to add tags). I have looked extensively at OneNote, but its support for tags is pitiful in comparison. If you have multiple tags on notes, good luck with getting them to import into OneNote easily!
  10. Hey Ed, how did you find out about Project Sprinkles - I thought everything that the devs at Evernote was supposed to be shrouded in a fog thicker than the infamous London Pea-souper fogs of a few years ago? However, I fully support the focus on projects that actually mean something to the majority of EN users!
  11. @WeCanLearnAnything, I get the same problem when using my Surface Book 2 - however, if I open the note in its own Window, I can enter text, etc. I have yet to figure out how to select a block of text in touch mode to do a cut or a copy and paste. Overall, I find the touch mode to be not user friendly - no ability to add an Insert tags button to the toolbar, for example.
  12. I rarely use emojis - partly because I have never felt the need to get my head around what they mean. Seriously, when there are 13,000 of them, who has time or capacity in their brain for all those things?! Seriously, I do understand that software development doesn't always go the way you want or even expect it to go. There has to be 13,000,000 different combinations of things that other programmers can do with a web page that can mess with your plans. I know you didn't plan to have things go that way. So what about in addition to the release notes, share what didn't go according to plan that you have to spend time on fixing. Then we can at least share your pain! I thought at one point there were "oops" lists of things that didn't make it to this update - can we have it back if there was - or give me some good reasons why we can't have it?
  13. I can also confirm that in 6.11.2, there is FINALLY a fix for resizing images inline. I used to use it a lot, but several versions ago it went crazy, so I stopped trying to resize images. I needed to resize one tonight, and it changed both top and side proportionally (or should that be bottom and side? I don't care, whatever works for you!). Nice to see that some things eventually get fixed. Now if we could just get those pdfs back to being able to drag them to the desktop or another program (especially email), Evernote would be back to being cool for me.
  14. For pdfs, if you show all pdfs as attachments (in the option dialog) and then show them inline, you can see that pdf. However, as soon as you go away from that note and come back to the one that was OK, the attachment is just a gray line that you can't click on to change anything. Just upgrading to 6.11.2 to see if that changes anything. OK, the pdfs are now visible inline, but I still can't drag and drop them to my desktop, so still frustrating that I can't work the way I used to be able to work, and now want to work.
  15. I think the user defined is important. Not just the font size, but the line/paragraph spacing too. I know that is getting to be like a word processor, but to me those features are very basic so should be included.
  16. I also agree with the previous comments. One of the reasons I liked Evernote was it's ability to make reviewing pdfs relatively painless. I did have a brief exploration of OneNote recently, but that is disastrous for handling pdfs. You can add the file, and/or 'print' the file as a png - no ability to scroll through the pages easily. Yes, I have pdf solutions on my desktop that allow me to do everything I need, but the pdf viewer in the Windows version sucks now - but not enough to drive me to trying another note-keeping program (yet!).
  17. Or get Windows 10 Pro, install and configure Bitlocker, then shut down your machine when you leave it... Is it a PITA? Yes. Is it secure? If you believe Microsoft yes - truth is, I don't know for sure. I have it installed on my work laptop, so some corporate IT departments must believe it is secure!
  18. Sorry, but when you have been using Evernote for as long as I have, you learn that they do not release plans for doing anything with the app - whether it be fixing things or breaking things. Even things that they broke don't seem to have any plans to fix - it just gets put in the too hard basket for _years_. Some things are best done by other apps, sadly. Even the basics of storing everything where it is accessible everywhere are sometimes done better by those other apps.
  19. It has been happening to a lot (all?) people who upgraded to 6.10.1, as reported in several messages on the thread where the release was announced. Evernote has admitted that they found it, but of course there is no information on when they are going to release a fix. The only work around I found that really works is to go back to an earlier version (make sure you back-up your database (.exb file) first if you have local notebooks. I am using 6.9, but others have said 6.5 is the best version to go back to. The other "workaround" is to export the notes and then import them into the offline notebook. However, DON"T do that if you have a lot of notes or you have not read through the posts that warn of the dangers associated with the export.
  20. I saw there was a 'new' version, but when I went to download it the version number was the same as the one I had rejected - not sure about the build number - so I said to ignore this version. Even small 'updates' should have details of what they fixed, especially when the previous latest version had major bugs. Were you able to squash all of the bugs, or none of them? If the answer is none of them, I am not going to update. If some of them, I will decide whether to install or not. At the moment, probably not.
  21. I noticed that on a couple of notes - switching to another note or restarting Evernote seemed to fix it. Not exactly a data loss, but another frustrating thing to work around. Good luck with finding an alternative. I have not seen anything that comes close to offering all the 'features' of Evernote - especially if they all work as advertised/expected.
  22. Good to hear - I was just wondering if it would be addressed in a fix sometime soon. Your message indicates that soon may be in the next week or two? OTOH, I am using an older version, so I prefer it to be fixed properly...!!
  23. I keep the copy of the database just in case the update messes something up. I have a lot of off-line notes that I don't use very often, but my ongoing notes are online (except for bank statements, and other personal stuff). For regular updates I just use the servers. In this case, I wondered if rebuilding the database (using the Ctrl-Help options) might make a difference. It didn't. The database itself was fine, just that I couldn't move notes in the offline notebooks - a 'fatal' problem for my workflow. Reverting to the earlier version restored my sanity and workflow.
  24. Glad to hear you are looking into it - rebuilding the database didn't work, so I reverted to the previous version. It only took about 20 minutes to do the switch back, by the way. Before I started the switch I made sure my database was backed up so I just copied and pasted it back to the original folder after I had installed the older version. I will continue to use this process with all beta installations (and after I have added any new notes and need to revert the app).
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