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  1. My workaround is as follow: Import file to Evernote-by scan/email etc. sync Evernote rename file sync Evernote This usually works the first time around but sometimes takes a couple of tries. It is definitely something glitchy in the sync process. Most of my scans I now rename in Scansnap Home software after scanning with my Fujitsu Scansnap. I then can export the renamed file to Evernote. This is a much faster and more efficient workflow but you must have the scanner and its software to do it. Files that I email to Evernote obviously require the workaround.
  2. I will try the sync and see if that works for me. It makes sense that it. Is a sync error or overlap in the sync. I often scan a number of docs and rename them quickly-perhaps too quickly.
  3. I am having the same problem... in USA... English version... This problem seems to come and go and is worse some days than others. I too have found that clicking somewhere else will sometimes save the renamed PDF, but DEFINITELY not always. It is very frustrating and consumes valuable time. Please Evernote, fix this glitch!!
  4. Is anyone else having problems changing the name of PDF files in version 6.11? The dropdown menu opens, I type the new file name, and it doesn't change?
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