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  1. The jump from the Mac version of Evernote, 7.14 to 10+ (currently 10.4.4) has become a business and personal productivity nightmare, with the loss of multiple open note tabs. Previously for many enjoyable years using Evernote before the 7.14 jump to version 10 in October 2020, I could have several note tabs open at the same time. I could work on one note, while waiting for people to call back and have that note instantly accessible as an open tab in Evernote. I could work on concepts that require looking at and comparing several notes at the same time. Now, under version 10+, it is a productivity nightmare, trying to have related notes quickly available, and having to create multiple workaround shortcuts, etc, which if used, simply close a screen that I need to keep open when accessing other notes. Is there a plan to re-incorporate multiple note tab functionality back into the Mac version of Evernote or not?
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