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  1. I spent an hour on the phone with help this week but haven't resolved this: When I share a notebook and send a sharing invitation to a colleague, some receive the invitation and some do not. I have two colleagues who use Gmail/Gsuite who did not received the invitation. When I was on the phone with Evernote Help, I shared a folder with the agent and he did receive it. Here's what I know so far: It doesn't matter whether I share from my EN for Mac app or from EN on the web. The sharing panel shows that the invitations were sent. No problem there. I am "lucky" enough to have 2 personal and 3 email addresses. So I shared with all 4 other identities other than the one I use for EN. The invitation didn't go through to my Gsuite Gmail addresses. It did go through to one email address that doesn't use either Gmail/Gsuite or Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Nothing shows up in the Spam/Junk folders. That's not the issue. Is there any issue with invitations not making it through Gmail servers or Microsoft servers? I recall that some emails with ambiguous from: addresses can get blocked and never make it to the Spam folder. I see that the invitations come from "no-reply-content@evernote.com" but have my full name on them. Anyone else experience this? Any solution?
  2. I have not been able to save articles and other web stories from several apps including Wall Street Journal. When I tap the "box-with-up-arrow" icon, I get the Evernote icon in the top row. When I tap that, the dialog box with choices to Save or Cancel comes up. But after tapping Save, I just get an endless time-out spinning circle that never completes the save. Save seems to work in Safari and it may work in Wall St Journal if I access Evernote through its app just before trying to Save. iPad Air, iOS 9.1, Evernote Premium--and the Evernote App seems to be working fine. Reboot=no difference
  3. I thought scannable could output as a JPEG as well as a PDF. I have the latest version and now there's only image output seems to consistently be a 72 dpi PNG file. I don't see any switch in settings to choose JPEG instead. What happened here?
  4. evernote user since V1 and I never noticed this before: I needed to rename a tag currently called "holmes" so I filtered down to that tag with a tag:holmes. That returned 79 notes as seen in the attached screen shot. However, in the tag window, I see 106 notes with that tag, again in the screen shot. What is the discrepancy? Also, why do other tags light up? I thought maybe those were notes that also had "holmes" tags, but one of them outside the screen shot has 116 notes, which is more than the number of "holmes" tagged notes. Thanks. All I could find about this was an archived note (#18227) suggesting opening a ticket in 2011. Stan
  5. In Jamie Todd Rubin's blog, he mentions doing a daily review each evening of his notes created or updated that day. He uses a saved search: any: created:day updated:day I wanted to create a search I could do each morning to review the notes I created or updated yesterday (but not today's notes). I tried this: any: created:day-1 -created:day updated:day-1 -updated:day That one doesn't do what I thought it would. What's the right search grammar to look at all notes created or updated yesterday?
  6. Running Evernote with a 6 GB database on an older Mac Pro/Mavericks and running Win 7 under Parallels 9. Most of my work is done on the Mac side but I VPN to work on the Win side and use Outlook 2010 extensively. I like using the Evernote add-in for Outlook. I use dual monitors with one OS on each. I haven't played around with Coherence mode. To minimize the Windows Virtual Machine, I wish there were a way top preserver the current functionality but have just one instance of the the Evernote database on this machine. I think I must not be capitalizing on the higher level of integration between the two OS's My VM was > 40GB and I hate to add my 6GB Evernote database to that. I haven't yet discovered whether every change to the Windows VM will cause Time Machine to do an entire backup or just an incremental backup.
  7. My Applescript has just stopped running for no reason I know of. I have tried making a new AppleScript from Vittorio's most recent posted script in this thread and I have tried placing the script in Automator. But nothing happens when I save a file in my Evernote Auto-import folder. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I am on Os X 10.8.5 and Evernote 5.4.1. Very frustrating.
  8. I see this problem intermittently on my Win XP installation but not Mac or iOS. It doesn't seem to matter who the shared person is or what type of note I am sending--can be text, a graphic, etc.
  9. I love Evernote and I've been using just about since the beginning. I use EN on my Mac at home, my iPhone on the road, my Windows PC as work and my iPad in meetings. I may also use the web interface when away from home. Rarely is there a day when I don't access it on at least 3 of those 5 devices. The divergent user interfaces are driving me crazy. First, we lost the list view on the iPad and now the iPad and the iPhone don't look the same. Then we had the major upgrade to the Mac version, which looks entirely different from my PC version and my iPad version. I pushed my favorite "buttons" up to the bar on the PC version but I can't do that on the Mac version. Now they are shortcuts on the side. I can no longer use my iPad for GTD management as I can't see a list view (see the hundreds of responses on the iOS discussion forum on this site). EN is great because it's multi-platform but having all these different user interfaces is so distracting to productivity and seamlessness. The different products sometime make me think they weren't all designed by the same persons. Here is a vote to bring the appearances of the different platforms closer together.
  10. This workaround seemed to work for me. However, after ImageCapture did the scan, Evernote blinked once but nothing got uploaded to Evernote. There was no increment in the total number of notes in EN.
  11. Other than storing stuff, my most productive use of EN is probably writing myself notes that I will read in the future, such as this: I use OpenOffice database exactly once a year to store and print Christmas card labels. It's unfortunately not a process I remember cold every year. I have written down the instructions plus all the little things to remember when doing this task. EN is great for keeping track of where you store household items you rarely use. The key is to make a note with the mobile app as you stash stuff. (Siri on iPhone 4S really helps here.) If you have to look something up more than once, it should have been in Evernote.
  12. When I go to share/email and message and open Address Book, the slide out panel isn't completely exposed. I can't see all the text. Although I have used EN for years, I've not used the Address Book function much. Image attached. Expanding the slide out window just makes the whitespace bigger. I am running dual displays at different resolutions. The address book behaves the same of both monitors so I don't think it's a resolution problem. Thanks Mac Pro, EN 3.0.4 (Mac), Lion on Mac Pro 6 GB
  13. Thanks, all. No special use case. I do the same work at home and in the office, just on a different platform.
  14. I run EN under windows on a PC at work and on a Mac at home. I use a separate task management program that is configured as client-cloud on the Mac and cloud on the PC. When working on the Mac, I embedded some Evernote note links in the task management program. I like using EN as my repository of data/files. The next day when working on the PC, I tried to open one of those EN links in my task management program. I found that some links would not work. I got an "invalid link" message. Are these note links machine-dependent or should they work across different platforms, as long as I am pinging against the same user in EN?
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