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  1. Thanks a lot @Boot17 I got the backup codes by the method you showed.
  2. Hi @Boot17 I am trying to generate backup codes for my Evernote app, but when I go to Security summary and put password and Authencitator code, this page is displayed and I can't see or generate backup codes. I have attached the page displayed here. Kindly guide.
  3. Hi @gazumped Thank you for your advise. There was a symbol in the tab app to make the note full. So notes are coming properly now. Thanks.
  4. On my Lenovo tab, notes are being displayed in only half page. Half page shows the different shortcuts and half page shows the note that I have opened. I want to see the whole note on the page like in my Samsung mobile, and like it used to show in my Lenovo tab. This problem is coming after I updated my Evernote app on Lenovo tab today. I had not updated my Evernote app on my Lenovo tab from a long time. Kindly guide. Thanks
  5. Thanks @gazumped for your reply. It solved my problem. The red icon will delete the note?
  6. Thanks @PinkElephant @Boot17 @VincentC for all your replies. All of them were very helpful in helping me solve my problem.
  7. Thanks @PinkElephant. What do you mean by "when setting up the app". kindly guide. Thanks
  8. Hi @gazumped My device is android mobile and I am currently using the latest version of Evernote that is V. 10.52.2 When I tried to check what error is showing after seeing your reply, I realized that shortcut was added, but randomly anywhere in the list of shortcuts, not in any order first to last. So, I had felt that shortcuts are not being added. But the shortcut I added to one of my notes now was shown third on the list of shortcuts. How do I get it in order so that the last shortcut I add is seen last in my list of shortcuts.
  9. I got an email from Evernote that they will not be sending otp by message during login to our accounts to avoid insecurity to our accounts. What is the new 2 factor authentication process for logging in. And how can I log in using back up codes. Where can I access back up code in my Evernote account?
  10. I can't add shortcut to notes on latest after the latest Evernote update.
  11. Thanks @agsteele for informing me that disabling the passcode will make my blank screen go away. It has. Thanks
  12. Is there no option of putting a passcode in the latest version of Evernote?
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