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Moving Note to a Different Notebook Should Not Change the Updated Date



Currently, when a note is moved to a different notebook the updated date is changed, even though the title and content of the note have not been changed. 

Use Case:

Quickly create a new note. At a later date the user goes in to place the note in the correct notebook. That updated date should not change in this scenario when the only metadata changing is which notebook. 

If the note title or the note content also changes than the updated date should reflect those changes. 

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This is definitely a problem. I just decided to send almost 100 notes into a new notebook. Now I can no longer sort by date because they all say they were updated a few minutes ago. Thankfully, I had put the dates in the title but I can't order them because I put the date at the end of the title. Very frustrating. At the very least, it would be helpful to be able to force an order for notes if Title and Updated are not how you want to sort them.

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I 100% agree with this....don't change the modified date if the note moves notebooks. This represents a change in behavior from what it used to be (even in v10...although it appears that it changed a while ago and I'm just now noticing). Moving the notebook should not change the date, for exactly the use case that @BoDerrickposted.

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This is still happening to me, which undermines the value of the updated date.

However there is something else happening now. I am looking at my list of notes in side list view, ordered with most recently modified at the top. There are some notes near the top that I did not change that recently. Several are marked as changed today that I have not looked at for a few days.

I don't intentionally use modified date much, but it does render the Notes widget/Recent display less useful... 


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