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  1. if EN reads this forum topics they can learn a thing or 2. So it is fine to give your feedback (pos of negative)... A customer who is willing to give his/her/neutral feedback to a company is a valued customer. If he/she/neutral left they don't give any feedback anymore. ----- “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the
  2. Try this then. Make screenshot with web-clipper, duplicate the note.... screenshot gone... in previous releases this also happened with annotation of screenshot, now this is fixed... but not fixed for older note, these still have this bug... so you will lose data when you do something with screenshot web clipper notes (even exporting and importing notes lose screenshot data.... so 10.9 is not safe/stable and lose data....
  3. Suport can reindex your database, than this issue is fixed. It is a server based bug (yes bug are everywhere) and is related to clearing the trash bin.... The notes are older deleted notes, fix will make sure you don't see them anymore...
  4. JFIF is a common file extension, nothing strange about this file type it's an advanced / better JPEG format (built on JIF format)
  5. In year 2021 most people use mobile, different devices throughout a normal (working)day. Legacy is only a dedicated fixed version on one win/mac device and in modern way of working you will use different devices. So it fixes only one device, the one with the legacy system if you can install it yourself. In companies this is not always possible. Even my software to keep up with the latest versions, wants to upgrade legacy Evernote. And if this one device is fixed you use the V10 version on web or mobile, and these aren't bug free either. Why all the hassle in reverting versions when y
  6. Why use legacy version while mobile version of evernote is v10 and is buggy as hell...? What benefit has legacy version when you cannot use the product in a 2021 workflow... Evernote f*cked up big time for the users / customers who use their product within productivity workflow. Why pays €7 / $8 a month for only some basics features.. Nope... the whole EV stack is unstable and cannot be trusted. Wish I could write something positive, but i can't, new releases created new bugs again this week (android and W10) Fortunately already switched to competitor, using EV as static DB until en
  7. Evernote support can re-index your account, make a support ticket and it will be solved. This is a server-side issue/bug for V10 clients, the legacy versions don't show the data... which makes me think....
  8. maybe Evernote needs some information on FTR (first time right) principles (lean six sigma)? Every update solves and breaks something at this moment. This seems not a really effective way to minimize the backlog, but keeps them busy... that's for sure.
  9. I recently (last week) made a support ticket, had a very quick response.... also experienced 10+ day response time... So I hope you'll get help soon.👍
  10. For clarification, I'm just a customer like you. On this forum you'll find mostly normal everyday users of the product. When you need technical help done by the company, you'll need to contact Evernote via their contact pages. Your first post seems like a (nasty) bug, something only Evernote can fix... I can only point you in this direction in the hope you'll get the support needed. If sceenshot helps, let me know...
  11. If you are use the web version (win of mac) you cannot export, option is not available When using the v10 app, only per notebook you'll see (normally) the export option. When you select the whole stack you cannot export, need to select a notebook.. When using the legacy app, all works like before... when exporting for data migration legacy is the best option IMHO.
  12. I'm also in camp: moved on... but still can help people that are stuck or need / ask advice. Used 10+ year the Evernote application, so I leanrd one or things over the years. In fact I still have and use static Evernote, not all is bad, for now. So i think it is nice to help people how reaches out for help, is this a wrong thing to do?
  13. If you are in your Evernote Account Summary page. And click right top on your account name, you see contact support option. Can make you some screenshots if that helps. 😀
  14. @gazumped You're right... it is a corporate decisions, based on for example opportunities, threats and risk (SWOT), and that's fine and is common sense. Application is getting better, every release does something positive and also negative... also known in software development. What isn't fine, IMHO, this product was released way too soon. The version was at most beta ready, not a full production version. Even now bugs that corrupts notes, loss of data, isn't fixed... but we can customize some keyboard shortcuts. This is for me the biggest red flag signal I've seen in years in s
  15. I agree with you that is is upon the dev's to decide what is needed (memory, cpu etc) to do the job... IMHO the bug (or by design) takes way too much resources for capturing text/images/files... even in idle, background operations: doing nothing, it consumes more resource than photoshop in full workflow, or even playing games.. Framework vs native code, I don't even want to compare them, the choice was made... fine with me and from management perspective a logical choice. And just as Evernote has choices so do we. My observation, based on some basic tools, is that Evernote drains to man
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