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  1. Ok noted. "few notebooks with many tags" I have been using Evernote for years, I'm on Premium account with total 13000 notes now, mainly used to keep personal document/bills/statement and information. Lately due to work, I'm exposed to OneNote, I find the structure is easy on organizing the pages/notes. At work when I'm picking up new skills, I use OneNote to structure the course contents, it gives me the visibility that I want. That's why I'm revisiting Evernote functions, see how I can make full use of it, since it is a paid subscription
  2. I find this useful how to make use of the tags with minimum numbers of Notebooks https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/organize-evernote-tags/
  3. Thanks for your sharing. And also about the usage of sub-tags. I need to explore further how to make use of it to design the structure of my notes. Being able to put page and sub-page in OneNote gives me the visibility and the relationship of the notes to each other in a glance, something missing in Evernote.
  4. Hi, I have been using Evernote for storing document and repository purpose. I don't find it user-friendly in terms of making notes for study as well as for work as it doesn't have the flexibility of positioning the notes. I search from net, some suggested to build TOC (table of contents) and use Tag for the notes, ya doable but extra effort. I enjoyed using OneNote for taking notes because the notes can be arranged in a more structured way. It has 4 levels. 1.) Notebook. 2.) Section in notebook. 3.) Page in the section. 4.) Sub page from the main page.
  5. How to watch the recorded session? What's the passcode?
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