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  1. I got a prompt reply from EVERNOTE help. Less than ten minutes! Never had that sort of response before!! They said it was a priority to fix this issue. When I immediately messaged back to asj for an expected date there was simply an answer saying they couldn't say. Grrhh! So today I am managing my ten twitter accounts I run for business friends (not a business arrangement just a help for help arrangement) This is the message that will be going out A link to this discussion is included as you see Will add it on FAcebook as well. Hit them where it hurts! @evernote We won't be voting for you in the @TheWebbyAwards Evernote You stole my @googlechrome web clipper Please fix it ! in the -bring-back-all-the-previous-functionality/ w
  2. Have EVERNOTE answered this problem anywhere? I am a long-term supporter and paid member and have been frustrated all week thinking it was a Chrome/Apple Mac problem. They need to restore previous capabilities of the clipper which most people here seem to want. Above all they should make a public statement. Much as I love evernoe they have never been good at responding to problems as far as I recall
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