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  1. Evernote support can re-index your account, make a support ticket and it will be solved. This is a server-side issue/bug for V10 clients, the legacy versions don't show the data... which makes me think....
  2. maybe Evernote needs some information on FTR (first time right) principles (lean six sigma)? Every update solves and breaks something at this moment. This seems not a really effective way to minimize the backlog, but keeps them busy... that's for sure.
  3. I recently (last week) made a support ticket, had a very quick response.... also experienced 10+ day response time... So I hope you'll get help soon.👍
  4. For clarification, I'm just a customer like you. On this forum you'll find mostly normal everyday users of the product. When you need technical help done by the company, you'll need to contact Evernote via their contact pages. Your first post seems like a (nasty) bug, something only Evernote can fix... I can only point you in this direction in the hope you'll get the support needed. If sceenshot helps, let me know...
  5. If you are use the web version (win of mac) you cannot export, option is not available When using the v10 app, only per notebook you'll see (normally) the export option. When you select the whole stack you cannot export, need to select a notebook.. When using the legacy app, all works like before... when exporting for data migration legacy is the best option IMHO.
  6. I'm also in camp: moved on... but still can help people that are stuck or need / ask advice. Used 10+ year the Evernote application, so I leanrd one or things over the years. In fact I still have and use static Evernote, not all is bad, for now. So i think it is nice to help people how reaches out for help, is this a wrong thing to do?
  7. If you are in your Evernote Account Summary page. And click right top on your account name, you see contact support option. Can make you some screenshots if that helps. 😀
  8. @gazumped You're right... it is a corporate decisions, based on for example opportunities, threats and risk (SWOT), and that's fine and is common sense. Application is getting better, every release does something positive and also negative... also known in software development. What isn't fine, IMHO, this product was released way too soon. The version was at most beta ready, not a full production version. Even now bugs that corrupts notes, loss of data, isn't fixed... but we can customize some keyboard shortcuts. This is for me the biggest red flag signal I've seen in years in s
  9. I agree with you that is is upon the dev's to decide what is needed (memory, cpu etc) to do the job... IMHO the bug (or by design) takes way too much resources for capturing text/images/files... even in idle, background operations: doing nothing, it consumes more resource than photoshop in full workflow, or even playing games.. Framework vs native code, I don't even want to compare them, the choice was made... fine with me and from management perspective a logical choice. And just as Evernote has choices so do we. My observation, based on some basic tools, is that Evernote drains to man
  10. Focus of note-taking was on the effectiveness of the process. Info must be captured as efficient as possible... This was one of the critics with OneNote, too many distractions... more time was spent on the looks, not the information. Last couple of years the shift is made... effective and aesthetics are now important for a large group of customers, this is one of the pillars for rebuilding Evernote... Evernote wasn't (and won't be) a one-tool can do all.... and that is fine. The coming months/years you will see more and more features for formatting notes. Where it ends? Think a conta
  11. 100% agree with you, but beware... extensive (and in my opinion useless) usage of the system isn't without costs. Your hardware will produce extra heat, if memory consumption is this high harddisks need to work harder. At the end your hardware will age faster. Take a look with some resource management tools... the difference is significant.. V10 is resource heavy.. Example: Application idle, after +/-10 minutes of start application... nothing else... V10 has 3x more I/O to SSD disk, why? It doesn't have to do anything... it is not in use.. only running. Has 10x more memory consumpt
  12. This issue is because (cannot prove it) it is necessary (for now) to make Evernote perform. You can do some testing and see when memory/cpu is extensively used. The workaround works, only for a short time. Do some searching and the numbers go to the roof. The workaround is a typical one-shot solution from supportdesk manuals: Did you reset your device? No, please do.. I know this works in 90+% of the time, managed a supportdesk myself, but every time I read this advice I smile...
  13. in V10 the tags are at the bottom. When you left click on a tag you will get the filter by tag option, same as in legacy. Was this the option you are looking for? (click triangle for the options)
  14. @alecchalmers For browser extensions: -Click on the browser extension. - Go to Settings, left bottom. - Go to tab Shortcuts and disable (or adjust keys)
  15. In pre-v10 version it was possible to create notes and edit them... only sync didn't work...This is how I remember it, although it was a long time ago. This behaviour is the same in the current legacy version, see screen with a new note. Same when existing note is edited ... Text remains in Legacy, only it will not sync to cloud... When new month starts, I assume, this note will sync with cloud. In Legacy it is also possible to work with local notebooks, so you can create note after note, only this doesn't sync What can I say... it seems like a big huge work in progress (ni
  16. Data transfer to Notion worked OK, some notes where somewhat strange but all was transferred. Searching is great, but not within documents. For me that was one of the big issues with Notion. But it depends on your use of Evenrote/Notion if this a problem or not.
  17. Correct, in v10: I can -open notes for reading - move notes to notebooks - create notebooks - Add and remove text in titles -Remove text from notes -Replace text with text of same length. But only before save / sync is done. I Cannot: - And new text in notes
  18. Tried to reproduce the issue, but was unsuccessful. Cannot add or edit anything inside the notes (titles can be adjusted), but can access the information... It seems you face other issue in you setup. screen inside Evernote web client: After several messages about reaching my monthly limits. screen from Account Summary.
  19. @Paul A. I know how it works 😀. But it's ridiculous that you build you software for note taking (capturing text and files) on a framework that requires customers to update to one of the latest OS... or hardware for that matter... where will it stop? For games I can imagine that you need up to date hardware for rendering and calculations. And I know Electron and learning every day more about it's capabilities... But in all honesty 🤔 The choice Evernote made for using Electron as it's foundation is purely a financial one, and that's understandable. But I question myself if it is the
  20. 10.12.6 is from 2018 or so.. ..this can never be to old... Thats ridiculous for something like note taking... Even on 2000 software it should run... It is text and images, what justifies the latest os or frameworks... Please keep it simple, ev should work on any os since 2000... If not than, can not even write it down.
  21. @Alxa I'm on Android 10 and My Ev version is 10.5... It updated recently from 10.4 to 10.5. What does play store tell you? Is there a version update pending? Although my mobile updates automatically, sometimes a update (not Evernote) needs some manual push for some reason...
  22. Support explained this issue, is bug in database/account. Deleted notes can show up in search results, can be fixed by support team. For me this topic is handled and can be closed.
  23. Normally Evernote has more instances / threads running when you start the application. When you Exit (V10) than all instances should stop working, but in your case one is stil active. Don't know why, cannot reproduces this (tried sync queue) but when i exit (via menu option, not the X) all instances close. 11GB is abnormal... 3 / 4 GB is abnormal, but did hit this several times. For a note taking application (Notepad on steroids)... this I wrong programming if you ask me.
  24. This is a struggle, that's correct. All tools have different approaches and features. So not all data can be converted that well. Don't know what breaks in your case, but I moved and keep my Evernote database static in BASIC. Later this year (maybe next year) I evaluate the times I searched in Evernote, if this is a couple of times (or not at all) i will delete it... Most of my data is migrated, some notes are broken but information is still there .. so not a problem for now.
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