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  1. I now have this issue. I had it many years ago and now it's propped up again. The CEO's may change but the bugs don't ... so much for all that platform rebuilding that Evernote allege to have been working since Dec 2018.
  2. While this issue is a PITA it's easily overcome by just using another browser. I'm pretty sure most of the people complaining here already have another browser installed given how many organisations can't seem to write code that works with Safari anyway. It's not exactly the best browser in town, IMO. With that said. I expect a good portion of the rage here is tied up with this being yet another example of the type or inexcusable BS that Evernote users are constantly having to endure ... just another straw breaking the camel's back after it's already been broken countless times before. How many workarounds should Evernote users have to implement for a product that many of us are paying a fairly decent subscription price for? .... NOT THIS MANY. It's really hard to imagine any legitimate excuse that two long established organisations like Apple and Evernote can't get their act together to prevent this type of stuff. It's not like this is the first upgrade to a browser. I simply do not buy the App Store is a "black box" line. If that is the case, then get on the job sooner and build some contingency into the timeline - It's called Project Management 101. I am now wondering what Evernote surprises are lurking in MacOS Catalina for me. @Ian Small you've been at Evernote now coming on a year I think. I can see that you are genuinely trying to get the house in order there and I really appreciate your approach of being much more open with us than your predecessors who were, frankly, MIA when issues like this occurred .... As far as challenges go, you have taken on a biggie ... I really hope this type of stuff ends soon ... and I really hope that much talked about major upgrade to Evernote is also not far away because I think the wagons are circling judging by the angst in this thread.
  3. Thanks for your help @PinkElephant. 👍Given that I am the only one seeing this behaviour I am more inclined to believe that it is something to do with something I am doing (e.g. the KM macro) rather than a server side sync issue. I'll report back if I solve the mystery. Cheers. 😀
  4. I can’t see how the macro would effect the title given that the change I mentioned happens long after the macro has finished executing. I’ve also been using this macro for years without any issue. There is nothing to turn off as such but I simply won’t execute the macro and see if the behaviour continues. The issue seems to be somehow be associated with the sync process as the change to the title only appears after the note has synced. I’ll see if I can produce the exact steps to replicate the issue (without the macro being used).
  5. Yes @PinkElephant, I have set up some Keyboard Maestro text expansion macros set up and I use one in particular with almost every Evernote, inserting the reverse date at the start of the title (yyyy-mm-dd). It was most certainly used on the notes that had their titles altered. Do you think that is messing things up somehow?
  6. Hi folks, In the last 2 months or so, I have noticed that, occasionally, hypens are inserted into the titles of new notes. These hypens not only replace the spaces between the title words but always insert a hyphen before the "ion" of any word containing those letters. For example: Titled entered: This is a title caption Becomes: This-is-a-title-capt-ion This only occurs with notes created in Evernote for Mac and appears to also relate to notes created by duplicating an existing note, rather than creating a new blank note. This has become quite annoying as I have to keep edited the titles after creating the new note. I am wondering if anyone has experienced this bug and/or can offer any solution (other than wait for the alleged new version of Evernote for Mac). Thanks.
  7. Two releases later and we are now up to Release 7.9 with no fix in sight. The new CEO, who was all guns blazing with enthusiasm for helping us "fall in love again" with Evernote is now MIA and has failed to follow up on his promises to look into this matter. Not even as much a rough idea as to when resources will be allocated. So, I bit the bullet, again, and went the double nuclear option and not only uninstalled and revoked all my Evernote clients (Mac, iOS) but also for those of family members who I had shared notes with. After hours of work uninstalling, re-installing and reconfiguring 8 client apps over three accounts I can finally report that the troublesome tags that have been polluting my tag list have finally disappeared. After 24 hours they have not reappeared. So, while I have managed to work around this issue at a significant loss of productivity, the underlying issue is still present - sharing notes with tags can lead to them becoming undeletable (is that a word!?). Clearly the client side database is not designed properly and it would appear from the ongoing apathy to this issue, including from Ian Small, that this is never going to be fixed.
  8. Another update. Release 7.7 for Mac has been made and it contains those very critical updates to Dark Mode that we all, apparently, have been waiting for. However, IT STILL DOES NOT CONTAIN A FIX FOR THIS BUG. Here is some of the feedback I have received to my further enquiries as to why this latest release again neglected this bug .. can you see a trend here? "I reviewed the ticket and confirm that there hasn't been any updates" > No ship Sherlock. Thanks for telling me what I already know. "The referenced ticket hasn't been closed. Our tech support will provide you an update when there are any changes to the status of this issue. Our development team is now working on this problem and trying identify the root cause to implement a fix for a future update." > This is not the first time they have said that they are actively working on it, only to find out later that it was a complete lie. Perhaps I am just being too demanding, the bug has ONLY been around 4 years after all. "thanks for your honest feedback. I'm happy to pass this along to our product team" > That old chestnut. I think this is called "passing the buck". I've lost count for the amount of times I have received this entirely meaningless, and utterly unhelpful comment from Evernote Support. It is Evernote code for "I'm shifting this from my responsibilities to a part of the organisation you can't interact with directly so that hopefully you just give up". HOWEVER ... I have been advised an ETA will be sent to me. Any Dev team worth their salt wouldn't take long to give such an estimate (particularly given the amount of times they say they have been actively working on this) so let's see if something is provided in the next week. Fair to say that if it takes any longer than a week then it was just another lie, consistent with Evernote's culture of being more concerned with how they look instead of how they actually are.
  9. Yet another update to advise that the latest version of Evernote for Mac (v7.6) STILL does not fix this issue. The underlying bug in the code still exists that allows tags to be created that cannot be subsequently deleted (refer above replication procedure). Evernote support were again asked for an update with the usual boilerplate reply. Here are some edited highlights ... "I hear your frustration and I've discussed with our product manager again today to see if it can be resolved soon." > I've lost count how many times this has been said. "I'll keep you posted on any changes to the status of this issue." > In other words, "you'll never hear from me again unless you follow me up". "Again, my apologies that it's taken so long!" > It speaks volumes about Evernote's lack of commitment to a quality that after all these years they aren't utterly embarrassed to keep repeating such meaningless apologies. So while the core functionality continues to fall apart, Evernote continue to focus on meaningless non functional UI changes like Dark Mode and transparent side bars * sigh * ... It is little wonder that the Evernote business is going down the toilet.
  10. I hear you. That's the real problem isn't it. They have mismanaged the business for so long, and failed to meet the expectations of users that the "product debt" is so large now that they are going to have to dig deep. I guess that's why they need to raise more capital as a down round.
  11. Of course it has a free version and it equally has paid versions. My comment was as a user who has been paying for years and that I expect to get a quality product in return. I don't think I do. You may think differently. That's ok. @DTLow then responded stating that the product is free, presumable to imply that I should be thankful because I get it for free. Well I don't, because I am paying and if I am paying I am going to express my views just as any customer would when they are paying. It's really not a hard point to grasp. Perhaps read the thread before feeling the need to lob in with comments next time.
  12. Thanks very much for providing the link. To clarify, Chris O'Neill refers to R&D spending being 60 - 70% of the "budget" not "revenue". They are not the same thing. In fact, the term "budget" is pretty nebulous and could be defined in any manner self serving since it is not an accounting term like revenue, which has a clear accounting definition. For all we know, Chris may have meant they are spending "60 -70% of their software budget on R&D" or"60 - 70% of their operating costs on R&D" or "60 - 70% of their beer budget on R&D" etc. It sounds like a large figure but it really doesn't mean anything. I am so glad he didn't really say he was spending 60-70% of their revenue on R&D. That would have been really bad.
  13. ???? Funny thing is Evernote have been deducting my credit card for years and you are telling me that it is free. Let me check .. https://evernote.com/compare-plans. Nope, it certainly looks like they are still charging their customers. I'm not sure how they would have a business if they didn't. Seriously, @DTLow why write something like this that you know is just plain incorrect and won't fool anyone. I am genuinely curious. Lol. Really, that's your best!? ... I'll take that as an admission that you are out of any constructive contribution. TIP: Focus on the ball. You never win in life playing the man.
  14. I couldn't agree more @eric99. Profitability alone is no measure of success. Many companies are not profitable for many years while they scale up. Amazon is another classic example. However, if you re-read my comment you will see that I have said that there would be a real issue if a 10 year old company was still "spending 60% of Revenue on R&D and still barely making any profit". Telsa's FY2017 income statement states Revenue of $11.7B and R&D costs of $1.4B. In other words, they spend 12% of their Revenue on R&D. That's a long way from 60%. If a company is spending 60% of their Revenue on R&D 10 years into their business then they are still trying to figure out what their business actually is ... and that's going to be a real downer for most investors (unless they like gambling). If you can find a 10 year old successful company that is still spending 60% on R&D I'd love to hear about it.
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