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  1. I cancelled my paid account because of this issue (last straw) but neglected to turn off forum alerts. It’s amazing to me that this is still happening and still no response from EN. All I can think is it’s some kind of protection against copyright violation? But that should be on the user anyway not the app they’re using, right? Plus I don’t appreciate apps/companies policing me. Oh well. I’m using two other apps :( for what I used to be able to do on EN so I miss it daily but at least not pulling my hair out about images and not paying for the privilege of being driven crazy. Guess I’ll keep a look out in here in case they ever respond. The longer it takes them, the more time for someone else to create a better app/service; fingers crossed one way or the other.
  2. The subject field sums up the issue. Numerous other posts about this and I see no response from EN ?? At least you could make sympathetic noises or something no? At least _say_ you're working on it? (And, no, the fix that a few other people have found _on their own without help from you guys_ - of using the EN web version instead - did not work for me.) I just checked to make sure I was remembering correctly that my billing cycle rolls over 11/30 - so I have about two weeks (for you) to figure this out before I cancel my Premium account, which I have had for 4-5 years, after having a basic account for about 10 years before that. Obviously I have been happy with EN, but also loyal to you guys during prior phases of change (which always worked out but were never quite as exasperating as the current one). Of course many other things have changed with the new EN version - I have either learned to deal with or figured out workarounds for the problematic ones, e.g. having notes appear to be completely empty about every 3 days, so I have to close and reopen to wake everything up again - a sizeable pain yet I forbear. But this is a deal breaker. I teach French online and being able to put images in EN to use as conversation prompts has been invaluable, especially being able to scan my notes quickly to find the perfect image for today's class etc. Alas, no more. Please figure this out or at least respond so we know someone is thinking about it (or at least is sympathetic). I'm going to teach my classes and then spend the weekend making sure everything is backed up and googling "alternatives to Evernote" so that I can get ready to close my account. Even a simple message from you with a virtual "Awwww" and pat on my back (to say nothing of a solution) would keep me in the fold, FWIW. Thank you.
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