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  1. What do you mean by "copy to desktop", Evernote is NOT putting the image on the clipboard, so there is nothing to copy. This is what Evernote puts in the windows clipboard when you click "Copy"
  2. More than 2 months later and such a lame bug isn't solved yet. What an amazing support.
  3. When I press Ctrl+F on a note and start typing to search something on a long note, Evernote freezes for like 5 seconds before starting to write what I typed in the field... how the hell can this be so slow? The Find function should have an option to disable automatic searching and use a "Search" button like any other decent software. 🤦‍♂️
  4. I can't understand how such a basic and useful feature was *removed* from a software that had it since many years ago... and how can something as basic as putting an image in the windows clipboard, which any software does, can take *months*.
  5. New 10.9.10 version released and still the exact same problem. 🤦‍♂️ Could anybody from EN team acknowledge the problem at least?
  6. Sure is such a difficult issue to fix that's gonna require a very long time to investigate and debug.
  7. This is still a problem in 10.8.5... how long is it gonna take to fix it? years, like the "disable spell check" option?
  8. The problem is it doesn't Copy anything to the Windows Clipboard, as it should, as the old Evernote did, and as Evernote Legacy still DOES:
  9. Using "Copy" on an image doesn't copy it in the clipboard. It works ok in the legacy version, but not on the 10+ version...
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