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  1. @gazumped I am still stuck on v5.33 across all browsers and cannot get a reply from Evernote as to why. I saw your post and think I might be getting prevented from upgrading because I have 40K notes, the consequence of being 10+ year premium user of Evernote. Do you have any update on when/if Evernote are going to look after us paying long time paying customers and give us access to the new version?
  2. @Paul A.I just saw in the following post that others have been advised by Evernote Support that they are stuck on v5.33 because they have "a lot of notes". That is probably the reason Evernote have not upgraded me yet as I have 40K+ notes, the consequence of being a 10+ year power user. I feel so special that Evernote look after their long time Premium customers like me. 🤔 that
  3. @Paul A. Hmmm .. mine is showing "Evernote Web v5.33.0" on latest version of macOS Chrome "Version 87.0.4280.67 (Official Build) (x86_64). I am going to clear the cache and see if Evernote for Web reloads your version. UPDATE: I have just set up Evernote for Web on latest versions of Safari and Firefox. Both are showing v5.33.0. It looks like there is some server side setting that Evernote have set that is preventing me from getting the latest version of Evernote for Web.
  4. I do not get these options @Alvin C. There are no 3 dots next to my tags. Only a downward chevron which you can see in the following screenshot, which then shows the contextual menu that does not have nesting options like you get. Also, If you look at the screenshot in my previous post you can see the flat list of tags on the right, yet those tags are nested when I look at them in my current Evernote for Mac v7.x. There is clearly something different about your Evernote for Web and mine.
  5. I have searched and searched but cannot determine if Evernote for Mac v10 supports tag hierarchies (ie. Maintains the previous functionality) or has downgraded to a flat structure (which would be unworkable for me given that I have spent the last 10 years using a hierarchical tag structure in Evernote). In typical fashion, Evernote doesn't tell you much about the features that they remove between versions. The documentation around v10 is just plain woeful. Can anyone enlighten me? Also, if they have removed this functionality, do you know if it is permanent, or just removed temporarily s
  6. Yes @Alvin C, that's exactly what I mean, but I do not see this when I view via Evernote for Web. Refer following screenshot. I also just created a tag as a test and no option presented itself to add into a hierarchy. It just creates the tag in the flat structure as shown in the screen shot. Perhaps Evernote have rolled out different functionality in various locations? I am in Australia.
  7. Does anyone here know if v10 supports tag hierarchies? As I mentioned in my original post, I see that Evernote for Web doesn't, and given that Evernote for Mac and Evernote for Windows are now meant to have a similar UI and feature parity, my assumption is that it doesn't. However, I just cannot confirm this as I cannot find any documentation on this. Also, if it isn't supported yet, does anyone know if this is because they just don't intend to reimplement it or they just dropped it temporarily to get v10 launched?
  8. Agree and intend to do so. However, the annoying prompt to upgrade to v10 has now started in the legacy version so I am trying to prepare for the forthcoming forced upgrade. It's just incredible that despite the obviously significant functional downgrades in v10 (that I know of - hence my post) that Evernote are still trying to promote users upgrading. It's only because I have been burnt too many times before by Evernote that I am not another one of the poor suckers that recently upgraded to v10 thinking there is no way that Evernote would be so reckless to release such a dog of an "upgrade" (
  9. Don't you just love how Evernote continue to balls up their releases!? NOT. I have be using Evernote for over 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how the company can cycle through so many CEOs and senior management but the culture of not giving a &%#$@# for their existing premium customers remain. Once again we have a release that is not only late by over a year (according to Ian Small's original representations) but then gets rushed out the door incomplete, not properly tested and with significant functional downgrades that are not completely explained (but the typical marketing BS a
  10. My fears are coming to reality. As a long time Evernote user, one thing they have NEVER done well is new version releases. The mind boggles as why they never learn that users don't like surprises like age old shortcuts not working. CMD J, along with all the existing keyboard shortcuts is vital for power users and anyone productivity focussed, which is what Evernote is meant to be about. Once again it appears that the people leading product development at Evernote are not really productivity power users as they should be, otherwise they would not have released this new version without this feat
  11. Searching on shared notes in Evernote for Mac v7.14 works but not on iOS v8.24.6. For me at least. PITA.
  12. I now have this issue. I had it many years ago and now it's propped up again. The CEO's may change but the bugs don't ... so much for all that platform rebuilding that Evernote allege to have been working since Dec 2018.
  13. While this issue is a PITA it's easily overcome by just using another browser. I'm pretty sure most of the people complaining here already have another browser installed given how many organisations can't seem to write code that works with Safari anyway. It's not exactly the best browser in town, IMO. With that said. I expect a good portion of the rage here is tied up with this being yet another example of the type or inexcusable BS that Evernote users are constantly having to endure ... just another straw breaking the camel's back after it's already been broken countless times before. Ho
  14. Thanks for your help @PinkElephant. 👍Given that I am the only one seeing this behaviour I am more inclined to believe that it is something to do with something I am doing (e.g. the KM macro) rather than a server side sync issue. I'll report back if I solve the mystery. Cheers. 😀
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