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  1. I got a prompt reply from EVERNOTE help. Less than ten minutes! Never had that sort of response before!! They said it was a priority to fix this issue. When I immediately messaged back to asj for an expected date there was simply an answer saying they couldn't say. Grrhh! So today I am managing my ten twitter accounts I run for business friends (not a business arrangement just a help for help arrangement) This is the message that will be going out A link to this discussion is included as you see Will add it on FAcebook as well. Hit them where it hurts! @evernote We won't be voting for you in the @TheWebbyAwards Evernote You stole my @googlechrome web clipper Please fix it ! in the -bring-back-all-the-previous-functionality/ w
  2. Have EVERNOTE answered this problem anywhere? I am a long-term supporter and paid member and have been frustrated all week thinking it was a Chrome/Apple Mac problem. They need to restore previous capabilities of the clipper which most people here seem to want. Above all they should make a public statement. Much as I love evernoe they have never been good at responding to problems as far as I recall
  3. Thanks I am now connected to HELP - I tried hard not to hassle them I guess they are under pressure
  4. So I get this on live help Nefre: Thank you for contacting Evernote Support! My name is Nefre. Please give me one moment to review your issue.Andrew, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. Are all your notes still showing on the web version of Evernote? evernote.com/Login.action Thank you for contacting us. Chat session disconnected. I was disconnected before I could answer ??and no Nefre - all my notes (6,000) are NOT there What now?
  5. Thanks BurgersNFries Thanks I kinda realised what EVERNOTE is (have been using it for three or four years and am (was?) a big fan but am still concerned that I can lose 6,000+ notes overnight and that filling in the form that RobertJSawyer suggests has led me nowhere. However I am trying again live Thanks for the input
  6. Do you still have a LIVE help so I can move this forward quicker, please. I lost my notes 3 weeks ago and can't seem to get a definitive answer
  7. I am concerned. Why did I just get asked if I have TIMEMACHINE backup I thought my notes were safe? So have I lost them and they are not retrievable? Please explain why EVERNOTE users have to have their own backup - I know I should always backup but I thought EVERNOTE was a backup option Why should I use EVERNOTE if I can simply back everything up I am concerned and confused
  8. 1037474 was the original - seemed to fade out I then sent a set of logs in response to a request vai 1043566 Can't understand why you can't just re-instate please Don't make me jump through hoops
  9. Thanks for the responses - will get these numbers here asap
  10. Is it worth paying PREMIUM? When I was a FREE member I got HELP queries answered quite quickly However now I am a PREMIUM member I don't. BUT two weeks + ago I "lost" all my notes (8,000 over 4 years) I still have no resolution and no response to last two HELP tickets I have been patient and not flooded HELP DESK - I also don't seem to have access to LIVE HELP. I have "LOST" notes on two occasions when I was a free member and got talked through exactly what to do. My initial response from HELP DESK was not helpful and my follow-up led me nowhere? Should I simply close my account and claim money back? I am a big fan of EVERNOTE so would be sorry to have to move away but there are some important notes I have lost that are hampering me in my business I just the comment on the forum (which, at this stage. I have to disagree with Has anyone any pointers to stop my impending divorce from Evernote please? Premium makes a difference. We aim to have fast response times for all submitted tickets, but in times of higher than normal volume, being Premium will ensure you get to the front of the line.
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