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  1. You may be right about that Gazumped. JMichael has stated the case very well for me. Here's an example of what I run into regularly. I have a note that's all in 10pt Tohoma and I've used indention and bulleted or numbered lists to help organize the information. Really pretty basic formatting, but granted not plain text. I copy the the contents of the note into Word or Outlook and the font becomes 13.5pt the indention collapses and the line spacing doesn't match what was in Evernote (particularly not around the beginnings or ends of lists). The type of work around you suggested illustrates the reason why I can't rely on Evernote as heavily as I would like to. It's too time consuming to work around tools that don't handle standard operations reliably. I'm under the impression Evernote is supposed to be a notebook. Not just a scrap book for holding content clipped from elsewhere.
  2. Evernote Team, why is the formatting of my note information so amazingly terrible whenever I copy it into another application; like Outlook or Word? Isn't this considered a use case for your product? I am a huge fan of Evernote in general. I want to use it even more than I do, but this is a HUGE problem, Along with how often the formatting within a noted gets messed up when editing. These keep Evernote from being my go to tool for collecting and sharing information. They are the primary reasons I haven't upgrade to a premium tier - if I can't use the information in my notes seamlessly across my workflow the hassle of cleaning up the formatting outweighs the benefit of trusting Evernote. I know there are substantial technical challenges to handling formatting cleanly across multiple platforms. But isn't this considered core functionality? It should be.
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