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  1. @patnpm Thanks. That's actually what I have been doing as I am also a Drafts user. I did have some trouble getting the Drafts action to work flawlessly on iPad, iPhone and MacOS. I was trying to simplify things by doing it directly in EN. Having the new multiple scratch pad functionality in EN seemed like a good replacement. I follow the Drafts Forum and someday I will understand the depth of the program.
  2. @PinkElephantThis note doesn’t grow by the day. It’s just the stuff I will be using on a particular day. I edit it at the end of the day, removing what I don’t need and adding what I do. I just want to capture and memorialize what’s there before I edit it.
  3. @DTLowI've tried every which way including starting a new note each day and I just can't make it a habit. Personal productivity is like clothing--no one size, no one color fits everyone. So that's why I just kept that scratch pad open throughout the day, adding and removing items, reminders, todos, etc. That's been very useful for my needs except I don't memorialize the note each day. I've tried dozens of task managers, journaling apps but I always come back to EN. I tried several EN templates but never got to what I want.
  4. I love Scratch Pad (except for some limitations like too little capacity). I created a second instance of Scratch Pad widget that I call my "Daily Note." I want to keep a flowing journal using my scratch pad "Daily Note". At the end of each day, I would save it as a point in time in my Journal folder. I want the note to persist in scratch pad so I don't have to copy/paste it back in. In other words, my daily note becomes immortal but I save a snapshot each day. Oh, and @EverNote, if I have a second instance of the Scratch Pad widget open and entitled "Daily Note" , PLEASE save it to a note entitled "Daily Note" and not "scratch pad.",
  5. Throughout my day, i go back to my overall task list--the one that slides out in the desktop app when you click on Tasks Early Access. To me, that view is cluttered as it's broken up by the headers of each note that contains a task. To see it all is 3 presses of the PageDown key for me Seeing a list of just the tasks would be nice. I love the ability to add tasks to notes. That's powerful. I just miss that consolidated 30,000 ft view that other task managers offer. UI/UX is an important feature. That's why I've been with EN since Mar 2008 despite all the competitors.
  6. Yeah, that was very helpful. My search for this topic didn't turn up this thread. Ian left this comment that isn't clear to me. Tasks created without starting a note first go into the Things to Do note. Yes, I can add text or whatever below or above a task but that just makes more clutter. Someone that other thread didn't like the clutter UX of the default task list. Thanks for the advice. If there were a perfect task manager, there wouldn't be a bazillion task/GTD apps out there.
  7. Thanks. I understand the design. I only wish it were a little different. My hope was to be able to have a bit richer content in the task view. I like seeing all the tasks at one time, regardless which notebook they are in or if just in the inbox. But I find the current display--fragmented by location of task--to be less helpful. I don't see the ability to prioritize/move up or down tasks in the all tasks view. You can move them within the note they occur. A master sortable list would be nice.
  8. I keep sensitive documents outside of Evernote (at their recommendation). I would like to link an external documents to a task related to that document by copying the path to the document into the task. However, tasks don't seem to offer more than one line of text and they get kind of ugly when pasting in a long operating system path to the external documents. I know I can embed a link back to EN from within the folder containing those documents but that's not the desired direction. So any way to include text otherwise in a task or as a subtask?
  9. I have been using the Evernote Folder Import action on my Mac. Once the file is imported, it's deleted from the Import folder. With the new Import Folder, it looks like now I will have two copies of every file until I delete the file from the Import Folder. So far it looks like a one-way sync; the file stays in EN after deleting from the folder in Finder. Is that correct?
  10. Thanks. I see the note size in Legacy but no way to sort by note size. It is the local size I would like to shrink. 13 years, mostly on premium, lots of useless junk.
  11. Having used EN since 2008, I need to cull my notes. Everything involved with EN is taking up dozens of GB. Why can't we have this functionality back? @EverNote
  12. Same question here. Seems that ability has vanished from the new Mac client.
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