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  1. Lol. Sorry, I didn't see this until now @PinkElephant as I was out and about enjoying life ... I do see though that in posting this you managed to clock up another worthless post to bring your total note count to ...(drum roll) ... 4788!!!! WTF!?? Are you serious!?? Surely you can do something else with your life than live on these forums yapping at anyone that dares speak ill of your elephant? ... Well, I guess not ... Sorry to interrupt your important life's work .. you better get back to it little chihuahua ... 🤣 BTW, Evernote for Mac 10.8 released ... Still no CMD J ... but the
  2. Still no CMD J ... Evernote, at the forefront of innovation, continuing to redefine the expression "Coming Soon".
  3. @tavor@SK_123 There are open source migration tools available to convert .enex files into Markdown, which can then allow those Markdown formatted notes to be imported into other note applications with the links intact. Yarle is one such open source tool available to migrate .enex files to Obsidian. I have used it to migrate .enex files into Obsidian with note links intact. However, this is not a seamless process and it requires preparation of Evernote notes before migration. E.g. EN titles cannot have special characters (like the usual unix filename restricted chars | # < > etc) and the
  4. Lol ... another Guru hanging on to the hope that Evernote will improve. I understand this. I hung on for a long time too. But with 1329 posts (OMG!) I am betting your confirmation bias is off the charts. Time will tell who the dinosaur is but for now, I am loving not being tied to this sinking ship, and even more loving watching you GURUs get what you deserved for all those years blindly defending the indefensible and attacking anyone who dared to speak ill of the elephant. You made your bed, now lie in it. 🤣
  5. ... because I enjoy irritating fanboys like you ... thanks for validating my participation 👍.
  6. Check out Obsidian. That is what I am now using. I was able to migrate all my notes with tag hierarchy and note links in tact but it does require some technical/scripting knowledge. However, the pain is worth it as I now have all my notes in a non proprietary format (Markdown), never to be locked in again. Any alternative will involve compromise but, in my case, what I lost, was made up for 10x over by other features that Evernote does not, and will never provide. Notion looks good on the surface but without Markdown support I ruled it out. Good luck.
  7. ... a wise decision. Me too. Unfortunately I have not been able to side step the iOS or support impacts.
  8. Really? I find it enormously entertaining watching the fanboys hold on for dear life as the train plummets into the ravine. 😂
  9. As someone who has worked as a developer through to C-level in global software dev and tech companies, my experience is that, the majority of the time, the issues that we are seeing at Evernote rarely have a root cause in the dev team ... they are usually self inflicted technical issues through poor management (software dev process - I still don't think Evernote has one, people mgmt, leadership etc) and decision making at the top. There is a reason that Chris O' Neill got the boot along with most of his execs a few years back and it wasn't because the dev team were lousy (I doubt they are). U
  10. That's true, but the objective ones are rare.. unfortunately these forums have been infested with the same gang of shills for years with their thousands of vacuous posts and aggressive defence of Evernote that it's nigh impossible to get any semblance of objective discussion. It's been like it for years. That's why I like to preface my posts with the trigger warning as they really struggle with anyone saying anything negative about their dysfunctional elephant. Ironically, if they weren't so defensive and a little more straight shooting, we might not all be in this mess right now.
  11. TRIGGER WARNING FOR GURUS: This post does not represent blind support for Evernote. Like most normal users on these forums, I don't care for your self righteous, arrogant views but if you feel you need to respond to get your post count up then fill your boots. --- I really cannot believe that Evernote are proud to advise that they are working on new features (mostly which weren't asked for) when so many long time paying customers are just waiting for previous critical features to be reinstated and for some level of acceptable performance and customer support to be reinstated (you kno
  12. Finally a response from support on why I still can't access v10: @iansmall should be utterly embarrassed that this is the best he can do after 2 years.
  13. I have been an Evernote Premium subscriber for 10+ years. I have no problem paying if I get what the company represented, both in terms of product AND SERVICE. In this regard, Evernote have woefully failed of late and do not deserve any payment. I have now have multiple unresolved support tickets over a month old (include one relating to the fact that I am stuck on web v5.33 and cannot even access v10.x web). Support has simply stopped communicating for weeks despite multiple follow up emails. I am now raising tickets to ask about the status of my other open tickets. Evernote support has never
  14. I still stuck on v5.33 for Web and the ticket I raised over this a month ago has gone cold. I’ve now asked for an update on status 5 times without a reply for 2 weeks ... and @iansmall has the audacity to proclaim in his recent post that "We are listening". What a croc.
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