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  1. I just downgrade to Evernote v7.x because I loose a lot of time with Evernote v10 on Mac Os. Evernote product owner should stop user their client as testers. The version V10 is not finished ! I get a lot of issues : - My shortcuts that i use daily are not working - The list of notes is not updated when i update a note (change tag or date) - Performance issues; The app is very slow when i click on a tag or shortcuts - Strange design choice (example: putting the tags and reminder menu on the bottom of the editor !) I follow those steps to downgrade to
  2. Same issue on macOS Yosemite 10.10.5 This issue make Evernote app unusable when i write a not with 1000 character (or 200 words). This frustrating and terrible for your business, users can't wait 5 secondes on every typed character ! I stop used it and back to traditional MS Word.
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