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  1. thanks! - I should have clarified - I am on Windows :-)
  2. Hotkey to jump to the "move note to notebook" drop down?
  3. I want to be able to easily get a link that will take me right to an EDITABLE form of a note. Is that possible?
  4. On the one hand... if you want to put in your 2 cents that you don't want them to spend time on this, you have every right. And if there are millions of users such as yourself, perhaps they can chime in and make their voices heard. But when you start saying what ever note IS about, it sounds like you are saying the way YOU use it is the RIGHT way to use it... and everyone else is wrong... :-) In any case - I also mostly use evernote as a repository... (in GTD speak is my "reference material" repository)... 95% of what I have in there is scans, or web clippings I never edit... I don't use it for massive text editing... but occasionally I want a bullet list... or to type something out in evernote... I don't want to use Word or another app for this, because then I am fragmenting where all my data is... I want all of it in one place. When I make a bullet list of questions for the doc, I don't want to have to open the note, then open a word doc attached to the note, etc. I just want to be able to have a bullet list right there... In any case... I don't think evernote needs to be full fledged word processor... just a basic rich text editor that doesn't suck terribly at the simple task of minor text editing... Seriously... I've seen wiki's with better in-browser editors than what evernote has in a native app... that's sad.
  5. Apologies if I upset you. I'm not sure what gave you the impression I think only my ideas are best... I'm always curious to hear opposing views... I encourage people to point out flaws in my logic... :-) That's the best way I can sharpen my logic! I tried to make that clear in my post... That said, since you said you don't want to debate I won't respond to the rest of your post. But if you change your mind, I'd be happy to respecfully debate the pros and cons of various approaches... I'd love to hear the flaws you find in my logic. If Evernote does ever expand encryption they will already have some ideas bounced around between real users with different use cases... And even If Evernote never expands encryption I'm always happy to debate just to have someone point out any flaws in my logic, to make me rethink my opinions, and see if I can back them up or not. No better way to sharpen my logic than to debate with other smart people. :-) Anyway - I'm about to go check out devonthink and voodoopad... See if I can get away from evernote since they don't seem to take privacy seriously even after being hacked and promising "sexy" encryption...
  6. I said nothing about how easy or hard it is. :-) You are right... I would need to see Evernote source to know that... but I don't need to see the current evernote source code to know what is technically possible... I am a programmer, and I have a reasonable idea about how one might implement this... Without knowing exactly how evernote does things currently... I know for a fact they use an index of some sort... there is simply no way they search through gigabytes of data instantly on an average home PC without an index... and if there is an index, I understand as a programmer that one could technically decrypt and search an index without any need to decrypt the content it points to (until/unless it is desired to do so). Now even if evernote's source code is so muddled up and intertwined in bad-code-smell ways that it makes this hard to do... it has no bearing on what is, or is not possible. Honestly... if their code is muddled to the point of making this hard, then I think the refactoring and organization they need to do, to get encryption done right, is probably a good thing... that will lead to a better and more stable and secure app in general. I agree... the more options the merrier... But since we can't even get them to do it at all, I worry they are not aiming to make an encryption feature with tons of options... My hope is that if they do anything, they do something that at least provides a reasonably non-onerous workflow for as many use-cases as possible while also making it very clear what's private and what's not. I think** the most likely single option to provide a non-onerous workflow for the majority of people who each use evernote differently... is a "private" notebook, that you can "lock" and "unlock" at will. In your use-case, you could handle this two ways... you could choose to always leave it unlocked and just always lock your PC when you are not sitting at it, and have family/friends use a guest profile. (that's good privacy practice anyway) However, if you like to let other people use your windows profile, or fear someone snatching your laptop, such that you want it always encrypted... then at worst, anytime you want to search for a note that is protected, you would have to type your password once... Which shouldn't be too much of a problem because you were going to have to type your password anyway after the search to decrypt the contents, so it has only changed when you need to type your password... before or after the search... Now granted - your idea of encryption might be easier for them to implement than mine... BUT I'm betting that mine will give more people a non-onerous workflow with a single implementation. However yea - if we can get them to do all sorts of bells and wistles I have a few ideas about various security options. :-) **Anyone feel free to contradict me :-) I don't claim to know all... and in fact if anyone has any better ideas for a single encryption implementation that would satisfy as many use-cases as possible please share...
  7. Wow... I didn't even know about this.. over 2.5 years ago Evernote CEO Phil Libin said this... And now we are being told it's not a business priority... sad... I'm jumping ship as soon as I find a decent compeitor. I don't need all these context and chat features... just a notebook... that I can trust and feel secure with... http://fortune.com/2013/07/02/evernote-is-interested-in-more-than-your-notes/ I used to be an enthusiastic evernote user recommending it to all my friends... Not anymore...
  8. I can see why a lot of people would be scared of not being able to search encrypted notes (especially given the currently ridiculously kindergarten encryption implementation evernote has now)... But in reality I don't see any reason why this can't easily be done. LastPass has zero knowledge yet in any phone app, browser addon... or even just by going to the lastpass.com on a public PC (i.e. no local app or addon), I can log in and search ALL my passwords, and secure notes easily. (Not that I would do that on a public PC... never know about key loggers and such... but just saying... it's totally possible for a web company to have zero-knowledge and yet still provide full search capability to a user without even having a native installed app) That said... I understand people might wind up with WAY more data in evernote than in lastpass... hence your concern about unencrypting everything on a cell phone. To be clear, the whole notes don't need to be decrypted to allow this.. just the indexes. So when you unlock the notebook, it could perhaps just decrypt titles and indexes at first. Then when you click on a note, decrypt the content. The only legitimate downside I can think of as far as search goes, if encryption is implemented in an intelligent way... is the OCR. (anyone feel free to tell me if they can think of others) I think Evernote does the character recognition in photos on their servers... so of course if you have page scans in an encrypted notebook, their servers never get to see the unencrypted copy, to index the words in it. It would be great if they included an option to run OCR locally for this, but I don't even care about that. I can manually put some meta data on the note in that case. I just want a quality hassle free implementation of encrypted notebooks... then all I need to do is drag a note there, or create it in there to begin with, and I know my data is reasonably safe while it lives in the cloud. And yet, I can still super easily search it, while it is unlocked, just like any other local notebook.
  9. Who are you trying to protect your notes from? Friends/Family who use your windows profile? I ask because I'm trying to think of a situation where I would need to use tags to search encrypted notes. (Unless we are thinking evernote would not be able to search encrypted note bodies, which is not at all what I want....) If Notebook encryption is implemented the way that I am talking about, you don't need to worry about meta-data also being encrypted... all meta data and the entire notebooks index will be encrypted as well... BUT when your notebook is "unlocked" evernote could still search through ALL the encrypted text. Including the note body/contents. In this way you just have a "private" notebook. And you can right click to lock or unlock it. (perhaps an option to auto-relock after X minutes) unlocking requires a password. When it is unlocked the client (even the web client could do this) could search through the entire unencrypted versions of the note bodies, while evernote (the company) still has zero-knowledge of the contents (this is how lastpass works, and how I want evernote to work). Would that meet your needs?
  10. Three things... 1. How does not not impact a large number of users? If encryption where more robust, and easy to use I am pretty sure, as many others have pointed out, that MOST of your users will take advantage of it... Especially with how much you guys are pushing evernote for businesses... 2. What sorts of features are you working on that impact so many more users than quality encryption? I'm just curious... Evernote seems pretty fully featured already... the biggest glaring hole seems to be quality encryption options... That's that part that is sorely lagging behind... 2. Just a thought... if you guys get hacked again, and don't ALREADY have high quality zero knowledge features implemented, I imagine you will be impacted by losing a lot of users. I would plan ahead... before you get eclipsed by some company that better meet's peoples needs. Encryption and Security are just getting more and more public attention these days... that trend is not going to turn around anytime soon.
  11. I couldn't agree with this more... If Evernote doesn't get with the game and take security/zero-knowledge more seriously, someone is going to come along and grab your market out from under you...
  12. Rich - It's sad that your customers privacy is not a business priority... In any case - I just heard from Jason the product manager "likes the idea" of encrypted notebooks... Though I was a little skeptical... people have been asking for this for years... it seems like the lack of it being on the road map is a very deliberate and discussed decision within the Evernote company. It seems like Evernote has explicitly decided not to pursue the feature. In which case, it feels like Jason's comment is leading us on... giving us a glimmer of hope that the sorely missing feature is coming, when in reality it's already explicitly been decided that you won't do it. So in any case... please be straight with us... I don't want to be lead on... if Evernote doesn't plan to include such a feature I want to ramp up my efforts to find an alternative.
  13. Agreed... I've been waiting for this for years... I literally check twice a year for alternatives to evernote that can do what I need and also have this feature.... Sorry to cross post... this came up as an off topic on another thread... But I figured I would post my 2 cents on this thread as well that is dedicated to encryption....
  14. Thanks... Good to know... I didn't even realize the whole not history issue... that's a HUGE glaring problem... My main thing is this... I don't need to encrypt most text on my pc... I don't let people log into my windows profile... and if anyone who ever uses my PC might know how to get to files of a different user, it would be me... Basically... the people I want to protect my note from is the Cloud/evernote. Which is why I want something completely different. A notebook that remains unencrypted and fully searchable on my own PC... I can access with no password (except the first time when I login initially)... but that is encrypted before sending up to the cloud such that evernote employees could never access it. I know that #1 this might mean no image text search because I think OCR is done in the cloud... I'm fine with that. #2 Some people DO want the notes to be stored encrypted locally, which is why I recommend 2 types of encrypted notebooks. Fully encrypted. (requires password every time you want to open the notebook) and cloud encrypted... works like any other notebook in your local PC app, but is encrypted such that evernote (the company) could never read the note on their servers. (Much like how my lastpass works... I leave it unlocked on my personal PC profile that I never let anyone use... so I can early search and use it... but lastpass the company still has zero knowledge)
  15. I can't stress enough how much I would recommend lastpass as a WAY better password manager than evernote. Not only does lastpass have zero knowledge of EVERYTHING you put into it... but it has addons for all browsers and mobile phones. It will auto fill your passwords both on your computer and on your mobile phone. (Can fill passwords both in web pages and apps on your mobile)... it's completely searchable... can keep password histories... can generate random passwords for you so you have great strong passwords... the list of features go on and on and on. last pass can also store all your credit card info and auto fill that as well... and again... it's 100% secure... no-one at lastpass ever has any access to your info... EVER... and they have much better 2nd factor authentication options than evernote as well.. (I still don't understand why evernote won't support google authenticator as an 2nd factor option) If you want a password manager I would strongly recommend you use an app that's designed for that :-) That's my 2 cents anyway. There are others as well... dashlane I think is one... I can't vouch for that though... I am a long time lastpass user and it just gets better and better. (
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