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  1. 100% true, this is the only argument for EN... but really the only one.... when the competitors catches up with this I'm afraid Evernote won't make it another year
  2. Yep, let's build a car... oops square wheels are very bumpy on the road... let make an update in a couple of weeks.... try triangles
  3. O don't U worry about me, I've moved on... But just curious why you are so positive about this poor performance from the company EV...I really don't know anyone who has anything positive about this crappy software. So I was just wondering why..
  4. @PinkElephantU R defending EV's testing capabilities... it is a poor show, after all these months of defective updates... If this poor quality was done by hospital employees or airliners.... How can you still be positive and find excuses (or at least try to) for this company.... When you pay this much money for a service it should be on level after months and months of buggy updates.... and no upgrades. Sorry but when is enough enough?
  5. Only via 3rd party services. Evernote doesn't deliver older APK files for your Android device. So beware of this not official solution, you could get in to trouble when installing not official apps delivered by official companies..
  6. Option 3: True so true, and normally I don't early adept (work in IT myself and learned one or two things). But the quality of Evernote and track record they had, 100% trust from me to the company... I didn't even blink, saw the vids of Ian Small, all positive and happy about the new future proof version... Learnd my leasson... Option 4: After updating the @$#%@#%$ began, lost data, corruption on server level, repairs by devs resulting in more data loss. Luckily I had backuped my notes before update and manually recovered 100+ notes. In my contact with support it was stated not to downgrade, due to my issues with the upgrade... on DB level it was a mess... so i didn't... After months, was already using other applications (without frustration), i install the legacy version. It worked like before, but again DB corruption. So this is what I learned.... the release was, for some users, a mega f%%&ckup.... My trust level went from 100% to 0%, in a couple of days. There was no plan or backup for customers with issues, no way out of the mess... it was trial and error... and that for the price of € 7,-/month... not even a simple: Sorry... Nope data was gone, own risk... received some terms of use and legal stuff saying that Evernote wasn;t accountable jada jada jada.. Sure... real customer relationship. Hope for all positive customers they don't experience this kind issues. That's when you experience the real company etos... But I'm realistic, it could be a one time event... just a edge case with a probability of 0.1%. It happened to me, but the lack of support and communication, that is the real deal-breaker... that's why I left and us other solutions, not the fact the version 10 is broken, nope the way they handled it...
  7. True... from a productivity perspective the V10 implementation of tags is....@#$%@$#%@ (filtered): Example TAG: STACK NOTEBOOKS - STACK CONTACTS - STACK KEYWORDS You want to find all note from person A, in Notebook A B and C, with the Keyword Z In Legacy it is a matter of; - CLICK person A tag within the STACK - crtl+click the notebook tags A B C - ctrl+click tag keyword Z. 5 Mouse clicks.. and have the notes If i want to search within these notes (select from all) a can refine my search easily In V10: You need (not possible to multi select tags) to type: tag:"Person A" tag:"Notebook A" tag:"Notebook B" tag:"Notebook C" tag:"Keyword z" Don't make a mistake in naming, else you need to reset your filters and start over again. With these note a can limited refine my search by opening the filter menu. For me this is unproductive as @$#%@#$% (filtered). So yes you can get same results but to cost (time) are huge and not workable for me. Cannot imagine that somebody that uses tags as organizational and productivity purposes is happy with the v10 implementation of the tag feature...
  8. @PinkElephant 1) True, offensive to others is a no go 2) Positive or Negative perspective is based on own experiences, there is no right or wrong. They are both true and live side by side. Both sides can only give their own opinion/advice, it is up to the receiving party to do something with that advice. In a topic called Hate the New Evernote the posts will be negative that's for sure, negative about the app and possible the company. But should not be negative towards others on this forum
  9. @PinkElephant I know the search syntax. The V10 version in compare with legacy is totally different in user friendliness. To illustrate: Legacy: To search all note with a tag in a stack you simply select the root tag of the stack. Let's say you have a stack called STATUS with sub tags ACTIVE, ARCHIVE. When selecting (left panel) STATUS tag you get: In this screen you can alter the matching mode to ALL, only notes with ALL 3 tags will be shown (in test case: 0). Or apply some filters / extra search criteria. V10: When you select STATUS in the left panel you don't see any results, because it is searching for the STATUS tag, but notes don't have them because it is a root STACK tag. Searching from the Tag module and applying filter with subtags, same results: To get the same results you need to write: any: tag:ACTIVE tag:ARCHIVE in the search box (left top box): So it is possible to get same results, but imagine you have 30+ subtags in a stack..... My point to this all: searching and organising based on tags is broken. You need to remember the tag(s) you assigned it to. It isn't point and click, it is typing complex any: all: tag:bbb -tag:bbb syntax strings. Searching on content is quicker... when i type: NOTE in the search box i have them in one go. Organizing with tags is time spent which doesn't payback. Just type in title of note your search trigger (ACTIVE, ARCHIVE) and search in one go... And support notified me that the legacy ONE CLICK and find all notes in stack isn't coming soon. Tags are not a priority at this stage of the product... so you know..
  10. Corruption on the server is also possible, support ticket is needed to fix this issue. So no real difference in both versions.
  11. Beware that the use of tags is different on version 10. In pervious versions you could search notes by tags in 2 modes. ANY or ALL. In v10 only the ALL mode is available. This is a real problem when you use tags for organizational purposes. Because a tag search with multiple tags assumes ALL tags should be on a note, not one or two of the multiple tags. This ANY and ALL feature is not on the list of features to return in the near future...Beware of this issue. This makes EV less organisation friendly... Also the whole Tag feature in V10 is buggy (mildly put), doesn't work well and seems to be of a lower priority to the dev-team(s). It is improved but when use it extensively in V10 ... frustration will be your friend. Legacy version is fine, but no guarantees in the future (+many workstation management tools will prompt you about out-of-date software and the possible risks out-dated software brings... and they are 100% correct)
  12. This topic is called: Hate the new Evernote What did some of you expected to find in this topic? Post about all the positive experiences with the new Evernote? When someone writes his/hers complaints and frustration than that is his/hers truth. If you don't recognise this frustration... good for you... but don't try to enforce our experience as the one and only truth... The EV 10 is rubbish, and great to see the frequent updates... but is solves little to nothing. Quantity over Quality, one of the pitfalls of Agile / Scrum when you don't understand your own customers.. And yes I also rant about this version, 10+ years user over Evernote and loved it. Never needed any support question. Version 10 released and have 10+ support tickets with issues, questions about missing features. Only one ticket was positive (for me) all others resulted in more frustrations... so I had two options: 1- Stay married to Evernote and workout our the differences or get more and more frustrated 2- Get a divorce and start a new experiences. Chose option 2.. and Have Evernote as static Database and think about the great 10+ years before version 10. My point: Don't chose to be a victim, you are in control.. If you don't like this tool, find one that fits your need. All Evernote positive guru's on this forum use Legacy for there daily work, if this isn't a big RED flag .... V10 is rubbish and everyone on this forum knows it (but chose to ignore it so it seems).
  13. Same experience, remove and reinstall helps a little... this seems the default update method for Evernote on Android. Evernote is the only Android App I reinstall on a regular basis... don't know why but on all my devices the same experience, it is something with the app itself.
  14. Communicating with customers isn't part of the Agile/scrum methodology, it is only another way of managing resources internally. We, the consumers, shouldn't care how things are managed or organized. We buy an product, use it as we see fit. And now it is broken and doesn't fit for some people. Result: Moving on... 😀 Customer communication is the big issue with Evernote, they neglected the customer entirely and where (and still are) focused on releasing and regorinasing the company. This attitude comes with most market-leading companies we are the best, you need us, we are right and you are wrong. They forget what made them the market-leader in the first place. Enough rant for today...
  15. if EN reads this forum topics they can learn a thing or 2. So it is fine to give your feedback (pos of negative)... A customer who is willing to give his/her/neutral feedback to a company is a valued customer. If he/she/neutral left they don't give any feedback anymore. ----- “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.” ~ MAHATMA GANDHI
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